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Leading international speaker on corporate culture.


Steve Simpson has been described as 'Australia's leading corporate culture authority' and 'the leading Australian Customer Care Guru'. He recognises that great corporate cultures enable strategic goals to be achieved and fuel employee engagement. Great corporate cultures create a measurable point of difference in terms of individual and organisational performance. Importantly, great corporate cultures can’t be copied.

But they don’t just happen by chance.

Current work
Steve Simpson has been invited to speak at conferences around the world for his truly unique insights into workplace cultures and how to unleash the potential that lies within.

Whether it’s creating a culture to deliver great service, helping leaders understand their role in shaping the culture, helping teams perform better, equipping people to revel in change initiatives or getting people to take safety seriously, Steve reveals how his concept of UGRs (unwritten ground rules) can be used to effect lasting, positive change.

Steve’s insights are not based on theory. In addition to his conference presentations, he has worked in-house with a range of organisations on different continents over extended period of time. He knows the pitfalls, traps, objections and issues that emerge when people are challenged to re-think the ‘way we do things around here’.

Steve is the author of two books including UGRs: Cracking the Corporate Culture Code. He is the co-author to a further three books, the latest being A Culture Turned.

He has a Masters Degree from the University of Alberta and was invited to undertake an Australian city lecture tour to co-present with Harvard University Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Steve has worked with organisations in countries including the UK, the US, the UAE, South Africa and various Asian countries.

Awards:The National Speakers Association of Australia: recognised Steve’s achievements by awarding him the prestigious 2015 Australian Educator of the Year Award.

Talking Points

_Cracking the Corporate Culture Code

Steve shares his concept of UGRs (unwritten ground rules) and how these constitute an organisation's culture. Most importantly, Steve shows how the UGR concept can be used to transform cultures and performance.

Creating a Culture of Service

Underpinning every move to improve customer service is the organisation's culture. Steve shows how to ensure customer service initiatives reap maximum benefits by getting the culture right.

Leading Cultures

Culture is the number one issue for the world’s business leaders according to the latest Deloitte Global Capital Human Trends Report. Steve shows how leaders can manage their workplace culture to enable strategic goals to be achieved.

Change Fatigued? Look at Your Culture!

It's not uncommon for change initiatives to fail to achieve their pre-defined goals. The most common reason? The organisation's culture. Steve shows how workplaces can be transformed from being change resistant to a place where people embrace change.

If You Think Safety is Important, Think About Your UGRs

A great deal has been invested into ensuring people conform to safe work practices. Yet despite these investments, safety breaches occur all too often. Steve shows how UGRs impact on safety, and what can be done to lock in a genuine safety oriented culture.

Transforming Workplace Cultures - Introducing UGRs

Employees operate according to a series of UGRs - unwritten ground rules - a sort of folklore about how the business operates and how things get done.

All too often these are negative and work at cross- purposes to what management is trying to achieve. Furthermore, business leaders and senior managers are oftentimes unaware uGR's even exist, and consequently have a rose-tinted view of the company's culture. The UGRs will be formed by staff observing managers' words and actions, and whether they live up to the precepts they have laid down.

This session will show you how to identify the ground rules at work in your organisation and change negative perceptions into positives that the whole team can endorse and follow.

Creating A Service Revolution

So many companies promise to deliver great service but fail to do this. This presentation by Steve Simpson can change all that.

In The Driver's Seat - Leading Culture Change

There is a school of thought that the single most important responsibility of leaders in an organisation is to create the right culture.

This presentation explores the role of leaders in creating and sustaining a great culture. It begins by Steve showing startling results gained from his research across a range of organisations into improvements that would be realised by improving the culture.

After introducing his concept of unwritten ground rules (UGRs) Steve shows how to unearth the prevailing UGRs linked to those aspects of the culture most critical to the organisation's future success.

Most importantly Steve shares with leaders specific actions they can take to shift the culture (and UGRs) to drive the organisation's strategic direction.

Steve draws on his practical experiences with clients including McLaren Automotive in the UK, Kmart Australia and NZ, and Toyota Australia.

UGRs And Change Management

How many of us have heard someone say something like "hold your breath for long enough and the moves for change will fade away"? People verbalising this are actually articulating an unwritten ground rule (UGR) associated with change.

In essence, what people are saying here is that there have been attempts in the past to implement change, but little eventuated. So people's recollection of events from the past creates UGRs that lock-in, and will make change more difficult into the future.

It's in this context that Steve creates a new angle on change management in his presentation. Often people pay lip service to the idea that the culture must be right for change to occur. They pay lip service to this because they are unsure about how to change the prevailing culture.

That's where Steve helps create clarity. He introduce the UGRs concept, shows how UGRs prevent change, and gives practical guidance on what leaders can do shift the UGRs, and the culture to be more receptive to change.


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  • Change Management
  • Future of Work
  • Customer Service

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I was really impressed by your ability to command the audience's attention with humour as well as a profound knowledge of your subject. The concept of unwritten ground rules came alive with your examples and will remain as a key ingredient in all my work on company cultures. Service Excellence Study Tours, UK
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