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Intuition & Leadership Expert

Your intuition is your greatest power. Trusting it turns it into your greatest superpower.

Sheila Vijeyarasa has the playbook on how to achieve your goals against the odds.

She achieved great success in the corporate world as a Commercial and Finance Director, a feat even more impressive when you consider that Less than 12% of Finance Board positions are held by women and even fewer are women of colour. She holds an MBA (with Distinction) from the University of New South Wales Business School.

Current Work:

During her corporate ascension, Sheila had an awakening. At the age of 38, Sheila experienced her own life-changing sequence of events. She fell into a serious depression, triggered by a relationship breakup and breakdown at work after years of striving for perfection. Everything in her life had to crumble to make way for a new life. During this time, she started speaking and connected to the ‘other side,’ being deceased souls. Sheila is a rare individual where she combines her spiritual wisdom with her skills and experience from the executive-level corporate world. Sheila is a cutting-edge leader in the movement towards consciousness and spirituality within the corporate setting.

She has been featured in the media sharing her insights and strategies for an empowering and courageous successful life from Thrive Global, Sydney Morning Herald, Body + Soul, CEO World Magazine, New Idea, Women’s Agenda, CFO Australia, just to name a few. She has spoken on the main stage at the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Everyone has a calling, a life purpose, a destiny to fulfil. With Sheila, learn how to listen to your intuition, follow your soul purpose and bravely live your truth. Sheila is changing the world by inspiring listeners to take courageous leaps.

Imagine what she could do for your organisation.

Talking Points

Brave Leadership

What does the new paradigm of brave leadership look like?

Key Takeaways:
- Intuition as a superpower of the modern-day leader
- How to flourish after a crisis How to create a strong social tribe of support at work
- How to lead through mistakes and corporate detours
- How to bravely master your mindset.

Be Bravely You!

The modern definition of courageous living.

Key Takeaways:
- Stop self-abandoning in the workplace
- Why 'black sheep' syndrome is not real
- How to honour yourself by listening to your intuition
- How to take leaps of courage in work and in life
- Why and how to heal the mother wound

Bravely Imperfect

What is perfectionism and how does it dramatically impact your performance at work and in life?

Key Takeaways:
- Identify where perfectionism starts in your life
- Identify the costs of perfectionism
- Why perfectionism is a universal issue and common at work
- Strategies to address perfectionism in the workplace, management and life
Sheila's presentation to our members was incredibly popular. Her presentation was highly engaging and very impactful to the community of women in banking and finance. Her personal stories, insight and wisdom, was highly relatable to everyone. We can't wait to have her back to speak again! Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF)

Sheila is an inspiration on stage! She exudes grace, warmth, integrity and charisma. Somebody please...TED Talks must be next for this incredible speaker!

Tom Cronin Coach, Speaker, Producer of The Portal, Film and Book

Every once in a while, we meet someone in life who is truly inspirational. She’s one of those people. She’s authentic, she’s down to earth, and combined her experience in business, in finance, the very unusual spiritual side that left our audience absolutely mesmerized. If you’re looking for a speaker who can move your audience, get them to think outside the box, Sheila's your woman. I highly, highly, highly recommend her, and I’m really grateful that we found her and she came and left her nuggets of wisdom with our community. Thank you.

Getrude Matshe Life Strategist, Philanthropy, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, 3 x TED Speaker
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