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Global Talent Advisor


Steve Cadigan is a highly sought-after talent advisor to leaders and organizations across the globe.

Current Work:

Steve is Founder of his own Silicon Valley-based firm, Cadigan Talent Ventures, advising a wide range of innovative organizations that include Twitter, Google, GoPro, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and the BBC. He is also regularly retained by some of Silicon Valley’s leading VC firms such as Andreesen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Sequoia, and Greylock Partners for his counsel on a wide range of talent topics.

Steve speaks regularly to conferences and major Universities around the world and his amazing work in helping shape the unique culture at LinkedIn led Stanford University to build a graduate- level class around this ground-breaking work. Steve is frequently asked to appear on global TV and is a regular guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC, and he is also a regular contributor to Forbes.

Previous Experience

Human Resources: Prior to launching his own firm, Steve worked as an HR executive for over 25 years at a wide range of companies and industries including Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts and capped by serving as the first CHRO for LinkedIn from 2009 through 2012, taking the company from a private firm of 400 employees, through an IPO and into the powerhouse that it is recognized as today. In addition to running his own firm while speaking and teaching around the world, today Steve also serves on the Board of Directors to three organizations and sits on the Advisory Board of several others.

Education:Steve graduated from Wesleyan University with an BA in History and received an MA in HROD from the University of San Francisco.

Talking Points

The Future of Work

Today the way we work, where we work and how we think about careers is undergoing a massive transformation. As the Gig economy continues to grow, as employee turnover continues to rise, and as the average life of a company continues to shrink, there are massive consequences to the work economy. While most of the media focuses on how AI and Robots will eliminate millions of jobs, the untold story is what a “career” means is changing. More and more workers are changing jobs faster than ever AND more and more professionals are making big career pivots than ever before. In this engaging seminar - Steve will review the significant changes taking place in the world of work and what it means to us as professionals, leaders and organizations. This session will inspire new ideas and new ways of thinking for both professionals and organizations and offer ideas and suggestions on how to optimize for success in the future.

The State of The Union of Work

We are in the midst of a tidal wave of transformation in the world of work. From the growth of the Gig economy to the explosion of share work spaces like WeWork - how we work, where we work and even our relationship to work is changing in dramatic fashion. Today we have more choices on how to earn an income than ever before outside of a regular job AND we have more visibility to what is professionally possible with our unique backgrounds and experiences given this new transparent job market. And yet even with all this new choice and opportunity, engagement remains at extremely low levels in North America and around the world. In this engaging talk Steve reviews the new reality of work and offers ideas and suggestions for to attract, hire and retain world class talent and teams in this new work frontier. This session will review how people are thinking differently about their careers and what that means for employers.

How to Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage & Elevate Your Business

In a world where turnover is increasing, and employee engagement is low, culture today means far more than just the norms of how we get along. The great companies of today have made their culture a powerful weapon in the war for top talent. Today your culture is both your employer brand and your company brand, and thus its imperative you invest and nurture your culture if you want to win today. In this engaging talk Steve reviews how you can leverage your culture to attract great talent AND to thrive in this complex new reality. Steve can speak from experience as he helped architect LinkedIn’s dynamic culture which became and critical component of their success during massive growth. During Steve’s talk he will review how LinkedIn built and leveraged their culture to massive competitive advantage in the war for talent against Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter among others.

The Future of Leadership in a Digital Economy

The way we work today is very different than just a few years ago. What employees expect in a job and a company continues to change rapidly. How you hire, engage and lead talent in your companies has evolved a great deal. Today great leaders communicate and course correct more than they weigh information and make decisions. Great leaders today are information brokers more than decision makers. In this talk Steve will share how many organizations are rethinking and reimagining the role of a leader. This talk frames out how leadership has and needs to change to be effective in this fast paced, data intensive digital reality where employees have more power, voice and choice than ever before.

The Future of HR & Recruiting

The Future of work is here! In this session, Steve will teach you about the many changes taking place in business and the workplace that are propelling the creation of new and exciting Human Resource Strategies. During the session Steve will share 1) how the HR function is evolving; 2) the many new jobs in HR such as Branding and Analytics, and 3); the many new technological tools and resources that are allowing the HR function to reveal new talent insights and help companies win today.

The Future of Careers

Global data is revealing that people are leaving companies faster than ever before, especially those who are between the ages of 25-35. And this trend is forecasted to only increase. More and more people around the world are supplementing regular jobs with Gig jobs, or they are combining gig jobs and instead of having a “regular” job. More people are not only changing jobs but they are also changing industries. And Lastly, the ‘shelf-life’ of a skill today is a fraction of what it used to be, meaning what we learned in school will likely only be valuable to us for a few years when not long ago it could last us our entire careers. What we used to think of as a career is going through a transformation begging the question, what exactly is a career today? How do I prepare my self for the future as a professional? As a leader, how do I motivate and lead people when a “career plan” seems less relevant today than it has in the past? In this engaging session, Steve will discuss fascinating insights around the future of work and careers and help professionals and organizations build plans for the future that addresses some very different and ever-changing dynamics.
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