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Business Leader, Generational Consultant & Tech Founder

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Technology has leveled the professional playing field. Now innovation can truly come from anywhere.

Scott Millar is a business leader, keynote speaker, and generational consultant on a mission to help organisations navigate the ever-changing future of work.

Launching his business in early high school, Scott has spent the past 10 years working with young professionals and business leaders worldwide to explore how technology and innovation are changing how we live, work, and learn.

As one of Australia's top 30 business leaders under 30 years of age, Queensland’s Young Small Business Leader, APAC's Inspiring Youth Leader, two-time TEDx Speaker, and LGBT advocate, Scott is passionate about inspiring others to seize opportunities in their digital world.

A passionate advocate for Generation Z, Scott brings a wealth of expertise on navigating the dynamics of multi-generational workplaces. His globally recognized approach blends research with real-world examples, earning him a reputation as a leading generational consultant. Scott's work focuses on helping organisations foster impactful intergenerational collaborations, empowering teams to thrive in today's innovation economy.

Talking Points

Engaging Gen Z In The Workforce

With over half the global population under the age of 30, organisations are looking at how they can attract, retain, and grow top young talent in their teams. In this presentation, Scott unpacks the key trends to engage Generation Z and Generation Alpha in the workforce before then exploring tangible strategies managers can use to get the most out of the young people on their teams.

- Generational Snapshot - Gen Z And Gen Alpha
- The Traits Young People Look For In An Employer
- How To Get The Most Out Of The Young People On Your Team
- Organisations Around The World Engaging Gen Z Well

The Future Of Work

Our world is changing faster now than it ever has before. With increases in artificial intelligence and automation, rapid development of technologies such as the metaverse, and an ever-changing workforce, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about our futures. In this presentation, Scott unpacks the emerging technologies changing how we live, work, and play and shares his strategies for how we can all find opportunity in an uncertain world.

- Emerging Workforce Trends
- The Role Of Technology In Our Futures
- Jobs Of The Future & Changing Ways Of Working
- How Organisations Are Embracing Change

Intergenerational Collaborations

A workforce comprising four generations presents a great opportunity but also a myriad of challenges for managers. While such a diverse pool of thought can offer dynamic discussions, out-of-the-box ideas, and impactful solutions, many leaders struggle to bridge the gap between the different generations on their teams. In this presentation, Scott shares his strategies and insights on how we can build dynamic intergenerational collaborations on our teams.

- Generational Snapshot - Gen Z & Gen Alpha
- Our Different Ways Of Working
- The Value Of Intergenerational Collaborations
- The Organisations Fostering Dynamic Collaborations On Their Teams

Entrepreneurial Pathways - Scott's Story

As a Grade 9 student, Scott never thought that a high school business project might one day turn into a leading Australian education company. In this presentation, Scott will share his story of growing his company, BOP Industries, from selling keyrings at local markets to travelling around the world working with over 20,000 students a year to build the next generation of young innovators. Scott will be sharing his experiences of taking an entrepreneurial pathway as a young person and sharing some of his top tips for stepping outside of your comfort zones to make the most of our ever-changing future of work.

- Scott's Story As A Young Entrepreneur
- How To Push Yourself Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
- The Power Of Young Professionals
- How To Bring An Idea To Life

Our Digital Natives: Creating Future-Focused Learning Experiences For Our Next Generation

Not knowing a world without touchscreen devices, social media, and wifi connectivity, Gen Z and Gen Alpha work with technology in very different ways from the rest of us. In this presentation, Scott explores how we can design and deliver outstanding digital experiences for the next generation. Exploring the role of emerging technology in our world, the fine balance between technology and humanity, and tangible takeaways for designing impactful digital experiences for young people, this presentation will get you thinking big about the role of technology in your team.

- Emerging Technologies In Our World
- Gen Z & Gen Alpha Generational Snapshot
- The Power Of Digital
- Global Case Studies Of Digital In Action

Meet Your Future Consumer

In a world where content is king, cancel culture is rife, and going viral is a marketing manager's dream, brands are abandoning the traditional marketing rule book to win their future consumers' hearts and wallets. As a fellow Gen Z, intergenerational consultant, and confessed TikTok addict, Scott will share his insights on how brands can appeal to Generation Z and Generation Alpha consumers in today’s increasingly digital world. With behavioural insights, a deep dive into brands doing it well, and tangible strategies you can take back to your team, this presentation has been designed to help you better understand your future consumer.

- Gen Z & Gen Alpha Generational Snapshot
- Consumer Trends For Our Next Generation
- Building Authentic Content For Your Audience
- Purpose As The New Profit
- Designing Great Digital Experiences

Responsible Uses Of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s increasingly digital world, there is no denying that technology is here to stay. As organisations, communities, and schools grapple with how technology is changing the way we live, work, and learn, one piece of technology that continues to level the playing field is artificial intelligence. In this presentation, Scott will share the ways in which artificial intelligence is being used today from simple tools we use on our devices, to the innovations transforming industries. With a focus on responsible uses of technology, Scott will challenge audiences to find the opportunity in uncertainty as we all navigate our digital world.

- Everyday artificial intelligence tools
- AI trends for the future
- The importance of responsible innovation
- Examples of technology for social good

Queer Representation In The Workforce

“It’s just so refreshing to see a gay with a real career.”

This was the comment made towards Scott years ago that sparked his thinking about how society perceives the LGBT community, and why so many professionals feel the need to hide their identifies when they enter the corporate world. As a young professional, educator, and business leader, the concept of queer visibility in the workforce is something that Scott has grappled with throughout his career as he navigates the ever changing corporate landscape. This presentation will see Scott sharing his experiences as a queer young professional in the workforce, and his insights into how we can build more inclusive workforces that embrace diversity and champion our differences.

Key Takeaways:
- The value of inclusive leadership
- Challenges faced by queer professionals
- The importance of allyship
- The business benefits of diversity
Working with Scott is always an absolute pleasure. Scott knows his audience and engages them so effortlessly. It is honestly wonderful to watch. Something Digital Festival

We were very lucky and honoured to have Scott join us at our first-ever Equipping Conference in Hervey Bay. Scott's presentation was refreshing, insightful and really engaging. We received many comments from attendees with so many positive comments and words about Scott's session on "The Power of Young Professionals". Scott was also very easy to work with, is truly an expert in his field and is also just an all round awesome Human. Highly recommend inviting Scott to speak at or attend your event.

The Equipping

Scott was asked to talk about the future of work and his presentation was exceptional. He thoroughly researched to provide data points, and also made it very engaging. Scott was a great addition.

Westpac - The Youth Network

Scott possesses an exceptional ability to wholeheartedly immerse himself in his Emcee work with laser-sharp focus, consistently ensuring that he not only meets but exceeds the objectives of professional learning. His unwavering dedication to crafting an outstanding experience for all conference attendees was palpable from the very first point of contact.

Independent Public Schools Alliance

Scott Millar infused the showcase with contagious energy, celebrating nominee achievements. His dynamic presence underscored the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. Millar's charismatic delivery inspired attendees to push boundaries, leaving a lasting impression on the Next Gen Awards community.

The Fogarty Foundation
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