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Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand.

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Disruption isn’t a threat, it’s your greatest opportunity.

The world has gone digital, but Australian business risk falling behind. As advisor, mentor and speaker, Stephen Scheeler partners with Australia's business leaders to help them master digital strategy, culture & leadership, and build innovative, global, billion-dollar businesses.

As a speaker, Stephen has a unique ability to excite audiences on the power of technology, the future of business and the new paradigm of 21st-century leadership. He is an inspiring personality on the highest-profile stages - including TEDx, the Australian Governance Summit and AMP Amplify - and is a member of the Prime Minister’s Knowledge Nation 100, top innovation leaders in Australia.

Current work

Stephen is the founder of global advisory The Digital CEO, Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company, and Executive-in-Residence at Asia-Pacific’s leading business school, the Australian Graduate School of Management - he partners with the senior leaders of some of the world’s leading companies to help them build world-beating strategies, capabilities, culture and leadership, including Qantas, nab, Westpac, Macquarie Bank, ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, IAG, Suncorp, Telstra, Wesfarmers, AMP, CUB, Brambles, Google, DellEMC, Lenovo, Seven West Media, MCN, QBE, Hollard, BAT, JB Hi-Fi, Bunnings, Flight Centre, Mirvac and the Australian Government.

Previous experience

Facebook: Stephen is the former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, where he guided Facebook’s unprecedented rise from quirky Silicon Valley start up to media and technology titan.

Working with Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Facebook’s Silicon Valley leaders, his tenure at Facebook saw the Australia and New Zealand business - including Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and Oculus - grow to become one of the most successful Facebook markets in the world.

Employment: Stephen is a seasoned business leader, with a career spanning over 25 years across consumer products, retail, ecommerce, automotive, financial services, media and technology. He has served in senior executive roles at global leaders Westfield and Inchcape, and at Australian consumer products giant, Lion.

Talking Points

LEADERSHIP Walk the Talk: Mastering the Eight Elements of Leadership for the 21st Century

Stephen Scheeler has a record of transformative business leadership which few can emulate. From his recent tenure as one of Facebook’s most senior global executives, to senior executive roles at iconic Australian giants Lion and Westfield, to his current role as Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company - Stephen has thrived at the frontier of technology, disruption and change for 25 years.

In this energizing keynote, Stephen shares his personal insights into the secrets of great leadership in the 21st century. From 'disruptive' Silicon Valley giant Facebook to 'traditional' corporate titans, Stephen draws on his unparalleled leadership experience to offer a provocative and unique prescription for leaders of businesses large and small.

From humility and curiosity, to speed, agility and transparency, Stephen offers practical advice for every business leader to remake themselves from corporate also-rans into leadership rock stars!

TRUST - Have We Met Before? The Revolution of Trust, Identity and Privacy in a Connected World

Data breaches, pfishing attacks, fake news, election hacking…many of today’s headlines share a common underpinning: the profound, technology-driven changes in our understanding of who we can trust.

Facebook has been one of the companies at the centre of these headlines. In this highly-topical keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, shares his insider’s view of how trust and identity are being redefined in a data-driven, digital-first world, how the future of trust is likely to unfold in a world dominated by Google/Facebook/Apple/Amazon, and how individuals and organisations can come to terms with new definitions of trust, identity and privacy far different than those understood just a generation ago.

Stephen offers both a Silicon Valley insider’s views on the current revolution in trust sweeping business and society, and practical advice for how individuals and organisations can manage trust in this new, hyper-connected world.

THE FUTURE / DISRUPTION - The Digital Invasion: An Insider’s Guide to the Coming Revolution

Stephen Scheeler is the former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, and was one of Facebook’s top 50 executives globally. Unique among speakers on the future and technology, Stephen personally helped drive the disruption we’re seeing in the world today.

In this visionary keynote, Stephen shares inside stories about how Facebook and the tech giants think about innovation, where they are placing their bets for the future - and, most importantly, what all this means for the future of consumers, business and society.

Stephen lays out five themes of how the next wave of digital innovation will lead to a true end of isolation for businesses, industries and countries around the world:

1. Drinking from the data firehose: how generating, capturing and deriving insights from data will become the new basis of competition for every business on earth, and how those consumers who can master control of their own data identity will dominate the economy.
2. A communications virtual revolution: how virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we communicate with each other and with businesses, generating new opportunities for value-creation for the nimble winners…and a rapid demise for companies who move too slowly.
3. Everything is available to everyone: how the emergence of huge platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon have created globally-accessible resources that will change the very nature of competition.
4. Things go to people: how the coming convergence of virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and drone delivery will rapidly alter the status quo of why people and things move, and how this will rapidly disrupt many existing industries.
5. The future belongs to fast brands: how the world of brand-building through mass media (especially, TV) is coming to an end, and how the new, digital media world will be dominated by brands which are data-led, digital-first and lightning-fast.

