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Inspiring your inner greatness and leadership.

Leadership is an attitude and mindset.

Sonia creates an empowering experience for her audience. Her high energy, honesty and humour paired with actionable and practical advice, leave her audience with the skills, drive and confidence to take courageous action and inspire great leadership.
Whether it’s a conference, a networking breakfast, a team building day or an annual event, Sonia customises the keynote or workshop with topics including leadership, courage, kindness, culture and women empowerment to make your next event one that your audience will talk about for months to come.
With a focus on the latest research in neuroscience combined with a storytelling approach, Sonia's keynote topics help you discover the power of leading with courage, kindness, impact and purpose.

Talking Points

Leadership is an Attitude

This powerful keynote is based on Sonia’s cutting-edge book Leadership Attitude, which explores why leadership is not defined by a role or a title. Discover the keys to a leadership attitude and learn how you can be a leader through your attitude, values, actions, mindset and behaviour. This keynote has been transformational for thousands of leaders worldwide, leaving the audience inspired to be the leader they want to be.

Just Rock It!

This high-energy and inspiring keynote based on Sonia’s second book, Just Rock It! has become a life-changer for many people. Discover how to embrace fear to lead with confidence, courage and conviction. Sonia empowers her audience to shine and stand tall and be the impact they want to be, leaving the room wanting to rock their life and leadership.

Courageous Mindsets: Unleashing Leadership Potential

Sonia blends neuroscience and leadership to unveil the science of courage. Learn how to overcome fear and cultivate bold leadership through practical strategies and inspiring insights.

First Comes Courage

Leadership starts within. This is the premise of the book and keynote First Comes Courage. Sonia will take your audience through the virtues and keys to courageous leadership and how to embrace the First Comes Courage methodology and compass. You will discover the keys to leading with courage through the lens of kindness, purpose, impact and resilience.

Future First Leadership: Honing New Leaders

Sonia provides actionable insights and guidance for new leaders embarking on their leadership journey, emphasizing adaptability, courage, and empathy.

Five Pillars of High Performance Teams: Safety, Connection, Clarity, Ownership, Performance

Sonia reveals the five pillars of high performance teams, guiding leaders to foster trust, collaboration, and accountability. Learn how to propel your team towards peak performance and collective success.

The Leadership Triangle: A Framework for Excellence

Explore Sonia's Leadership Triangle-a roadmap for extraordinary leadership. Discover how to embody integrity, humility, and purpose, igniting positive change within yourself and your organization.

Leadership Balance: Balancing Success and Well-Being

Sonia delves into the vital link between well-being and leadership. Gain practical strategies to prioritise self-care, resilience, and mental health, fostering environments where individuals thrive personally and professionally.
Sonia is an enthusiastic speaker who communicates complex concepts in an entertaining and engaging manner. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of leadership is exemplified in the detail she goes into in her presentation. She’s committed to delivering the goods, honing her message to the group to ensure relevance and engagement. There’s no fluff, just substance and she’ll give you skills to take home, tell others and start using immediately to better you, your company and everyone around you. La’Quar

Sonia held the 300 attendee audiences attention the whole time. She energised them, she made them laugh, she made them think. I would recommend anyone looking for a speaker to empower their staff - Sonia should be your choice. She exudes energy and positivity and leaves you feeling like you can do anything. She is incredible.

QSuper Group

Sonia was so motivating and encouraging, and I left the room feeling like I really could accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I believe that Sonia has the potential to influence leaders at every stage of their journey, and as I progress through my professional career I always find that Sonia has unique content to help me along my personal development as a leader in my field."

Griffith University

Sonia facilitated the Women in Mantra leadership workshop for us on International Women’s Day. Her passion and energy left our Team Members feeling inspired to achieve leadership roles at Mantra Group, and they have already set up local networking groups and put measurable goals in place.


Sonia is an outstanding motivational speaker who inspires her audience to be inclusive and balanced leaders and you always leave wanting to hear more. Thankfully she also has wonderful books to support your journey to not only outstanding leadership, but courage and growth.

Queensland Department of Education

Sonia spoke at our company's annual International Women's Day event 2022 and all our team and our guests absolutely loved her presentation. We have received feedback from many people that Sonia was inspiring and created a great positive energy in the room. Sonia really understood our company's core values and tailored the presentation to our needs. This has been one of the best industry events we have hosted and having Sonia as a speaker definitely played a role in this success.

Wolter Consulting Group

We engaged Sonia as a presenter for a career development seminar. We found her style professional, engaging and warm and feedback from our team was incredibly positive. Thanks Sonia, we look forward to having you back again!

Hall Chadwick
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