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Serial Entreprenuer & Founder of Count Me In


Shane Feldman believes community is the answer to every question, and the solution to every problem.

Recognized by the White House, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the United Nations and named one of North America’s Top 40 Under 40 LGBTQ+ Leaders, Shane Feldman helps leading brands optimize team culture, leadership, engagement and retention. He has been featured by Oprah, Larry King, Dr. Oz, Forbes, and People Magazine, and is the subject of a TV series from A&E.

In this digital age of distraction and disconnection, our leaders are facing a community crisis spanning all generations. Shane Feldman has researched community leadership on the ground across more than 30 countries, uncovering universal strategies that help leaders create engaged communities.

Shane's "Leadership Passport" framework helps companies cultivate a work environment centred around community, enabling individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. As one of the most in-demand speakers in America, Shane has worked with dynamic brands including Disney, Google, TD Bank, Kaiser Permanente and Mercedes-Benz.

In this new age, brands are struggling to optimize team culture, leadership, engagement and retention. Through his firsthand experiences travelling the globe and spearheading the world’s largest millennial-led movement, COUNT ME IN, Shane has decoded frameworks that help leaders build better relationships and better workplaces.

Since its founding in 2011, COUNT ME IN has initiated more than 30,000 projects worldwide, contributing a value of over $2.6 billion to the global economy through service.

Shane started COUNT ME IN in 2008 as a school project. With an alumni network spanning 6 continents, COUNT ME IN is now a social entrepreneurship incubator and community, engaging 10 million members in 100+ countries.

Talking Points

Future-Proof Passport: Driving Connection and Collaboration in This New World

In today’s unpredictable landscape, collaboration is your competitive edge. In this empowering, forward-looking talk, Shane Feldman goes beyond the hype and speculation to reveal a fundamental truth - in this new world of work, community and relationships are what will set you apart.
Having researched community leadership and human behaviour across 30 countries and five continents, Feldman brings audiences on a journey around the world, sharing lessons learned from global leaders. He decodes how to empower human connection, future-proof any organization, and optimize people, planet, and profit through real-world examples and clear strategies that can be applied right away. Audiences are left re-focused, re-connected, and ready to elevate their impact.
This is a customizable presentation that can be designed to meet your unique goals. Key takeaways often include how to:
- Build stronger relationships with anyone, anywhere.
- Build teams that will thrive through change and uncertainty.
- Uncover the why behind the work, promoting authenticity.
- Uncover a sustainable growth mindset.

Leadership Passport: Attracting, Empowering and Retaining a High-Performing Team

Having researched community leadership and human behavior in over 30 countries, Shane Feldman has uncovered universal strategies that make teams click and businesses thrive. In this captivating and actionable talk, Shane reveals how to cultivate a work environment centered around community, that enables individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. Shifting common misconceptions surrounding organizational culture, Shane breaks down how to foster an inclusive work environment where teams are inspired to innovate, think creatively, and collaborate.
Through engaging stories of remote African villages, bustling Asian cities and quaint European towns, Shane’s dynamic talk demonstrates simple shifts to become a stronger, more inclusive leader.
Motivational and actionable, Shane’s presentations are customized to fit the audience and objectives of each event. Key takeaways include:
What it looks like to be a true community builder and to lead with authenticity
- The difference between culture and community, and what it takes to foster unity and collaboration at all levels
- One simple shift to ensure every voice feels valued and heard
- Building loyalty and engagement among employees to boost performance
- Empowering a courageous entrepreneurial mindset
- New and effective ways of working across all levels of an organization, regardless of your role

Relationship Passport: Inspiring and Retaining Loyal Customers

In today’s digital landscape, attention is the new economy. Organizations that rise above the noise do so through authentic relationships and community building.
In this talk, famed entrepreneur Shane Feldman bridges the gap between technology and relationships, giving audiences the tools to inspire customers and increase loyalty and retention.
Through his firsthand experiences travelling the world and spearheading the world’s largest millennial-led movement, Count Me In, Shane has uncovered the universal framework that allows certain organizations to build a community of customers who are also raving fans, followers and advocates. Break out of the constraints of old models and learn how to use tech as an advantage to make customers an integral part of your company’s community and story.
This customized session gives audiences key takeaways to:
- Make customers a part of your company’s story in a way that inspires and empowers
- Put customers at the centre of your company’s community by implementing pathways for them to connect in authentic ways
- Embrace social media as an asset for growth
- Build genuine relationships and connections with customers that transcend evolving tech and trends
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