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Author of 100 Things & CEO of Kindsum

What's on your list?

Shocked by the death of a close friend in his mid-twenties, Sebastian Terry experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’.

The answer was NO, and so, he created a list of 100 Things that he hoped would transform his life. For over a decade Seb has been chasing down the goals on his list and teaching others how to do the same.

Current Work:

Seb has become a sought after speaker, inspiring and catalyzing human progress and connection around the world. The impact of time and experience has helped shape Seb’s journey from the pursuit of fun and exciting life goals to the realisation that these strategies transfer not just to others who dream of achieving personal goals, but also into the mechanics of organizational growth.

Twelve years on from starting his journey, Seb uses his highly unique, entertaining and emotive story to teach the principles of:
- Values-based goal setting,
- Developing an unstoppable mindset,
- Creating a unique action plan,
- The power of action,
- Self accountability,
- Improving culture through positive connection.

Sebastian combines humor, inspiration, and insight to engage any audience creating an environment for education and change. Individuals and teams walk away with a tool kit they can transfer into both their personal and professional lives as they set-out with a structure that will see them conqueror any goal.

This is not just a keynote, this is an experience that will make you laugh, think, cry and finally take action. Blending masterful storytelling and electric energy with processes and tools designed to activate goal setting, real-time progress and cultural change, Sebastian’s strategies transfer not only to those who dream of achieving personal goals, but also into the mechanics of organizational growth.

Sebastian leaves lasting impact and engagement through helping organizations and it’s individuals gain perspective, think big, and reach their potential on every level so that others can follow suit. 100 things is no longer about one person, it’s about every person

Talking Points

Leadership Through Values-Based Goal Setting:

? Creating environments for intrinsically motivated staff & teams
? Leading through example
? Doubling down on individual and team values
? Creating advanced teamwork and communication
? Teaching through offering opportunity and real time experience
? Hatching the ultimate action plan
? Team accountability

Mastering Mental Health & Wellness:

? Helping individuals create structure in their personal and professional lives through
adaptable planning techniques
? Emotional management: accentuating the highs and supporting the lows
? Values recognition as a foundation to growth
? The importance of community
? The importance of progress, feedback and completion

Exploring Resilience Through Goal Striving:

? Developing meaningful goals as a way of stimulating passion and perseverance
? Understanding the feedback loop of progress and turning adversity into opportunity
? Adapting to change
? The importance of breaking your comfort zone
? Building your support crew

Organizational Culture:

? How to get everyone on the same page: the power of shared values
? Creating a healthy ecosystem of communication
? Personal connection leads to professional connection
? Creating opportunities for meaningful interactions
? Understanding what we do today directly affects who we will become tomorrow
(Input = Outcome)
? Planning effectively to optimize workplace performance.
? The power of accountability and how to integrate it into your community

Team Engagement During COVID-19 & Beyond

? How to tackle general workplace issues heightened by COVID-19 such as low
morale, low staff connection, and fluctuating mental health
? Developing and implementing repeatable values-based goal setting techniques
? Increasing team unity and understanding around desired outcomes
? Utilizing social accountability to complete goals
? Fostering an environment of idea sharing, collaborative help, and understanding
? Creating open communication channels for ongoing progress
Loved your message, loved your humour and how you connected with our 2,500 delegates. You more than delivered for us. Executive Director, FILEX

Once again Sebastian was a great keynote speaker for our road show. He received very high feedback from most delegates as it is such a good story.

Commonwealth Bank

Sebastian tailored his presentation to our brief. His energy, enthusiasm and message were a perfect match for our audience - they loved him.


Sebastian was absolutely phenomenal and had our audience in both audience in both language and tears. He inspired so many people and has changed the mindset and outlook on life for many of our employees.

NRMA Australia

It was a pleasure to work with Sebastian as his high level of professionalism and general passion was evident from start through to finish. He delivered a keynote presentation that was exciting, engaging down to earth and inspiring. He kept things real which was a perfect addition to the event.

McGrath Estate Agents

Sebastian enthusiasm is infectious, his lust for life 100% genuine, and just days after the event we had people lining up to help him on his journey. We cannot recommend him highly enough as a motivational speaker and an all-round nice guy!

Hostelworld Group

Sebastian instantly lit up the room, and re-energised the crowd with his captivating story, getting them fired up to take on the world! A big thanks to you Sebastian, on behalf of the Airtasker team.

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