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Not your average Speaker

Small daily changes compound into significant results.

Seamus Evans was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 10.

Feeling incredibly bored and disengaged at school, Seamus was more interested in making people laugh and distracting the class.

As a result of not taking school seriously, Seamus graduated with horrible grades and hated hard physical labour so was stuck with limited career options.

But Seamus already knew what he wanted to be when he ‘grew up’… a TV host!

How does a ‘dumb’ kid with ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and an attention span shorter than this sentence land a job entertaining Australia?

Hear his story to find out.

Current Work:

After 13 years hosting TV shows, performing stand-up comedy and being on breakfast radio Seamus is now a professional speaker giving keynote talks all over the country.

Seamus shares his incredible journey of overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome to work on TV and pursue a career in the public eye. Clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety Seamus has had his fair share of self-appointed set-backs.

With daily changes compounding into significant results Seamus developed his own method of building resilience and changing a flaw into a strength, with only three ingredients, Acceptance, Passion and Determination.

Now as a professional keynote speaker and ambassador for Tourette Syndrome Seamus is taking his ‘mind-set recipe’ to encourage Australians to turn their flaws into SUPERPOWERS so we can run with resilience, dance with adversity and conquer with confidence.

Talking Points

Turn your flaw into a ‘SUPERPOWER’

Through acceptance, passion and determination you can overcome adversity and build resilience to succeed in all areas of your life.

Be inspired to conquer the world as I share my triumphant journey overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome to work on TV and pursue a career in the public eye.

Your adversity can either be a setback or a gateway… so turn your ‘flaw’ into a ‘SUPERPOWER’

Overcome glossophobia

75% of the world's population are more scared of speaking in public than they are of DYING!

Master the fear of public speaking, harness those nerves and conquer the stage, boardroom, executive office and shine bright like a diamond.

Become a minority and sit in the top 25% of people who aren’t scared of the spotlight.

Over his career reporting on live television, performing stand up comedy and hosting breakfast radio shows around the country, Seamus has picked up handy tricks and techniques to turn those nerves into excitable energy and perform at my peak under extreme pressure.

Handling Tourette’s?

How do you handle someone who is neurodiverse?

Equality in the workplace and schoolyard is important in our modern society. As we move closer to a fully inclusive world nobody should be ‘off the table’ for employment or education opportunities.

Seamus works very closely with a child and adolescent psychiatrist to educate teachers and staff on the correct way to manage someone with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and many of neurological conditions for a more inclusive society.
It was with great pleasure that the team at Jobmatch Employment had met with Seamus Evans. Seamus is a beam of positive energy. To have Seamus share and help us understand his barriers with employment, the positive way in which he overcome and dealt with these barriers to become the successful advocate he is today. Seamus is a true inspiration and I would highly recommend him to any organisation/ party. Jobmatch Employment

Seamus authentically presents his story of resilience and naturally captures the attention of young people. His engaging and humorous nature helps young people to easily relate to his experiences. Seamus does a fantastic job in sharing his interesting journey, of the challenges he faced with Tourette Syndrome, and the valuable lessons he learned along the way to overcome adversity.

Brazen Bloom

Seamus Evans delivered a vibrant, energetic, inspiring and motivating presentation for our students. His ability to share his story, his battles and struggles, as he learned to manage, live with, and then thrive with his perceived disability becoming his "superpower" and an asset rather than a hinderance in his successes. Seamus was funny and entertaining, while also showing vulnerability and honesty in sharing his story with the students. I have no doubt that many students walked away feeling buoyed by Seamus' words and inspired to make their perceived flaws or weaknesses, their very own "superpower".

Baringa State High School

Seamus was a highly engaging presenter and knew just how to read the audience, and get them laughing and listening at the same time. Seamus explained that everyone identifies flaws or weaknesses within themselves that they hide for fear of being judged, before explaining his life journey on how he overcame his flaws and turned them into his superpower. This message of acceptance, passion and determination was well received and inspiring to the young men of St Laurence’s College.

St Laurence's College

The monotony of hotel quarantine turned to variety when members of the Australian Paralympic Team had the opportunity to listen and engage with Seamus Evans. It was an inspiring session, where Seamus cleverly brought understanding to Tourette Syndrome with a beautiful sense of humour and enthusiasm. Seamus is engaging, the content is informative and he captures the audience with his vulnerability.

Paralympics Australia

A great positive energy to be around and such an inspirational talk. Loved your presence Seamus. Great sense of humour of course and as humble as anyone canpossibly be.

Holistic Homecare

Very entertaining and provided a look into how someone can turn their greatest vulnerabilities intoa personal strength to grow into your own career ambitions.

Local Government Mangement Australia Conference
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