INNOVATIVE CULTURE - Digital DNA: How to Bake Silicon Valley Culture and Innovation into Your Business

Data-driven. Agile. Customer-centric. These are a few of the buzzwords surrounding the new wave of business innovation coming out of the world’s leading tech companies. With deep pockets and cool campuses, businesses like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have built more than wildly-successful companies - they have built fast-paced, glamorous cultures which are the envy of the business world.

But, far from the bright lights of California, how can you infuse Silicon Valley culture into the DNA of your own company or team?

Drawing from his years as Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler shares his essential insights about how the Silicon Valley giants meticulously nurture a high-impact, innovative culture - from their unique approach to leadership & management, to talent development, work-life integration, mission, vision and values…and how all this links back to the strategy, profitability and growth which every company needs to drive.

LEADERSHIP IN A DIGITAL AGE The Digital CEO: How Today’s Leaders Must Change to Succeed in the Digital Age

Until now, most business leaders have been able to build successful careers without deep digital chops. For decades, strong command of financial, operational or technical disciplines were the bedrock of business leadership, and “digital” was left to others in the organization to understand and apply.

But in the future, digital experience & skills will mean the difference between success and failure in leading businesses of all sizes and sectors…and will be the #1 determinant of whether you get that next job, or someone more “digital” beats you to it.

In this essential keynote, Stephen Scheeler shares his personal journey of digital leadership as Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, and distils important and practical advice for business leaders of all stripes - from small business entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEO’s and board directors - on how to “digitise” their personal leadership style, rapidly gain impressive digital experience and insight, and remake themselves into versatile, high-impact, digitally-savvy leaders.

MILLENNIAL EMPLOYEES Millennials Ate My Company! A Facebook Insider’s View of How to Lead a Millennial Workforce

Millennials. Gen Z. Digital Natives. Whatever you call them, there is no doubt the rise of digital-first workers poses challenges and opportunities that leave many “traditional” business leaders struggling to adapt.

Arguably, Facebook is the world’s first millennial super-company, led by a millennial founder and CEO (Mark Zuckerberg), run by a jungle gym of brilliant millennial wunderkinds, and serving billions of digital customers everyday over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, was the oldest senior leader in the history of Facebook, and has unparalleled real-world experience of leading the most millennial company on earth.

In this uniquely insightful keynote, Stephen demystifies the millennial phenomenon and shares his personal lessons in cross-generational leadership: What does it take to successfully lead a millennial workforce - especially if you are not a millennial yourself? How can leaders learn to adapt their leadership style to tap into the enthusiasm, curiosity and ambition of millennials? What are the “bad habits” of old-school leaders which, if not avoided, will lead to ineffectual teams, dysfunctional culture and corporate failure?

MILLENNIAL CONSUMERS The Rising Power of Millennial Consumers and How Your Business Can Capture Them

Oceans of ink have been spilt by pundits extolling the threats and opportunities posed by the rise of the millennial consumer. But few of these commentators have deep leadership experience inside the world’s most millennial consumer business, Facebook.

In this enlightening keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, demystifies the millennial phenomenon, bringing an inside-Silicon-Valley perspective on how to think about digital-first consumers - and how to build brands, products and services that serve their unique behaviours and needs.

Stephen looks past the assumptions and stereotypes about millennials to reveal true, actionable insights about both digital-first consumers, and the business capabilities you need in order to reach, capture and retain them. He argues that understanding the behavior of millennials is far easier than building the digital and data expertise needed to court them, and he takes audiences inside Facebook’s radical approach to building the world’s most millennial-obsessed business.

TEAMS High-Performing Teams: 8 Lessons from Facebook and the Tech Giants

Every successful business needs leadership and talent, but teams are often the underappreciated factor in how the best companies stay on top. The world’s greatest tech companies - firms like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple - are renowned for building innovative, engaged, fast-moving teams.

Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, was part of some of the most successful Facebook teams in the world. Through his stewardship of Facebook’s ANZ business, Stephen created one of the highest-performing Facebook markets globally, and an engine of growth and talent for Facebook’s wider Asia-Pacific region.

