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Age is no barrier.

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Crowned youngest ever Australian Poetry Slam champion at only 12-years-old and successfully publishing his first book, Limelight, Solli Raphael is a budding humanitarian and environmental conservationist who uses original work to instigate conversations about issues that affect future generations.

Having performed as a slam poet and keynote speaker at national and international conferences, corporate, lifestyle and charity events, literary festivals, in countless schools as well as on TV shows such as The Project, Q&A, Studio10 and ABC Breakfast News, Solli has found himself receiving accolades for his inspirational input into the lives of youth and adults alike.

From breaking stereotypes, fighting for equality, to relatable experiences and environmental proactivism, Solli creatively tackles compelling topics. Solli’s goal is to generate compassion and inspiration across issues that inevitably affect each and every member of his audience as well as the wider community.

You will be in awe of this resolute, humble and kind teen who inspirationally speaks words of wisdom beyond his years.

Talking Points

Poetry Performance

Solli has a broad collection of his original slam poems covering topics such as; the value and power of human connection, humanity & equality, environmental protection, proactive climate change awareness, ageism, living with purpose and more.

Keynote Talks

Slam Poetry Workshops


Duration: 1 min
Enhanced with uplifting messages and energetic slam poetry in 60 seconds, Slam! Offering a taste of the art of performance poetry like no other, with an upbeat tempo as well as audience interaction.

Game Changer

Duration: 1 min 30 sec
Game Changer is a fan-favourite, having been performed on T.V and radio around the world, as well as being on the front cover of Solli's first poetry book, Limelight. Game Changer is filled with metaphors combined with theatrical performance elements.

Still, The World Turns

Duration: 2 mins 50 sec
A brand new, yet-to-be performed piece for 2020, Still, The World Turns, raises the roof with messages of hope, encouragement and loads of good vibes. Inclusive of creative movement on stage and two incredible super-fast rap verses, this poem will likely become 2020's most popular performance piece by Solli.

Pick It Up! (Performance collaboration with Scott Wings)

Duration: 3 mins 30 sec
Fate made its mark in 2019, introducing two slam poetry performers to one another with the opportunity to run a poetry workshop together at Gold Coast's Storyfest. Since then, Solli Raphael and Scott Wings teamed-up to create Pick It Up, a comedy based hip-hop slam poem that looks at how picking up rubbish can help save the world.

Let's Make More Minutes Count!

Duration: 3 mins 30 sec
Let's Make More Minutes Count! brings about inspiration, motivation and a call-to-action to make a change in creating a sustainable future.
In 2018 Solli was a Greenpeace Ambassador, performing this poem as part of a global Greenpeace campaign.


Duration: 3 mins 45 sec
A look into Solli's poetry collection would likely leave anyone feeling motivated to be a part of creating a positive future, and this is at the top of that list in regard to being a truly motivational spoken-word piece that demonstrates the power of having belief. Solli personally shares what can be achieved through having a 'belief mindset'. Beliefism is performed with an orchestral music track, striking chords within each and every audience member.

The Power Of Connection

Duration: 3 mins 45 sec
The Power Of Connection looks at how strong connections between one and other can be of benefit as individuals, and, as a society. When 'T.P.O.C.' is performed, one will likely feel incredibly inspired to improve the quality of all connections within their life; albeit with their loved ones, friends, colleagues, amongst neighbours, within one's community, or even people unknown to them such as everyday social media connections. This poem is by far a favourite for corporate events, having been performed for Telstra, FPA, Commonwealth Bank, IBM, AIME, G8 Education, and LaTrobe University.

We Can Be More

Duration: 4 mins
We Can Be More is an awe-inspiring poem. Solli believes we can all make small changes in our lives that can have a big positive impact on becoming sustainable as a collective. Performed at Sydney's 2018 TEDx event, We Can Be More received month's worth of emails from audience members expressing gratitude for sparking lightbulb-moments about small changes driving big effects on the future. Empowerment and appreciation was a common thread within these emails.
Thank you so much for helping us connect with Solli. We're so much more inspired to write poetry now; staff included. The students can take a lot from their conversation with Solli. On a personal note being a father of two young girls, it was wonderful today being in the company of such a level headed and genuine role model for young children. Thank you Solli. Mount St. Johns Primary School

Let's talk, enquire with Janika now

Janika Barnes

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

Let's talk, enquire with Janika now

Janika Barnes

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

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