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TV Journalist, MC & Confidence Coach


An exemplary master of ceremonies, Shelly comes well prepared and researched, attentive to her client’s needs and committed to driving a successful event.

More than a safe pair of hands, Shelly is the magic dust to making events soar due to her unique ability to blend client messaging with a great sense of humour, an authentic and engaging style, the ability to think on her feet, (a skill she’s honed as a seasoned journalist and television presenter) and the confidence that comes with decades of hosting events.

Her illustrious 25-year career encompasses significant roles, including 11 years as a reporter for ABC, 8 years as a presenter for Channel Seven, 6 years in journalism with Fairfax, and a 5 year stint as the South Pacific correspondent for Entertainment Tonight USA. In her eight-year tenure at Channel 9, Shelly has been a weekly feature on shows such as TODAY, TODAY EXTRA, and Weekend TODAY, where she contributes opinion pieces.

Additionally, she holds the position of lifestyle presenter for 9Honey and hosts programs like Talking Honey, He Said/She Said, and the spin-off to Married at First Sight, Talking Married. Shelly is also the founder of ShellShocked Media, a company specialising in media and speaker training where she trains others on everything they need to know about delivering the perfect interview or keynote. She’s also a seasoned speaker herself and her keynote addresses, delivered both locally and internationally, are renowned for being motivational, practical, and inspirational.

Talking Points

The Art of Small Talk

Fear small talk no more and walk into a room of strangers with ease. Whether it’s compulsory work functions or business savvy network nights, learn from one of the best in the business about the art of introductions, tips on how to remember names, techniques to use to extract yourself from dull conversations, ideas how to fill awkward silences and most importantly how to leave a positive impression at any event.

Polishing Your Presentation Skills

Conquer your fear of public speaking, polish the way you present and learn how to get your messages across convincingly like a pro with Shelly’s tips and tricks of the trade. These skills are applicable to anyone in business from conducting sales meetings to pitching ideas to your boss.

Adapt or Die

Shelly isn’t afraid to reveal her failings so everyone can be inspired to reach for their dreams. In a fickle and highly competitive industry she has managed to carve out a successful long-term career - and she shares her insights (as well as a few highly entertaining celebrity stories) from along the way.

Speak with IMPACT

Next to spiders and heights public speaking is one of the most common fears. In an electrifying keynote, Shelly will teach you to control that fear, polish the way you present and learn how to get your messages across convincingly. She will reveal the tips and tricks of the trade and the transformative power of simple physical exercises. Need to conduct effective sales meetings; pitch a new idea to your boss, conquer team meetings, navigate difficult conversations with ease, and own networking events, then it’s all in the way you communicate and in this presentation, Shelly shows you how.

Menopause in the Workplace

Shelly turned her debilitating menopause experience into a mission. She co-created "Don't Sweat It," with Dr Ginni Mansberg, a company that stands at the forefront of advocating for menopause-friendly workplaces. Shelly’s unique combination of lived experience advocacy, legislative action, and science-based education positions her as more than just a speaker; she's a catalyst for transformative change. By embracing menopause-friendly workplaces, you boost productivity, slash recruitment costs, and foster a culture of inclusivity and equality. It's time to ditch the stigma, cut down sick days, and sidestep legal headaches. A menopause-friendly workplace isn't just smart business - it's the future!
Shelly was our MC for our Melbourne Cup lunch at CHISWICK recently and was an impressive host. Shelly is a true professional and is able to manage any room with confidence and style. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. Matt Moran, Celebrity Chef

Shelly Horton hosted the 2010 Newspaper of the Year Awards for the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers' Association (PANPA) in Sydney. She was outstanding in every respect. Her preparation for the evening was thorough and while on stage, Shelly was confident, creating fabulous rapport with the audience of editors and journalists. Any event organiser using Shelly will have an intelligent and gorgeous host who will make sure their evening is a fabulous success.

Newspaper Publishers' Association

Shelly is a wonderful host, speaker and entertainer. We have not only used Shelly as part of our ongoing videos encouraging support for young people against anti-bullying, but also to host our film premiere event which sold out. Shelly came in prepared, kept the crowd laughing and when required, moved us emotionally. A true asset to any event.

The Community Brave Foundation

Shelly Horton was an inspiring MC for our large scaled ‘Ladies Charity Luncheon' in 2011 for Variety Children's Charity. Shelly was able to motivate and capture the attention (and hearts) of over 200 guests. Shelly not only led our luncheon with candour and banter, but she also was extremely prepared and conducted her own due diligence around our charity's position and endeavours and was able to educate the group and motivate them into contributing to the live auction. Shelly brings with her a wealth of experience and confidence to her speaking opportunities and is extremely down to earth and professional from start to finish. We were very honoured to have her participate in our event.

Pink Salt Restaurant & Bars

If you want conservative, inside-the-lines, and predictable, then Shelly is not your woman. If you want the consummate professional with an edge and a quick wit who can deliver lots of fun and engagement in spades, then hire Shelly. We adore working with her and look forward to many more opportunities to do so in the future!

Emma Isaacs, Founder & CEO of Business Chicks

Our pharma conference finished off yesterday with a high. It was their first time running a hybrid state based meeting and as you can imagine nerves and tension were high. we have heard nothing but positive feedback, some even saying it’s the best one they have had. A quick note, Shelly was AMAZING!!!! Shelly was so detailed and so professional and she just made the night fun and entertaining and made the clients felt at ease. So down to earth and i will 100% recommend her to any of my future programs just by the way she handled herself on a professional note. Words cannot begin to explain how we felt about her really.

Face to Face Event Management
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