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How to future proof your career and your brand

Your brand is your totem, it’s where you find your strength and protection.

Scarlett Vespa is exposing ageism by revealing the hidden value of Women 50+. She is a Founder of AGERICH, Entrepreneur, Brand Expert, Broadcaster and Alchemist for businesses.

Current Work:
Scarlett Vespa aka MRSV is a trailblazer in combating ageism by challenging stereotypical attitudes towards women over 50. Her own experience of ageism in her 40s gave birth to the idea of AGERICH®, a platform that aims to shift the conversation about growing older. AGERICH® offers age-positive solutions for individuals seeking confidence and visibility in their professional and personal lives. Scarlett provides Alchemy Sessions, Workshops, the Corporate Ageism Program, and Luxury Products to support anyone looking to transform their life, whether it be for career changes, starting a business, gaining confidence, or spiritual development.

Previous Experience:
As the founder of AGERICH® Scarlett's passion for personal development and spiritual growth began at an early age. This passion proved to be life-saving after she lost everything in 2010. Inspired by this transformational experience, she launched the Mrs V Shift in 2017, an annual event that empowers women over 40 to have a voice. Scarlett's work gained her media attention, including appearances on a popular morning talk shows and coverage in national media outlets.

Scarlett's 25-year career in media and advertising reflects her resilience and determination to succeed. She worked on Hollywood sets with A-list actors such as Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson and became one of Australia's first female TV commercial directors. She worked for corporate advertising giants such as Disney, David Jones, and Westfield and generated millions of dollars in revenue as the head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank. Despite gender biases, Scarlett remained steadfast in her career goals.

Talking Points

Building Your Best Self for a Successful Sustainable Future

Scarlett Vespa shows off her 7 steps process to align yourself into a better place in your career and life with useful tips on adaptability, confidence and being proactive and authentic.

1 Why build your best self - (Technology changing game)
- How to build your best self - (Adaptabiity)
2 What do you need? - (Confidence and how to get it / self belief how to find it)
3 How do you start? - {Proactive v’s reactive)
4 Learn to overcome obstacles - (Shadow self & integrating all parts of self)
5 How to maintain work/life balance - (Talk about chakra and how it relates to finance/career/health/relationships/marketing/envisioning/networking)
6 Keeping up appearances - (how to look great while being authentic)
7 Embracing self-love and community (Why it’s key to the future - going from competition to collaboration is the new growth mindset)

Breaking the Age Barrier: Inspiring Corporate Education on Ageism

This covers the negative effects of ageism on individuals and organizations, as well as the benefits of an age-positive workplace. Providing practical tips and strategies to help organizations combat ageism, including policy changes. The talk also focuses on the value and contributions of older workers, highlighting their experience, knowledge, and skills. Overall, the talk would inspire organizations to embrace age diversity and create a culture that values and respects employees of all ages.

From Challenges to Opportunities: How to Turn Adversity into Growth and Success

The talk is aimed at inspiring individuals to reframe challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth. It would cover the benefits of embracing challenges, including the development of new skills, the opportunity to learn from mistakes, and the potential for greater success. Offering practical strategies for reframing challenges, such as cultivating a growth mindset, focusing on strengths, and seeking support. The talk would also feature stories of individuals who overcame significant challenges and achieved success, highlighting the power of perseverance and resilience. Overall, the talk would inspire and empower individuals to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and success.

Unlocking Your Potential: The Power of Building a Strong Personal Brand

The talk would cover the benefits of building a personal brand, including increased visibility, credibility, and opportunities for growth. Offering practical tips and strategies for building a strong personal brand, such as defining your values, developing a unique voice, and leveraging social media. I would also focus on the importance of authenticity and consistency in building a personal brand that accurately represents who you are and what you stand for. Overall, the talk would empower individuals to take control of their personal brand and unlock their full potential for success.
The finesse with which you curated and facilitated each speaker made it a well-organised event that was informative, vibrant and fun. The presentations were authentic, short sharp and sweet Hotel Realm

I absolutely had a shift. I realised that I have focused so much on my career, my family and my relationships over the years, that whilst I have been telling myself it is time to do things for me , I haven’t been doing it right! The day gave me clarity, and refreshed me for my business and life. It was amazing to be in a room full of love and intelligence and no judgement

Hi Brow Eyebrow

“We invited “scarlett to speak at a recent shesays event and she wowed the audience! scarlett was articulate and held the attention of our ladies to talk about the topic of creativity, in particular her experience in the creative industry and beyond. the objective of the shesays events is to inspire women and she certainly did, we had some great feedback after the event as one our best for the year.”

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