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Culture and Change-Readiness Strategist & Personal Mastery Expert

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Shadé Zahrai is one of Australia's leading millennial experts on building a success mindset, self-belief and self-mastery for business professionals.

A culture and change-readiness strategist, Shadé is recognised for her ability to translate neuroscience and psychology research into practical, actionable strategies to boost and accelerate personal success. She specialises in equipping professional women, from graduate to executive, to ‘Step Into Their Power’ helping them develop the confidence, clarity and capabilities to thrive during times of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

Current Work

As an in-demand keynote speaker, Shadé is renowned for her ability to infuse motivation and storytelling with practical strategies and solutions to shift mindsets and drive positive action in her audiences. Her passion lies at the intersection of psychology and business, and she specialises in translating brain science and psychology into actionable strategies for personal mastery to accelerate personal and commercial success. Shadé’s high energy presentations are characterised by authenticity, practicality and passion, and create lasting impact.

Shadé is the Director of her positive-leadership company, INFLUENCEO Group. She has consulted, trained and coached leaders and teams in ASX listed companies and Fortune 500s, breathing life into organisational culture to enhance change-readiness for transformation, increase engagement and boost commercial performance. A former commercial lawyer with a background in psychology and strategy consulting, bolstered by her 6+ years at a Big-4 bank and an MBA, Shadé is very in touch with the human side of a business and the very real challenges they face.

Shadé is the best-selling author of a book on the science of happiness, Harvard-trained leadership coach, featured speaker and performer on TED and TEDx and 3x Australian champion latin dancer in 2015/16.

Previous Experience

Awards and Accolades: She was a finalist in the prestigious Telstra Women in Business Awards 2019, the Women in Financial Services Awards 2019 and the Women in Finance Awards 2019, and in 2016 was named a Woman of Influence in the Westpac Women of Influence Awards, winning the Young Leader category.

Talking Points

Evolving Leadership during times of Transformation and Change

We know from research from 2003 to today that leaders who are happier are rated as more transformational, and transformational leadership enhances financial performance & innovation within organisations. Everything tells us there’s a positive correlation between transformational leadership, happiness and commercial success.

This dynamic talk is all about evolving leadership thinking and growth for the present day reality of unprecedented change. Weaving together psychology, neuroscience and real-world examples from business, Shadé examines the core development fundamentals necessary to be a transformative leader of impact, unpacking the three core areas of mindset, method and mastery.

In this informative and insightful keynote, audiences will learn what transformational leadership looks like in practice, why it plays such a crucial role during times of organisational transformation and change, and specific hacks and strategies they can apply immediately to step closer to becoming a transformational leader for accelerated success.

The Science of Change and Influence

We’re living in a world and business landscape that’s changing at an unprecedented rate. It’s imperative that we continually evolve the way that we work and lead so we can continue to achieve excellence in this era of uncertainty.

What goes on in our minds when faced with change? Why is it sometimes so hard to manage our emotions and why do we resist? Through an understanding of the basics of neuroscience and the psychology behind how our brain responds to changes at work or in our environment, audiences will be equipped with the Three Part Framework for Change, and strategies effectively lead themselves, and their teams, through a changing business landscape.

Using examples from leading global companies, Shadé will explore the Changesilience Matrix, the importance of a culture of ownership, accountability & responsibility and tools to navigate complex emotional states. Audiences will be equipped with strategies to help them thrive in the face of change to transform themselves and their teams, while contributing to greater commercial success.

‘Balance for Better’: A Commercial Imperative

Inspired by the story of her refugee family who narrowly escaped severe persecution for their beliefs in gender equality and the elimination of prejudice, Shadé demonstrates how deep-rooted beliefs about gender bias affect our perceptions and how we view our own potential.

In the current day reality of work, women face unique challenges around navigating unconscious bias and the legacy effects of male dominated industries, along with their own self-limiting beliefs around their ability to succeed. According to a report from US investment advisory firm Cornerstone Capital Group, technology and automation will disproportionally impact women, with women being twice as likely as men to work in jobs with a high chance of being replaced by the impacts of technological advancements. We all need to be aware of the facts before we can start to address the lack of parity.

In this optimistic and empowering keynote, Shadé shares insights of how gender equality is not only good for women, it’s good for our economic wellbeing and prosperity - research shows that in times of unprecedented change, teams with greater gender equality and cognitive diversity are more innovative, more strategic and more likely to deliver competitive success.

Equipped with a ‘Diversity Leadership’ toolkit of strategies to put into practice immediately, audiences will understand that through working together and embracing diversity they can create a workplace culture (and world) where everyone is encouraged to utilise their strengths and contribute to the acceleration of commercial success.

Demystifying Mindfulness: A Resilience Imperative for the Modern-Day leader

The modern day world of work sees leaders living in environments of unprecedented change and pressure: they have to be always-on, they experience information overload and they can easily become distracted or over-stressed. The antidote to the ‘Attention economy’ is mindfulness: switching off the autopilot and getting in the driver's seat of your life. In this keynote, audiences will explore the Mindful-Leadership Matrix and will leave with a selection of personal strategies to sustain their energy levels under pressure, to cope with disruptive change and enhance their leadership effectiveness and overall wellbeing.

The Art & Science of Happiness: The 5 Hacks to Developing One of Life’s Most Important Skills

Everyone says they want to be happy and more successful, but it's so much easier said than done. Many think that by pursuing success, they'll eventually be happy. But, science tells us that it doesn't exactly work that way. In fact, it would be the other way around: Happiness comes first, then success follows. Based off the best-selling book, this keynote explores the neuroscience, brain training, and positive psychology around what it means to be happy and how this translates to greater success and enhanced wellbeing. Audiences will leave with 5 actionable, proven Hacks for rewiring your brain and shifting your lens towards a happier and more successful life.

Show Up, Step Up, Speak Out - for Women in Leadership

Countless studies have shown that women have more of a tendency to focus on what they lack, their gaps and their weaknesses rather than strengths. By combatting self-limiting beliefs and learning hacks for greater confidence and wellbeing, women will be ready to confidently communicate their vision and leadership purpose and to have greater clarity in their goals and aspirations. This keynote explores the research and neuroscience behind what frequently holds women back, the basics of how the subconscious creates our reality, and the tangible tools and strategies that women can embrace to have more confidence, greater presence and greater success in their careers.


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Shadé was a delight to work with and really took the time to understand our business… She really captivates the audience and has an energy that keeps you engaged. The material truly resonated with our audience of senior leaders from across the business… from equipping our leaders with essential resources and skills to manage change with agility, to leverage it as an opportunity to thrive and to be influential change-makers transforming our teams and business…Thanks Shadé, you were awesome. Winc. Senior Leaders Conference
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