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Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, TV Host, & Founder of the 100things Movement

Unlock limitless possibility.

Seb Terry will be in Australia in July 2024 and is available for engagements.

Based in Venice, California, Seb Terry is a cheeky Australian whose passion for life is not only evident through his famed bucket list journey but is powerfully unleashed onto stages with every keynote that he performs.

Shocked by the death of a close friend in his mid-twenties, Sebastian experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’. The answer was NO, and so he created a list of 100 things that he hoped would bring him closer to a sense of happiness, if not purpose, in life.
Abandoning the familiar, Seb has dedicated the past 16 years to pursuing and achieving his most audacious goals, not only transforming his own life but along the way creating a ripple effect of positive change in others, too.

From Marrying a Stranger in Vegas (Goal #2) and Delivering a Baby (#23), to Living on a Deserted Island for 1 week (#63) and Helping a Stranger (#26) by aiding a quadriplegic man to complete a half marathon by pushing him in his wheelchair, Seb’s story has been turned into a best-selling book, his own reality show and a powerful keynote which has seen him speak in all seven continents.

Recognized for his unique approach in combining brilliant humour, piercing insight and real-time action, Seb’s compelling storytelling and interactive teaching style have inspired millions of individuals around the world to take action on their biggest personal and professional goals, linking passion and purpose with limitless imagination.

Seb has shared his keynotes with Fortune 500 clients like Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Bank of America and McKesson, equipping audiences with the tools to not just adapt to change, but to create it, too.

The impact of time and experience has helped shape Seb’s journey from the pursuit of fun and exciting life goals to a framework and methodology that helps individuals and teams unlock limitless possibilities in their professional and personal lives.

Talking Points

Passion & Peak Performance

From disengaged and stagnant, to purpose-driven and fully-activated, let Seb’s Passion and Peak Performance keynote unlock peak performance and productivity in your individuals and teams.

Sharing his inspiring personal story as well as his framework to help Unlock Limitless Possibility, this profound keynote will not only unleash an unstoppable mindset, but will share the tools needed to drive sustainable peak performance and motivation. Through facilitating Seb’s dynamic goal-striving model, this keynote will create an immediate ripple effect of change that will shift mindset, inspire action and transform the workplace.

- Leveraging passion as a driving force for personal & professional development
- The power of perspective to reimagine the future
- Creating environments for change, growth and evolution
- Strong alone. Better together: Performance and community
- Maximizing productivity through values-based goal setting
- Action Now: The secret to sparking action

The Passion and Peak Performance keynote has been delivered in all 7 continents (!) and continues to serve and spike personal and professional performance in major organizations across the majority of industries. The Unlock Limitless Possibility framework allows individuals to identify sources of personal inspiration as a driving force to perform in and out of the workplace, while galvanizing teams to deepen connection and build thriving environments for success.

Mental Health & Mindset

Building an Unstoppable Mindset

Mental health is pivotal to all human development, informing our performance, our mindset and our ability to connect with others. Mental health is indeed the foundation to a life well lived, in and out of the workplace. Alarming statistics now show us that mental health is a global issue with depression, anxiety and even suicide rates rising dramatically from 2023 to 2024.

So how do we address this worrying issue that threatens to cripple the ability for humans to live happily, perform effectively and work together in harmony? In his Mental Health: Building an Unstoppable Mindset, keynote speaker, Seb unpacks what mental health means and how to effectively manage it with his mental health framework.

- Self Awareness as a foundation for growth
- Emotional regulation through adversity & change
- The 5 pillars to holistic mental health
- Linking passion to purpose
- How to cultivate community & conversation
- Building resilience, optimism and agility

What if we truly believed that anything was possible? With positive mental health comes the ability for individuals, teams and organizations to thrive. Renowned for inspiring and facilitating his Unlock Limitless Possibility message into his Mental Health: Building an Unstoppable Mindset keynotes, mental health keynote speaker, Seb Terry, deep dives not only into the psychology of self-understanding, goal striving & connection, but offers a step by step model for individuals to address mental health as a daily practice, in turn unlocking personal growth, peak performance and community connection.

As a mental health keynote speaker, Seb builds trust with the audience as he shares his own story of depletion and subsequent mental health journey. Creating a safe container for candid conversation, Seb unpacks and provides a dynamic framework for improved mental health, and collective evolution.

Company Culture

Cultivating Healthy Company Culture

In this time of Hybrid workforces, disconnected employees and industry disruption, the importance of healthy company culture has never been more pivotal to performance and longevity. More specifically, the ability for leaders to create a culture that instills a sense of belonging and connection is now paramount to cultivating collaboration and collective action. From remote teams to organizations at large, a focus on community and culture is no longer a nice-to-have, but instead a must-have.

Through his inspirational Passion Effect message, company culture keynote speaker, Seb Terry, explores the most effective way to cultivate thriving workplace culture through creating a framework that leverages individual agency as the catalyst for connection and evolution..

- Setting the container for connection
- Leveraging values as the framework for action
- Creating purpose in the workplace: linking passion to vision
- Building a we-win, I-win culture
- Cultivating inclusive company culture through goal setting
- Group accountability to deepen trust & drive results

With workplace culture issues of burnout, declining motivation and disconnection, the challenge leaders now face is in finding the most effective way to create a ripple effect of positive change that inspires individual action and growth as the epicenter of collective cohesiveness and company culture. Seb’s Cultivating Healthy Company Culture keynote, inspires and teaches how sparking passion in the individual ignites trust, deepens connection and inspires a winning company culture.