In this engaging keynote, Stephen reveals the secrets of team success at Facebook and the tech giants: how teams form and determine where to focus; how teams set goals and track progress; how teams share information among themselves and with other teams; how teams maintain their intensity and momentum, and how they rapidly pivot when required; and how the best teams should be small enough to be fed with only two pizzas!

THE FACEBOOK STORY Inside Facebook: The Secrets behind Facebook’s Meteoric Rise…and How You Can Apply Them to Your Own Business

Facebook’s unprecedented rise to world dominance is well-known. Harvard dorm room. Geeky teen founder. Hackathons. Billions of friends, fans, shares and likes. Fake news. Filter bubbles.

But the true story of Facebook’s journey is far more fascinating than any outsider’s book or Hollywood movie. Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, knows this story because he was there.

In this captivating keynote, Stephen shares his insider’s insights about what makes Facebook tick, how the company makes decisions, how it nurtures its famous “move fast and break things” culture, how it drives innovation and disruption, and what Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders really do to maintain Facebook’s explosive growth…even in the face of front-page controversy.

START-UPS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Zuck Factor: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Facebook

Only a few years ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was widely dismissed as an “accidental billionaire” who stumbled upon the Facebook formula by chance. Today, he is regarded as one of the most visionary and influential entrepreneurs in history.

Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, spent five years inside Zuckerberg’s amazing Facebook machine, helping lead Facebook from mere start-up to the global force it is today. Stephen experienced first-hand Zuckerberg’s unique approach to innovation, disruption, culture and leadership…and how Zuckerberg brings an entrepreneur’s eyes to problems and opportunities on a global scale.

In this unique keynote, Stephen brings to life the daily excitement of living and working in Zuckerberg’s orbit, Facebook’s ground-breaking approach to building a disruptive culture, the strengths and shortcomings of the Zuck approach, and what every entrepreneur can borrow for their own business from the Facebook way.

DIGITAL MEDIA & MARKETING Will Big Brands Survive? The Future of Marketing in the Digital Age

For most consumers, brands today are taken for granted, as if they have been around forever. But in the early years of capitalism, brands were unknown, because business was largely personal, consumers were cash-poor and mass media did not exist.

Fast forward to today, and the average Western consumer is exposed to over 3,000 brand messages every day. Yet, recent research shows that most Australians can’t recall most brands or their advertisements, and that brand affinity and loyalty has declined markedly in recent years, especially among digital-native consumers.

So what’s going on?

In this thought-provoking keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, diagnoses the ailments afflicting “mass brands” in the digital age. He highlights how data, analytics and technology are disrupting big brands’ once-reliable playbook for reaching customers and selling products - and how social media, subscription video, mobile commerce, Amazon, AI, home delivery and voice assistance are combining to form a toxic witch’s brew for traditional brand leaders, while opening up new opportunities for nimble, data-driven, digital-first upstarts.

TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS The Tech Titans: How Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are Reshaping Competition for Every Business on Earth

Between them - Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook - are in a race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company. Yet, 20 years ago, none of these businesses factored in the Fortune 500 - and Mark Zuckerberg was just starting high school!

In this behind-the-scenes keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, takes audiences inside the rise of the tech titans, digging deep into the secret sauce that makes them tick, and revealing how competition has fundamentally changed for businesses everywhere due to the global platforms they have created.

Most importantly, Stephen offers insightful advice on what every business can do to flourish in the world of the tech titans…rather than be left behind.

AMAZON Advance Amazonia Fair: What Amazon’s Arrival Means for Every Australian Business and Consumer

Like the discovery of alien intelligence, the announcement of Amazon’s arrival in Australia has provoked reactions ranging from apocalyptic panic to “she’ll-be-right” calm.

Unique among commentators on the Amazon invasion, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, brings fist-hand Silicon Valley insights to assessing the impact of Amazon on Australian business and consumers.

From Amazon’s “everything store” ecommerce marketplace, to its billion-dollar investments into artificial intelligence and cloud, to its emerging ambitions in entertainment, music and logistics - Stephen gives audiences an insider’s perspective on how Amazon will reshape the consumer experience for every Australian consumer, and how Australian businesses will need to change in order to survive and thrive in an Amazonian future.

DATA World War Data: How Data, Analytics & AI Will Dominate the Business Battleground of the Future

For decades, companies have worked to combine old-fashioned human instinct with new waves of data and analytical tools.

