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Making hard choices easy for a change


Stacey is a keynote speaker, successful businesswoman, mother of five and inspiration to thousands of people who have adopted her life lessons.

Using her street smart wisdom, Stacey lives by the philosophy (and helps others do the same) that to be more, you need less.

Raised in housing commission accommodation with an absent mum, Stacey experienced child sexual assault. By 14, she was living in a shed. At 15 she was pregnant. At 19, she had two kids and was homeless. At 21, authorities gave her a stark choice; change her life or lose her kids. Stacey had to make big changes. When all she knew was battling, figuring out goals for her ‘new life’ seemed impossible.

By 22, Stacey was raising three kids on her own and had survived domestic abuse.

With her no-bullshit style and humour, remarkably, Stacey, has not only survived to tell the tale but managed to defy the odds by using her street smart wisdom to thrive, and help others from all walks of life do so too. As the co-founder of a million-dollar printing business, her tenacity and commitment have seen her nominated for several business awards.

As a qualified leadership coach, author, and mentor, Stacey is known for her rawness, honesty and compassion.

However, it is as a motivational speaker that Stacey is best known. For the past 5 years, her keynote speeches have captivated audiences across Australia. In fact, the self-described ‘rough-around-the-edges chick’ often pinches herself when rubbing shoulders with everyone from those in rags to those in riches.

Sharing the stage with countless thought leaders, Stacey has also appeared on TV shows such as the Today Show, 7.30 Report and 60 Minutes to share her against-the-odds life story. She has featured in many newspapers and magazines such as BRW, The Age and The Herald Sun.

I thank the universe every day that Stacey Currie entered my life. She has an incredible quality about her that will bring the best out in you and cause you to live your life in a way you never knew possible. Her story inspires and excites me every single day and it will do the same for you. Be warned! After reading Stacey's book, the way you live your life will change and you will be thanking the universe, your God or whoever you believe in along with me, that Stacey Currie entered your life too. Think For Fitness

Stacey doesn't know just how gifted she is. The magic she creates is about much more than 'her story'. As compelling as her life lessons are, what's equally as profound is how Stacey has seen through those challenges. She sees her life through the filter of many potent gifts. There's phenomenal wisdom in that yet it's unconscious for her. Spend time with Stacey and you'll feel her pure state of non-judgment. The degree to which it's true can only come from someone with the gift of deep empathy.

Shaune Clarke, Purely You AND Purely Profitable Speaker Training

I must ensure you that your message was clear and everyone I talked to was thinking about their vision boards. If you can reduce a room to tears in a matter of moments you know you have a story that resonates with people and that it needs to be shared. I know personally it made a big impact on me and my thoughts on how our society operates and more how everyone can help each other better. My overall feedback is that I can see that you are on a path that will see you communicating messages to many many people. You are a driven and inspirational woman, one in a million. Our team really enjoyed hearing about how you set goals and then relentlessly work to achieve them.

Endota Spas

On behalf of the Women in PR Committee, I would like to congratulate you on your first speech ever and to thank you for taking the time to be a part of our panel speaking at the 2010 Women in PR benefit lunch. Your story was truly inspirational and greatly added to the whole success of the lunch - and we appreciate the courage it took to share it with us at our lunch. I am delighted to advise you that we raised over $10,000 for our two charities - a record - which is wonderful. Once again, thank you for your time and contribution to our benefit lunch.

Public Relations Institute of Australia (Victoria)

Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. Your journey is truly inspiring, and one that should be shared with all! You presented in a manner that was both emotional and entertaining, while still getting your message across to the entire audience. We look forward to working with you again in the future Stacey.

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