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Four-time Australian Memory Champion and executive memory coach.


Tansel Ali is a 4 x Australian Memory Champion most famously known for memorising two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days. An international bestselling author of the books, 'The Yellow Elephant', and 'How to Learn Almost Anything In 48 Hours’, Tansel presents to thousands around the world instantly improving audience’s memory!

Tansel was Todd Sampson's celebrity memory coach on the TV show Redesign My Brain and is regularly featured on TV, radio, and print as Australia’s leading memory expert. If you’re searching for a speaker that’s different, and wouldn’t mind your audience remembering one another’s name at your event, enquire about Tansel presenting for you today.

Talking Points

How to Remember Everyone's Name

You're at an event and meet loads of new people. Two seconds after they're introduced, you forget their names! Forgetting a name in business can be quite embarrassing and not look good. The impact it can have on developing, sustaining and maintaining relationships can be costly.

Tansel Ali holds the record for the most names memorised in Australia. He will share the secrets on how to never forget a name, and most importantly, remember the person so that they are valued and made to feel important.

How to Deliver a Speech Without Notes

Statistic: Most people fear public speaking more than death! Anxiety, stress, fear of making mistakes all contribute to this terrible phenomenon resulting in death by PowerPoint, boring classroom style lectures and snoozing audiences.

Tansel's keynote addresses record-breaking memory techniques that help with remembering speeches and delivering it confidently without the use of any notes.

Speed Reading in an Hour

Most people in the world read at 200 words per minute and still have difficulty recalling what they've read. The result is going back and forth, wasting time, and not getting through materials as people would like. In just one hour Tansel will show you strategies that will make you a faster, better reader and change your perception of speed reading forever.

Developing a Champion Mindset

Many athletes have what it takes physically, but mentally they can fall short. As a mental athlete and winner of three memory championships, Tansel shares his secrets for developing a champion mindset. Athletes and teams will experience new found skills to apply for their training and have a mental edge over the rest of the competition.

Breaking Through the Pain Barrier: Brain training mental toughness

In 2002 Tansel was hospitalised, cut up from the chest all the way down the stomach and was told he would have been dead if he wasn't operated on.

Since then he has been hospitalised several more times, lived with an ileostomy bag and suffered various mental difficulties dealing with Crohn's Disease. Tansel shares his story of triumph and self-discipline on how he dealt with physical and mental pain and workplace bullying to become a successful mental athlete, bestselling author, entrepreneur, father of three and an Ambassador for Crohn's and Colitis Australia.

The Yellow Elephant Memory Model: How to Remember Anything

The majority of people us the wrong strategies to memorise. The result is slow, ineffective means of trying to remember. The Yellow Elephant Memory Model is a system designed to make us of whole brain learning though neuroplasticity. It allows anyone to be able to remember an extraordinary amount of information and give growing confidence to a better, more productive mind.

Remembering Names for Better Business

Forgetting names can not only be embarrassing, but it can be crucial to a business. It is difficult to build relationships and rapport if you don't know the person's name. You want to show that you care for individuals and make them feel important. Luckily, remembering names is actually very simple, and anyone can do it. You will never have an excuse for forgetting someone's name ever again!

How to learn Anything in 48 Hours: Brain Hacks for the Uninitiated

Learning anything new in such busy environments can be difficult task. Rote learning is what we've all been though at school and we are expected to keep at it through the rest of our lives in order to continue learning. The problem is: repetition sucks. It takes time and we often forget and are forced to repeat over and over again. It's a tireless act of hours and hours of brain straining mental gymnasium that can be stressful. There is a far greater learning force out there and it will blow your mind.

Time Management Hacks: Get More Productive Using Your Brain

Too busy? Got too much on your plate? Got disrupted? Can't manage? Aghhh! Time wastage costs organisations around the world millions of dollars. It is a serious concern. Learn the ways of the mind and get more productive with tips and tricks that will keep your staff on top of their game and assist your organisations overall efficiency.

The Mind of a Champion Athlete: How to be the Best in the Business

Your organisation is competitive, however, it isn't yet ahead. This is ongoing and is creating executive frustration. The effects can be felt throughout and as a result, the business suffers. Learn the mind of the 3-time memory champion and the tools he used to not only win, but dominate the competition after many years of plateau and struggle.
Tansel Ali is a very inspirational speaker and a real down to earth, genuine character who proves that anyone can have a vast, quick and accurate memory if they harness his powerful techniques. The presentation he gave was loads of fun and full of easy to understand, practical techniques we could all use immediately to boost our memory and creativity. Tansel kept everyone engaged and interested throughout the talk by involving the audience in practical memory demonstrations as well as dedicating significant time afterwards to answer many audience questions. Google

Tansel Ali is an amazing talent, entertainer and person. He engages an audience so well in having them hanging off every word he recalls from his amazing mind. Our audience was in awe of him being able to recall facts and figures when most of us struggle to remember our phone number or an anniversary.


Tansel Ali provided an enlightening experience which provided an incredible impact to our members to improve our mindsets in delivering results and connecting with people. His coaching services are now a fundamental aspect of our club commitment to growth and excellence. Our audience was amazed as to Tansel's ability to remember all our names in the room and the recalling of figures.

ANZ Toastmasters

We have long recognised that a reliable memory system for remembering seemingly unrelated information is the critical learning tool that eludes many of our students. Your presentation not only demonstrated an awe-inspiring capacity for memory but the step by step method by which we might all attain it. You gave those of us who struggle with memory and whose method of storing and recalling information had been a chaotic, unworkable jumble; a sure fire way of creating order, of filing knowledge where we could find it when needed. It has been a significant gift toward building our students' confidence to navigate academia, and one that will have ongoing value.

Keysborough College

Tansel was a delight for audiences- a natural speaker and excellent at captivating our audience with his knowledge and practical guidance on improving Memory. I don’t know how many delegates have since told me that have been using his techniques and they are working for them. A simple technique making a huge difference. Tansel also took the time after his address to speak with each table at the event personally. This was a lovely touch, and telling of his gentle, unassuming personality.

Department of Education and Training - Far North Queensland Region
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