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Michael Hatton

2x Author and global expert on Team Culture and Communication, Forbes Coaches Council & Gallup Certified Coach


Build a world-class team culture by choice, not chance.


Shane Michael Hatton is a global expert in leadership and team culture with over a decade of experience developing remarkable leaders, teams, and cultures. Blending business experience with psychology, Shane's passion lies in empowering leaders to communicate, connect, and collaborate effectively. He thrives on helping leaders engage in transformative conversations that build the teams they envision.

His perspectives and expertise have been shared in notable publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Australian, HRD, CEO World, Smart Company, Kochies Business Builders, Herald Sun, Foundr, Company Director, and more.

Shane's approach seeks to help leaders alleviate transactional challenges and pave the way for deeper strategic influence, while ensuring a consistent flow of high-calibre internal leaders for succession planning.

Clients consistently value Shane's skill for introducing clarity to their thought processes and distilling complex ideas into pragmatic strategies.

Shane is the author of two books including 'Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter' and the bestselling 'Let’s Talk Culture – The Conversations You Need to Create the Team You Want'. He is also the host of the insightful podcast 'Phone Calls With Clever People', which delves into a diverse range of leadership topics.

A proud member of the Forbes Global Coaches Council and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Shane's academic credentials include an undergraduate degree in Business, specialising in marketing and a postgraduate degree in counselling.

With a prolific career as a speaker, executive coach, and facilitator, Shane has collaborated with businesses spanning a range of industries across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Some of Shane’s clients include, Microsoft, the Victorian Government, SIXT, Terry White Chemmart, Fonterra, Optus, Latitude Financial, Swinburne and more.

Currently, Shane is elevating the conversation about culture across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA, upholding his reputation as a global thought leader in leadership and culture.

Talking Points

Let's Talk Culture - The conversations you need to create the team you want

Culture is the unseen competitive advantage. It's the intangible quality that sets top-performing teams apart from the rest. But what role do your people leaders on the front-line play in building and shaping it? Backed by new research of over 1,000 Australian managers exploring their contribution to building and shaping culture through the lens of communication, Shane explores the essential role these leaders play in shaping a team culture by design.

In this session, you'll finally get a practical and clear framework for creating a team culture by choice. Additionally, we'll take a snapshot of what builds and kills culture, based on the insights gathered from those 1,000 Australian leaders. You'll also learn how to use culture conversations as a tool to re-establish or strengthen trust post-COVID.

By the end of this session, you'll walk away with five practical conversations to design your team's culture and elevate your role in shaping the future of your organisation.

The Language of Culture - How world class communication shapes world class cultures

In this insights-packed session, Shane unpacks research from over 1,000 Australian front line managers on culture, highlighting the critical role that language plays in shaping a culture by choice instead of chance. This is not an abstract theoretical discussion; it's the pragmatic approach to culture we've all been looking for. We'll delve into the concept of 'team memes and mantras', exploring how strategically chosen words, phrases and stories can permeate and reinforce your desired culture throughout all layers of your organisation and examine what strengthens or undermines a strong culture, drawing on practical insights from Australian leaders.

Culture Builders & Culture Killers - The five ingredients of healthy culture

Built on the foundation of Australian research involving 1,000 frontline managers, this keynote slices through the complexities and gets straight to the heart of what makes or breaks a healthy team culture. Shane shines a light on the top five Culture Builders and Culture Killers, providing a clear, no-nonsense view of what it really takes to foster a positive, thriving environment within your team.

In this interactive session, you'll get a straightforward look at the crucial factors that elevate a workplace culture, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. Armed with real insights from Australians couple with Shane's global experience, you'll walk away with a clear understanding and actionable steps to start shaping a more vibrant culture today.

Lead The Room - Communicate a message that counts in moments that matter

Communication isn’t just a ‘helpful skill ’, it is a leadership imperative and hallmark of the best leaders.

Our world is more globally connected than ever before, with easier access to information than at any point in history, yet in the important moments – the moments that really matter – people aren’t just looking for something that can inform them, they are looking to someone who will lead them.

This is a program about making those moments count. To communicate a message that not only engages and inspires but also one that mobilises and compels people to take action.

In this program Shane invites you to think bigger and aim higher than the idea of presentation skills or simply public speaking.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:
- Become a trusted and credible leadership voice.
- Accelerate change and buy-in
- Capture and communicate your thoughts with greater confidence and clarity.
- Extend your reach and influence within your sector or organisation.
- Mobilise people towards action both internally and externally.’
- Build and leverage your leadership platform to lead with more impact at scale.

Lead With Stories - Deepen trust and mobilise action through transformational storytelling

Research by Neuroscientist Paul Zak has found that “character-driven stories with emotional content result in a better understanding of the key points a speaker wishes to make and enable better recall of these points weeks later”. If you have ever had the privilege of speaking to a room full of people, you will have experienced how effective storytelling can cut through and connect.

But the power of story isn’t just limited to how a leader communicates to an external audience.

Stories are a powerful tool to build trust, share learning and accelerate change internally.

They are the secret weapon of great leaders to bring teams together and align them around a common purpose.

They build the bridge of empathy amongst team members and create a glue that connects teams together.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:
- Use the art of transformational storytelling to create a deeper level of trust, awareness and empathy amongst your team.
- Gain practical skills and experience to communicate with greater confidence, clarity and connection.
- Discover how to translate data and bring out insights in stories that connect with both the head and the heart of your team.
- Explore the power of metaphor to connect your ideas.

Leading Conversations - How to shift from 'team problem solver' to a 'team of problem solvers'

Development conversations are crucial in maximising your teams performance and developing talent.

But all too often good leaders operate as ‘problem solvers’, missing these critical development opportunities for their team.

When Gallup asked people across the generations why they left their last job, the most common words they used were ‘growth’ and ‘opportunity’. The research also revealed that less than a third of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them to do their work better.

They are a powerful tool to drive engagement, insight and development. They are the key to unlock human potential.

This is a program to help your leaders master the art of ‘asking’ more and ‘telling’ less and become more coach like in the way they lead and engage their team.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:
- Transform the way you listen and engage in conversations.
- Lead through ongoing conversations over annual performance reviews.
- Become more coach like
- Shift from being the ‘problem solver’ of the team to creating a team of problem solvers.
- Harness the power of telling less and asking more to drive meaningful progress.
- Develop a culture of bottom up initiative.
- Enlarge team capacity.
- Create a culture of accountability and responsibility.
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