Today, more business decisions are based on data and analytics than ever before - and the rise of cloud computing, unprecedented data sets (eg through the Internet of Things), machine learning and artificial intelligence means that in the future data will be a resource more precious than the gold or oil of previous industrial eras.

From his experience as Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler brings his unique perspective to how data and analytics will transform both the customer experience and the basis of competition in dozens of industries - from consumer products and retail, to banking, media, education and travel.

Welcome to the Brain Revolution: How A.I. is Transforming Our Ability to Solve the Problems & Unleash the Potential of the Human Brain

Even in this era of supercomputing and artificial intelligence, the human brain remains by far the most complex computational device in the universe. But our understanding of how the brain really works and how we unleash its true potential have, until recently, been mired in 19th-century science.

In this engaging keynote, Stephen Scheeler - acclaimed TEDx speaker, former global leader at Facebook, and current CEO of innovative brain tech startup, Omniscient Neurotechnology - unpacks how recent breakthroughs in machine learning & data science have revolutionised our understanding of the human brain.
Using lively real-world examples from his own work at Facebook and Omniscient, Stephen brings to life how this revolution is providing science with new tools to treat the problems of the brain - from cancer to Alzheimer’s to PTSD - while also giving the world of business new technologies that are revolutionising industries from media & entertainment and marketing & advertising, to education, learning & development, recruiting…any industry where the brain’s potential has yet to be fully unleashed.

After the Pandemic: How Technology, Data and A.I. Will Transform Business in a Post-COVID-19 World

Since early 2020, the world’s businesses have been plunged into a global forced experiment in remote working, social distancing and movement restriction. Understandably, many companies have had little bandwidth for anything but pure survival amidst a pandemic-induced collapse in demand and disruption of supply. But what is harder to understand is this: “What will the ‘new normal’ look like, and how will technology transform the world of business post-Covid 19?”

In this engaging keynote, Stephen Scheeler - acclaimed TEDx speaker, former global leader at Facebook, and current CEO of innovative brain A.I. start up, Omniscient Neurotechnology - unpacks how technology, data and artificial intelligence will accelerate the pace of change in the years ahead, and how the “new normal” of a post-Covid world will bear little resemblance to the world of business that came before.

Using lively real-world examples from his own work in Silicon Valley and Australia, Stephen brings to life how seven powerful themes will rapidly change how businesses gets done:

1. Social distancing becomes the law
2. People are removed
3. Ecosystems & supply chains are pandemic-proofed
4. Data & technology step in to enable quick scaling
5. Privacy is redefined
6. Remote working accelerates
7. Globalisation takes a hit
We had nine speakers today and you were the highlight X10! Your keynote really got the room thinking and talking in a way that a room full of accountants and lawyers rarely do! Australian Taxation Office

Your engaging personality and enthusiastic speech worked their magic to transform a usually silent audience of lawyers and accountants into an active and productive discussion about the future of the tax profession. Your insights and views brought up new perspectives from outside the ‘tax bubble’ and greatly contributed to building the bridges between tax and other areas of business. Your opening address was not just a speech, it was a masterclass on how to bring an audience together, and I’ve personally learned enormously from you today. As a lecturer and as a member of the organising committee of The Future of the Tax Profession Symposium, my big thanks to you!

La Trobe University - Future of the Tax Profession Symposium

Stephen Scheeler is one of the most dynamic, engaging and authentic speakers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Stephen connected brilliantly with our delegates as he delivered a talk on the ‘Pivots’ undertaken by Facebook during his time as CEO Australia/NZ. A relevant, captivating and effortlessly delivered presentation perfectly matched to our theme - so much so, that question time could have gone on for hours!

Association of Market & Social Research Organisations

Thanks so much, Stephen! It was a pleasure to work with you today. Everyone was raving about how fantastic you were and you were quoted for the rest of the day. Thanks again for sharing your insights. You were so interesting - undoubtedly the best session of the day!!!!!

Bank of Melbourne

“Your keynote was incredibly popular, it generated a real buzz and some phenomenal audience feedback, eg: • Sensational! Fresh, proven, engaging and so very relevant and important • Very useful - it’s like a short guide to developing a business in a digital era • The best reason for coming to this 2 day conference! • Really relevant, very engaging and practical. Dramatically exceeded my expectations. Apart from Stephen being a great presenter and speaker, it is real world and talking to actual lessons and experience • Content rich and practical presentation. Great insights. Really engaging. Best presentation so far, by a long way! • Marvellous! Informative and so so relevant! • I could listen to this guy for hours!”

Australian Governance Summit 2018
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