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The Thelma and Louise of Corporate Wellness


Together and as individuals, Shannah and Lyndall are acknowledged as Australia’s leaders in life and wellness education. Between them they have more than three decades of presenting and executive coaching experience across public and corporate sectors globally. Shannah and Lyndall work with a diverse range of clients including Macquarie Bank, Deloitte, CBA, QBE, Mercedes, Seek, The Body Shop, Kikki K, AFL, NAB and many other ASX-listed companies. They also work with Olympians, other elite athletes and busy people from all walks of life. Together they teach the art of Essentialism. Small changes for big impact. Specialising in life and wellness skills for teams and organisations to thrive.

By coming together, Shannah and Lyndall offer a wealth of experience, complementary expertise and approaches to maximize impact for their clients across Australia and Asia. Shannah and Lyndall have featured on The Today Show, Australian Financial Review, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Switzer News, across social media and through leading lifestyle websites by Deborah Hutton and Jules Sebastian.

Who are The Essentialists?

Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy is a qualified and accredited life strategist, sought after business advisor, keynote speaker, facilitator and best-selling author. She has more than 10 years’ experience working in senior strategic sports marketing roles working on major events and projects with leading sports brands, Olympians and other elite athletes. She saw first hand case after case of corporate/high performance burn out and she herself succumbed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After this experience, Shannah established a new coaching business pioneering the application of wellness principles, working with a range of senior executives, elite athletes, entrepreneurs, organisations, teams and individuals wanting to find real balance and purpose in work and life. Shannah’s coaching process and insights challenge conventional values around what it means to be successful, what drives sustained high performance and find true balance. Shannah lives by the ethos: “Stop being a passenger in life, jump into the driver’s seat and take control with calm confidence.”

Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall is an author, wellness entrepreneur, qualified and accredited coach, corporate speaker and founder of award-winning Aurora Spa Group. Lyndall brings to her work the “hard yards” of running a thriving business with more than 100 staff, the knowledge gained from creating successful consumer brands and she is recognised as a true wellness trailblazer in Australia for her work at Aurora and previously at Camp Eden where she created individual programs for some of the country’s most stressed out executives. Lyndall has a powerful combination of hands-on business experience and more than two decades working one-on-one and in groups with overworked, overwhelmed and overscheduled people from all walks of life. Lyndall’s clients include global corporate businesses, executives, freelancers, business start-ups and many people in between looking to identify and achieve their vision of success.

Talking Points

Masterclass of Wellness

An essential skills-based masterclass for optimum mental health and wellbeing.

This masterclass is suitable for small and large groups at all professional levels.

This is an interactive skills-based workshop to support optimum mental health and wellbeing. It is ideal for time poor professionals looking to increase their productivity, leadership and work/life blend. Participants will learn how to surpass their own limitations to achieve their goals and take control of their lives. The Masterclass of Wellness is designed to create real results that take your people and organization to all-new levels of health, wellness, productivity and success.


- The essentials of mindfulness
- The science of breath
- Understanding the stress response
- Cementing core values that drive behavior
- Stress management and resilience training
- Goal setting for the year ahead
- Foundation of wellness - eat, move, sleep, nourish
- The business case for self care
- Personal and professional vision
- Experience three x one minute meditations

Chaos to Calm

An essential skills-based masterclass for calm confident leadership and optimal self care.

This advanced masterclass is suitable for small and large groups at all professional levels.

Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion and confidence to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships. Learn how to move from chaos to calm and create a culture where people feel safe to innovate & challenge. Harness the core leadership skills to grow engagement, build confidence, and unleash the full potential in yourself and your team. Success, world-class health, internal fulfillment and sustained happiness don’t just happen.


- Confident decision making
- Activating strengths for success
- Boundaries for calm confidence
- Breathing for cellular change
- Hardwiring habits
- Protecting the asset - YOU
- Vision creation for leadership
- Time management and self care
- Coping skills and prioritisation
- Being productive in life & business

Essential Living

Fundamental skills and new infrastructure for the foundation of work/life integration.

This 45 or 60-minute keynote is suitable for small and large groups at all professional levels.

So many feel they are living on the treadmill of life, on autopilot and disconnected with their better self. This wellness-based keynote is an interactive session that looks at The Essentialists’ essentials of stress management - sleep, nourishment, exercise, mindfulness, neuroplasticity, goal setting and positive mindsets for taking responsibility and control in life both personally and professionally.

Essential Performance

A session for leaders on mastering skills for sustained high performance.

This 45 or 60 minute keynote is tailored for boards, senior leadership teams and business owners.

For those well established in their corporate career and personal life, Essential Performance is a hands-on keynote designed to allow participants to come back to core life and wellness skills; re?ect and re-examine career and life plans, challenge time management beliefs, understand the science of habits and create new pathways for career longevity and clarity at home and work .

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

  • Work-Life Balance
The recently run nationwide Masterclass of Wellness for NAB worked very effectively for our financial planning teams. This engaging presentation was well-crafted, thought provoking and exceeded our expectations. The key wellness concepts and ideas you presented are already making a difference in the way our team approach their day. It gave everyone the much needed opportunity to bring wellness to the forefront. NAB Wealth Division
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