Inspirational Leadership


Leadership is not a trophy that sits on a shelf. It’s a model that activates and unlocks the best in others. In his Leadership of Teams Starts with Leadership of Self keynote, Inspirational Leadership Keynote Speaker Seb Terry, shares insight into the journey of authentic leadership, scaling agency and inspiring the best in those around us. From self leadership is born the ability to lead others and when individual leadership is complimented with frameworks that encourage opportunity, inclusion and connection, we create powerful environments for quicker decisions, collaborative advantage and unified work efforts.

- Self awareness and acceptance
- Leading others through example
- Accountability as a leadership tool
- Cultivating purpose-driven leadership in others
- Scaling leadership in 3-Steps
- The cycle of developing leadership in others

Inspirational keynote speaker, Seb Terry, shares insight into not only his inspiring story of self leadership that went on to inspire and catalyze a global community, but also shares the importance of compassion, self love and emotional awareness as key tools for growth, leadership and the development of emerging leaders, too. When approached holistically, purpose-driven leadership not only guides and empowers individuals to perform at their best, but creates a ripple effect that sparks collective transformation. Leadership is a team game and Seb’s powerful keynote teaches a 3-Step model to help everyone step into their own self leadership role.

Employee Engagement


Nearly 9 out of 10 of employees in the US admit they lack passion in the workplace, contributing to an alarming engagement rate of just 33% nationwide. With employee engagement issues leading to absenteeism, declining productivity and disenfranchised workforces, the onus for leaders to effectively engage their teams is vital in sparking individual performance and company growth. The opportunity therefore lies in holistically inspiring employees through leveraging purpose as a tool for engagement and action. Employee engagement keynote speaker, Seb Terry, powerfully brings to stage his captivating message while offering a framework that links individual passion to company vision.

- Leveraging passion to anchor peak performance
- Linking individual values to company vision
- Community connection for sustained engagement
- Life and work balance: a holistic tool for employee longevity
- Goal-setting and goal-striving models for higher engagement
- Collaboration 1 + 1 = 3

In his Engagement Starts with Passion keynote, employee engagement keynote speaker, Seb Terry, inspires employees and leaders to utilize personal values, agile goal setting tools and peer-to-peer collaboration as a way to spike emotional engagement, uncover purpose-driven performance and inspire individuals to engage with a higher-purpose mentality. As a keynote speaker, Seb blends masterful storytelling with actionable takeaways, leaving the audience ready to engage with their most meaningful personal and professional goals.



Transformation of any kind requires awareness, planning and action. In his Individual Growth and Collective Transformation keynote, transformation keynote speaker, Seb Terry, takes the audience on an emotionally charged journey that inspires and empowers individuals to begin the process of transformation via his 8-Step Goals Setting System. While individual transformation will change a life, collective transformation changes the game, and Seb’s transformation keynote will galvanize your teams to work as one as they begin to create and activate their most relevant personal and professional goals in real time, during the keynote.

- Permission: The gift of choice
- Guiding change with values and vision
- Holistic goal setting to unlock transformation
- Linking individual growth to collective transformation
- The key tools for sustained action and connection
- Aligning passion with purpose-driven goals

Combining practical takeaway frameworks with piercing insight and audience interaction, keynote speaker, Seb Terry, uniquely shares his Individual Growth and Collective Transformation keynote, enabling individuals and teams to not just adapt to change, but create it, too.

Part entertainment, part education, Seb’s Transformation keynote ensures that change, growth and transformation is already underway before the keynote is finished.
Loved your message, loved your humour and how you connected with our 2,500 delegates. You more than delivered for us. Executive Director, FILEX

Once again Sebastian was a great keynote speaker for our road show. He received very high feedback from most delegates as it is such a good story.

Commonwealth Bank

Sebastian tailored his presentation to our brief. His energy, enthusiasm and message were a perfect match for our audience - they loved him.


Sebastian was absolutely phenomenal and had our audience in both audience in both language and tears. He inspired so many people and has changed the mindset and outlook on life for many of our employees.

NRMA Australia

It was a pleasure to work with Sebastian as his high level of professionalism and general passion was evident from start through to finish. He delivered a keynote presentation that was exciting, engaging down to earth and inspiring. He kept things real which was a perfect addition to the event.

McGrath Estate Agents

Sebastian enthusiasm is infectious, his lust for life 100% genuine, and just days after the event we had people lining up to help him on his journey. We cannot recommend him highly enough as a motivational speaker and an all-round nice guy!

Hostelworld Group

Sebastian instantly lit up the room, and re-energised the crowd with his captivating story, getting them fired up to take on the world! A big thanks to you Sebastian, on behalf of the Airtasker team.


In all my years of booking and watching the world's top speakers on stage, I've never seen a standing ovation occur after only 5 mins. Well done, Seb.


Sebastian was an excellent choice for our closing plenary and his content suited our conference theme. He has a great stage presence and his keynote rated really well with our audience. He was easy to deal with in the lead-up, available when we needed him pre- and onsite, and was accommodating with a couple of ad-hoc requests too.

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