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The Trauma Cleaner


Sandra Pankhurst is truly label-defying.

A transgender woman, Sandra Pankhurst has lived many lives, rising above adversity. Her remarkable life is the subject of the internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning book The Trauma Cleaner (Text Publishing).

Sandra (then “Peter”) was adopted into an abusive family, relegated to a backyard bungalow, malnourished, excluded from family life and escaped home in his teens. Marrying young, he soon realised it was not possible to continue his life as a husband and father - so he left that life to become Sandra -- drag queen, sex worker and a gender reassignment patient in the early 80s. Sandra got on with her life. With an enviable work ethic, she went on to become Australia’s first female funeral director, a trophy wife and a local government candidate.

Current Work:

Sandra Pankhurst is now CEO of one of Australia’s most successful trauma cleaning businesses, transforming the filth and squalor of murder, suicide, drug dens, crime, mental illness with no-nonsense practicality and genuine compassion in equal doses. The idea for her trauma cleaning business emerged when she was a funeral director. There were no death/crime scene specialist cleaners, Sandra saw a gap in the market and created a business that combined her ‘neat freak’ CSI stain-removing genius with her next level ability to relate and connect to people in difficult situations, in trauma. She has a unique ability to treat her clients with unpatronising dignity and respect, transforming properties back to their former glory.

An active advocate for aged care rights, disability, mental health and ethics, Sandra has recently been an Ambassador for ‘Becoming Colleen’, a documentary about a woman who transitioned at 82. Sandra wants to make a positive impact on the welfare of people of all lifestyles in the aged care and mental health sector.

As a public Speaker, Sandra Pankhurst has a unique and engaging presence that has captivated audiences. Her incredible story reminds us there can be an after, survival and a next chapter.

Sandra Pankhurst is available for speaking engagements including keynotes, panel discussions, interviews and book-clubs. She has recently been featured on ABC Radio,
Nova100, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Life Matters and The Australian.

On behalf of the Pelvic Pain Victoria committee, thank you so much for your fabulous presentation. There was an amazing buzz in the room, and the feedback we have had so far has been fantastic. You are an amazing speaker with an amazing story and we were very lucky to have you close the program. WMHP
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