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The young entrepreneur taking the world by storm.

Technology has leveled the professional playing field. Now innovation can truly come from anywhere.

The tech-head prodigy behind BOP Industries, Scott Millar is a young entrepreneur taking the world by storm.

Compared to a young Steve Jobs after turning a year nine business project into a thriving business, Scott has deferred university to run BOP Industries full time, with a growing presence around the world.

Current Work:

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based technology and education company on the mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators, showing students around the world how they can do amazing things at any age from anywhere. With a focus on entrepreneurship, technology and the future of work, Scott and his team are working to build a generation of change-makers.

As a now 19-year-old, Scott has recently been named one of Australia’s top 30 under 30 in business, Asia Pacific’s Inspiring Youth Leader for 2019 and an LGBT advocate and leader in Australia and overseas.

In all he does, Scott works to give back to the community, showing people that age and location are no longer a barrier and that innovation can come from absolutely anywhere.

Talking Points

The Power Of Young People

Our current generation of students are unlike anything we have ever seen before. Generation Z, aptly nicknamed the ‘Digital Natives’ have grown up in a world immersed in technology and due to this, think about the world in a way that is so different to any other generation that has ever come before. Born in the year 2000, Scott is a proud digital native and has seen first hand the transformation in the way his generation think and the potential they have to transform projects, businesses and the world. This session can be adapted for a number of different audiences, showing young people what is possible for them when they work hard for it, whilst also showing professionals how they can harness this unique way of thinking to yield fantastic results, adding value to all involved. As this generation begins to enter our workforce they’re going to bring a new wave of innovation, disruption and connectivity and it’s essential that we as employers, mentors and educators are ready for this change.

Diversity And Inclusion

With more CEO’s named ‘Andrew’ than female CEO’s in the ASX 200, diversity is still a pressing issue around the world today. With an overwhelming number of studies are showing that companies with more diversity considerably outperform their ‘stale, old, male’ rivals, why is it that we still don’t see the level of diversity that we need?

As a young LGBT+ man leading a small team of incredibly diverse, and incredibly wonderful humans, Scott starts to unpack why diversity is important, what it looks like in practice, and how you can build a culture of diversity and inclusion in any space. In his talks, Scott will talk about how organisations can build amazing
cultures, and how people can embrace their differences and own them in the workplace.

Diversity is so much more than just a statistic on an annual report and the sooner we can acknowledge that, the sooner we can start working to make a difference.

The Future Of...

As we find ourselves in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution we are seeing the world around us transforming at a rapid pace. Our classrooms, our workspaces and even our roles are changing and developing faster than ever and with all this change it brings endless reams of possibility or peril depending on how you react.

In the media and in our communities we see a mix of headlines ranging from ‘robots taking our jobs’ to ‘exciting advancements in…’ and depending on the lens you choose to take, and the actions you choose to make, you will thrive or perish.

Whilst a faction of the community choose to take the doom and gloom approach, Scott loves to talk about the exciting opportunities that these changes and developments bring. The playing field has truly been leveled, meaning that anyone is able to get involved and make a difference, and it’s up to everyone to work hard
to ensure their success in the 21st century.

With the ability to talk about a range of topics in this category from the future of education to the future of work and everything in between, Scott will work to leave your audience inspired and excited about what the future can bring, with some handy hints and key takeaways to help them thrive in the new economy.


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A fabulous event and a real pleasure to spend some time with you jaunting about town! We covered a lot of ground, both figuratively and literally. You've made an impression on our community, and left us with some inspiring concepts. I'm already following up with several of the students, and that alone makes it worthwhile. I can't wait to see what else comes of the event! Thanks again for your enthusiasm and energy! Local Government
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