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Predicting the Future of Work through Australian and global demographic trends.


Simon Kuestenmacher is the Director of Research at The Demographics Group based in Melbourne Australia and a rising star in data animation and interpretation with astounding predictions for Australia's future. In just two years he has amassed 125,000 followers globally who enjoy his insights and his quirky observational style.

His work is best appreciated by groups from the financial services, property, education, technology, retail and professional services industries.

Previous experience:

Simon holds degrees in geography from leading universities in Berlin and Melbourne and worked for several years as a business consultant with KPMG Australia. A columnist for The Australian newspaper, he is also one of the two co-founders of The Demographics Group and an emerging media commentator on demographic and data matters. He is frequently sought out by SkyNews, The Project, newspapers and radio stations across Australia to comment on demographic megatrends and the future of Australia.

Simon was named one of the world’s Top 50 influencers in data science by, he reaches over 30 million people every month through his Twitter account. Simon speaks on demographic trends, consumer insights and cultural change in Australia.

Talking Points

Reimagining The Way We Work: How New Technologies, New Generations and New Skills are Changing the Workplace

The Australian workforce is growing and morphing shedding some jobs and creating others. It’s a minefield for the uninitiated or for the ill-informed. In this presentation Simon unpacks the common denominators behind what’s working and what’s not in the world of work. A must for anyone in the workforce.

Degrees of Success: How Education and Skills are Reshaping the Australian Workforce

Speak to educators and they will say it’s all about STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) but is this the case? Longitudinal census data suggests that there’s a range of skills that can deliver career success. Let Simon take you through the numbers to his compelling conclusion.

Navigating The Gender Factor: Using Data to Show How Men and Women are Remunerated Job-by-Job in the Workforce

Which jobs deliver best remuneration for men and women? Which of these jobs are women closing the gap? Are there any high-paying jobs where women are better remunerated than men. Nothing sharpens debate like the facts and in this presentation Simon delivers the data behind the gender factor.

Rebuilding Australia

New businesses, work practices and consumer behaviours will emerge, and local manufacturing will be prioritised. The experience of working from home delivers a new productivity, lessens commuting, upskills the workforce in self-sufficiency and creates new businesses in technology. This changes the urban landscape. Post-corona we will see a large nation-building infrastructure program strengthening the suffering middleclass. Businesses and workers must prepare for the post-corona world right now. This is a unique chance to build a fairer and better Australia.

Global Trends Shaping Australia

Will China come out of the crisis strengthened? Is the US losing ground? How is the world changing and how is Australia positioned to succeed in such a world? Global demographics favour Australia as a destination for migration and international investment during the 2020s, our economic profile will serve us well in the short term but must be overhauled in the aftermath of corona. Demographics are stronger than the virus and Australia will prosper.

Consumer Values in Post-Corona Australia

Relationships with our loved ones strengthened during corona. We rediscovered local products and our neighbourhoods. The early selfishness of hoarding and non-observance of lockdown shifted as the death toll rose and we focussed on acts of kindness and love. Households will be more caring, more prudent, more cautious and perhaps also less narcissistic following this experience. The new businesses will have a stronger balance sheet. Relationships tested by adversity will be stronger. The home becomes a more important space and people demand larger dwellings. Australians will be kinder and stronger on the other side of adversity.

Reset your Career

Use the corona crisis to reassess, rethink and reinvigorate your career. Acquire the skills needed to succeed in the post-pandemic world. We need entrepreneurial, adaptable, technologically adept allrounders. We can’t all become tech-workers of course. Australia discovered a new appreciation of lower paid essential workers. Big public spending projects and the establishment of local manufacturing of essential goods is likely to lead to a reinvigorated middleclass. Don’t let a crisis go to waste and realign your career and business now.
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