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Global Consultant and Positive Leadership Expert


Sue Langley is a global leader in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. As CEO of the Langley Group, Sue has spent many years studying the human brain and has an incredible ability to translate the science into practical ways to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

You only need to spend five minutes in a room with Sue Langley to feel motivated, inspired and energised; just ask the countless individuals and workplaces Sue has helped to positively transform throughout her career.

Her ability to energise teams and inspire leaders to show up day after day as the best they can be, makes her one of the most sought-after speakers in the field.

career: Sue has worked with thousands of business leaders, HR professionals, managers and consultants from top organisations such as Oracle, Revlon, Schneider Electric and the Australian Government to help employees harness the brain's potential, positive workplace cultures, emotionally intelligent leaders, and high performing teams.

Recognition: Highly academically qualified in positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence, Sue’s keynotes are sought-after at international conferences, including the European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP), International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA), Wellbeing@Work and many more.

Media: Sue appears regularly in the media, with an appearance on Channel 7's "House of Wellness" and sharing the stage In Conversation with Dr Martin Seligman. Sue is the emotional intelligence expert in the hit ABC TV series Redesign My Brain, broadcast on the Science Channel in the US as Hack My Brain. Sue has appeared as a leadership expert in the documentary 'Make Me a Leader' (July 2018), which has won multiple film festival awards, including the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.

Talking Points

The Upside of Stress - using stress to your advantage

This inspiring keynote topic is a hit with audiences large and small as Sue shares the latest research into how we perceive, manage, and use stress to our advantage. In this fun, engaging and inspiring session, participants will walk away with an understanding of the latest science into stress and practical tools to help change how we view stress to become happier, healthier and one step closer to achieving our goals. By using stress to your advantage, you can show up day after day as the best version of you!

- Understand why is stress important and what purpose it serves
- Challenge thoughts about stress to shape your physiological response to stress
- Practical tools to leverage stress to your advantage

The Mental Wellbeing Boost - backed by science

We’ve heard it all before. We should eat well, drink less, regular exercise and sleep for optimum mental health. So why is it that we often do the opposite during times of uncertainty and change? Why do our routines slip, emotions overwhelm, brain fog sets in and we suddenly become easily distracted and find it hard to focus? How can we stay or get on track in those times where we need our resilience and mental wellbeing to be at its’ peak?
Far from just another health and wellbeing keynote, this upbeat and engaging session gives you the science behind why we do what we do - coupled with practical, evidence-based tools, tips and techniques to get a much-needed mental wellbeing boost!
• Discover the real foundations that support our mental health and wellbeing
• Uncover the sneaky disruptors to these foundations and how to keep them in place (even during times of isolation)
• Learn techniques to support your mental wellbeing even when your routines have been shaken
• Find new ways to build healthy habits that will keep you stronger, even in tough times!
• Use the five-minute take-off and other practical strategies to allow your brain to perform at its best!

This session will give a much-needed injection of positive mental wellbeing so that you can show up day-after-day as the best version of you!

• Business
• Lifestyle and Wellbeing
• Motivational

Five-minute Brain Hacks for Happiness

One of Sue's most popular keynotes, five-minute brain hacks for happiness, is a fun, engaging and interactive session perfect for workplaces and group audiences.
This session is jam-packed full of practical ideas designed to boost happiness, including a simple explanation of the research and science behind how it works, from Sue’s extensive studies in positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. So be prepared to be up on your feet, engaged and interacting in an experiential learning environment, as Sue has participants testing out these five-minute hacks on themselves throughout the session!
The feedback from this session is that participants wish they would watch it again and again to remember all the gems that are shared and will continue to talk and share anecdotes about the session for months to come.
Learn five-minute brain hacks for happiness to show up day-after-day as the best version of you!

• Business
• Lifestyle and Wellbeing
• Motivational

Emotional Agility - the new leadership superpower

With emotional intelligence becoming more important than ever for employee engagement, wellbeing, and stress management, join leading Emotional Intelligence expert Sue Langley for this engaging and insightful session in improving emotional agility - the new leadership superpower.
Leaders who have taken their emotional intelligence to the next level and become 'emotionally agile' can make better organisational decisions, use their emotions strategically and ultimately achieve better performance.
Learn the essential skills of emotional agility to show up day after day as the best version of you!

• How to view emotions as data to get to answers and outcomes faster
• How to harness the energy of emotions to positively impact the day
• Identify the progression of emotions and strategies to embrace or disrupt that progression
• Be able to read emotional cues in a virtual setting
• Lead and coach others to build their emotional agility

Boosting Motivation - tips and techniques based in science!

We know that eating well and regular exercise provides enormous benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. So why is it so easy to binge on Netflix and not make time to go for a walk or exercise? Why does the diet always start tomorrow rather than having a balanced diet in general? Why can't we find five minutes to meditate yet always have time to scroll social media? Why do we leave our most important tasks till last rather than make them a priority? The answers to these questions and more lie in the science.
In this informative and engaging session, Sue helps us understand why we may or may not be motivated to undertake a particular action and how we can use our science to give ourselves an extra boost when needed.
• The science behind why we crave sugar, fat and salt and how we can find moderation
• Why we put off exercise despite feeling elated afterwards
• The reason our brains love social media at the expense of other activities
• Why we leave important work tasks till the last minute
• Motivation, and how it can be used to create healthy habits
You will walk away with over 20 practical tools, tips and techniques to help you find enjoyable ways to incorporate healthy habits into your day (based in science!) without having to rely on denial or willpower!
Learn to boost motivation to show up day-after-day as the best version of you!
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