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Award-Winning Global Cybersecurity Influencer

We're not in the business of business; it's human connections - it's deeply personal.

A visionary influencer, Shamane Tan is passionate about uniting minds and experiences, excelling in aligning C-Suite and Board members with cyber security imperatives.

As the author of "Cyber Risk Leaders," she unravels executive communication nuances and distills C-Suite expectations. Her work extends to Amazon global best seller, "Cyber Mayday and the Day After," a roadmap for navigating crises by mining the wisdom of C-level executives from around the globe. It's filled with interviews with managers and leaders who've braved the crucible and lived to tell the tale. Her most recent book, "Building a Cyber Resilient Business: A Cyber Handbook for Executives and Boards," was featured on Forbes Australia's top list of books for CEOs.

Shamane has also founded a transcontinental cyber risk and executive meetup spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, the Philippines, and Tokyo, fostering mentorship, women's empowerment and thought leadership. As a strong advocate for the importance of having a voice and helping others use theirs, Shamane Tan has spoken at TEDx and global conferences, including FS-ISAC, RSA, security associations in Silicon Valley, and ASX companies like Atlassian.

As the Chief Growth Officer at Sekuro, a leading cyber security and digital resiliency solutions partner, Shamane leverages her unique fusion of technical prowess and business acumen to help organizations progress on their security maturity journey.

Awards and Accolades:

Shamane Tan is celebrated in the cybersecurity community for her outstanding achievements. She has been honored as an ARN Shining Star (Multinational) Winner, a testament to her exceptional contributions in the global cybersecurity landscape. Recognized as one of the IFSEC Global Top 20 Cybersecurity Influencers, her leadership and impact are further acknowledged with the distinction of being listed among the 40 under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australians. These accolades reflect Shamane's dedication and impact in the realm of cybersecurity, leadership and beyond.

Talking Points

True Cyber Tales - When the Power Goes Off

This talk delves into real-world cyber incidents where power outages had significant impacts. Shamane Tan explores case studies of cyberattacks leading to power failures, discussing the vulnerabilities, the response strategies, and the lessons learned from these high-stakes scenarios. Attendees will gain insights into how cyber threats can disrupt critical infrastructure and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

Cyber Mayday and the Day After - Preparing, Managing & Recovering from Inevitable Business Disruptions

In this engaging keynote, Shamane Tan brings to life the critical theme of cyber resilience through a tapestry of compelling stories, each with its own meaningful takeaway. She skillfully guides business leaders through the essentials of preparing for, managing, and recovering from cyber crises. Drawing from her book, she provides strategies for businesses to withstand cyber disruptions, emphasizing the importance of resilience planning, effective management during crises, and efficient recovery processes to minimize impact and ensure continuity.

Honing Your Communication Craft in Crisis Times

This session, led by Shamane Tan, is invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills in high-pressure situations, not just in cybersecurity but in any crisis context. Shamane shares strategies for delivering clear, empathetic, and impactful messages when stakes are high. Participants will gain insights into managing communications with stakeholders, maintaining trust, and leading effectively through any crisis, making it a crucial session for leaders and communicators across all industries.

The Four Birds in Your Stakeholders

In this engaging talk, Shamane Tan presents a universal framework for understanding and engaging diverse stakeholder personalities, applicable in any professional setting. Using the analogy of 'four birds,' she vividly illustrates how to recognize and adapt to different communication styles and motivations, whether in cybersecurity, corporate management, or community leadership. This session is perfect for professionals seeking to enhance their stakeholder engagement and influence skills, offering valuable insights for a wide range of audiences.

Who is this for: Shamane's talks are tailored for a wide-ranging audience. From cybersecurity professionals and infrastructure managers to business leaders and communication experts, her talks provide actionable insights and strategies that are applicable across various sectors.

Key takeaways: Shamane Tan's talks blend technical expertise with practical business acumen, offering a holistic view of navigating the complexities of the digital age. Attendees from all professional backgrounds can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of cyber risks, enhanced communication skills, and improved strategies for stakeholder engagement.

Influencing Change; It's not Business, It's Personal

"Influencing Change; It's not Business, It's Personal" addresses the essential mindset and communication needed to drive change and build resilience within organisations.

Shamane's keynote introduces the FIT (Framework for Influential Transformation) model, equipping the audience with practical tools to engage stakeholders effectively.

It highlights the importance of personal commitment and clear communication in shaping a resilient culture. Attendees will learn how their individual efforts and approaches can lead to substantial, collective strength against various challenges, emphasising that real change is both a professional task and a personal responsibility.
Shamane possesses an almost unique passion on the subject and comes across and extremely knowledgeable yet humble. Shamane has demonstrated the ability to win hearts and minds on the subject of cyber, having gravitas and a clear presence on stage coupled with the ability to strongly influence even the most seasoned leaders. I have more to learn from her than she has learnt from me. If you get the chance, don't miss hearing her speak; she's awesome! Barclays
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