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Speed Painter and Creativity Expert


In an age of rapid change and transformation, we’re being called to pivot faster and to pioneer solutions that don’t yet exist. The need for adaptability and innovation has never been more important and it’s crucial that we intentionally and proactively design the future that we want to step into as individuals, organizations, and as a global community. Whether we’re creating a new world order or forging a new personal story, the blueprint is the same- Creative Futurism. It’s the process that fuels innovation by creatively using the resources we have available today, to reinvent new outcomes and possibilities for tomorrow.

Sarah Rowan is a thought-leader who empowers individuals and organizations to ignite a better future through creativity. As one of Australia’s top Speed Painters, she has lived and breathed the dynamic process of transformation for 17 years, turning blank walls and canvasses into thought-provoking pieces of art, with limited time and often in front of a live audience. Merging her artistic talent with her passion for public speaking, Sarah has reimagined the role of the artist, pushing the boundaries of a studio-based pursuit into a trail-blazing performance genre that challenges the limitations of time and space.

Sarah’s strong emotional storytelling, along with her ability to paint fast and think fast has captivated hundreds of clients like Google, ANZ, AMP, Hewlett-Packard, Beam Suntory, Mi9, The Salvation Army, and the Business Chamber of NSW. She has inspired audiences to embrace their own creativity which she believes is a "birthright to all” and to date has painted at over 500+ events raising over $200,000 for charity.

As a speaker, Sarah brings vibrant, electric energy and can easily pivot to meet the dynamics of any room. A natural storyteller, Sarah’s passion and authenticity help people connect with her as a person and as an artist, and her gift is grounding creativity as a skill, we all have, regardless of our profession or background. Her presentations are fun, engaging, and profoundly inspiring.

At a time when the old systems and frameworks are failing us, we need creative pioneers who can use the broken pieces to create something new. The toolbox that Sarah unpacks is not just about artistic creativity, it’s about the skills we’ll need most to navigate a future that is yet to be written.

Previous Experience:

After graduating from Converse College in 2003 with a BFA in Studio Art, Sarah started an art business in Greenville, South Carolina, USA before moving to Sydney to expand her horizons. It was here that she used the process of creative futurism to overcome depression, challenge chronic illness and create a new future for herself and her family. No longer shackled by societal norms, she has stepped into the full power of her truth personally and professionally.

Talking Points

Creativity in Business

CEOs are placing more and more emphasis on creativity than any other time in history as the explosion in technology has forced companies to be innovative or be left behind. With over 400 events under her belt as a speed painter, Sarah has noticed the limiting beliefs within most individuals among the corporate spectrum.

In the session you will learn:

- The new definitions of creativity and break apart old mindsets and hindrances limiting you from
believing in your creative abilities
- 3 Practical ways to activate and increase your creativity
- Inspired by latest examples of creativity and innovation in the workplace globally

The Power of Authenticity

Sarah's personal story has been attracting more and more attention than even her talks on creativity as she came out of a 20 year closet in early 2018 and soon found herself on Studio 10 sharing her story and incredible speed painting talent. Leaving a 12 year traditional marriage and belief systems to embrace her sexuality, Sarah discovered the phenomenal improvements in her health and business success. Now she inspires others to embrace who they are whether in seemingly small and insignificant ways, or large ways that will impact many lives.

In this session you will hear:

- “If you are a different person at work than you are at home, then in one of those places you are a liar.” -
Simon Sinek
- Real life examples of how our emotions are linked to our health, including Sarah’s instant healing from
mental illness and depression
- Sarah’s story is a conversation starter and bridges the gap that many have in regards to sexuality being a
choice vs how you were born. This talk helps educate parents and leaders who have di?culty understanding
the topic of homosexuality.

What's In Your Hands?

In this talk, Sarah inspires her audiences to use the gifts and talents within them to make a difference in this world. Having raised nearly 200K for charities through her speed painting at fundraisers, Sarah has noticed how people often feel overwhelmed by global problems and uses her platform to inspire others to look.

In this session you will be inspired:
- Audience members will be reminded of their abilities to make a difference in this world in small and large
- 3 Ways to recognise your gifts and talents
- Encouraged to see global problems as opportunities and hear stories of other everyday people who have
used their gifts to change the world

Boosting Mental Health with Creativity

Nearly half of the world's population experiences some form of mental illness or depression during their lifetime. This is a huge issue for business and families, not to mention the pressure on the medical industry. But what if there were ways to improve our mental health in a fun way that improved our lives and relationships?

In this keynote, Sarah shares ways to boost your mental health through practical creative ways.


- Learn ways to use your positive and negative emotions to be creative.
- Hear real stories of everyday people who have implemented creativity in their lives and how it impacted their family and work-life
- "Creativity, not normality, has become the paradigm of mental health." - Stephen Mitchell

Virtual Offerings

Sarah has created a number of offerings perfect for the virtual space including live speed painting demonstrations. She also offers an opportunity for attendees to get their hands dirty and create their piece of art. Sarah will then guide your team as they unlock their creative potential creating art around a chosen theme or idea.
Sarah it was so great to have you bringing that leadership aspect and your creativity in to remind our industry professionals to connect their leadership with their creativity... and your incredible talent. Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Sarah has spoken on the Power of Creativity at two of our events over the past 2 years, and has performed at many of our events and referral network's events as a speed painter. She brings a wonderful perspective on creative thinking and will captivate any audience she talks to. As a naturally inspiring and motivating person - Sarah is always a wonderful and appreciated addition to any event and will leave a lasting positive impression. Our members are still talking about a talk she did in 2017 years later! Highly recommended!


I am a long time educator. I have seen many inspiring presenters, helped raise money for many causes, heard many speeches BUT Sarah really connects. IF you ever have the chance to work for or with her - don't miss out - I am humbled in her presence.

Canadian International School

Absolutely brilliant presenter who has an amazing talent to inspire and engage an audience of all ages and backgrounds. High energy throughout, insightful and thought provoking to really challenge your thinking and outlook on personal and professional life.


Sarah was amazing - very engaging and was able to connect with the audience in a genuine way. All participants left feeling very impacted in a positive way by the event.

Wellineux Pty Ltd
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