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A unique journey - people, cultures, global lessons.

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“This is a young man possessed of extraordinary courage, but also great sensitivity and respect. To anyone who believes that there are no worlds left to be discovered, I offer up the evidence of this magnificent tale.” - Elizabeth Gilbert, Author Eat Pray Love

In one of the most unique odysseys of modern times Tim Cope spent three years on horseback among nomads traversing the Eurasian steppe, accompanied by his dog Tigon.

Current work

Following a tour of the national and international stages with his book and film, our veteran exclusive speaker of more than 13 years is available all over Australia for special events and keynote presentations.

Previous experience

Awards: For the celebrated Australian Adventurer Of The Year, that was just the beginning.

Author: Tim went on to create the popular ABC TV series, and international award-winning book, On The Trail Of Genghis Khan (Australian bestseller).

He has now been appointed international envoy for Mongolian tourism and selected by the Australian Museum as one of the greatest Australian explorers of all time (the museum is currently showing Tim's story as part of the Trailblazers exhibit).

A masterful and deeply passionate storyteller, Tim has broken with the stereotype of conquest-focused adventure and become renowned as a champion of the rare human wisdom found in some of the world’s least known traditional cultures.

Tim has become a recognised ambassador for the timeless values of discovery in a fast-changing modern world.

Tim reframes discovery as something that can be experienced internally on the day to day level of the workplace.

His message of success and happiness through resilience, taking responsible risks, embracing cultural and individual differences, and developing relationships based on understanding and respect has found universal resonance.

Talking Points

Learning to 'Rush Slowly'

Tim will draw on his learnings about resilience, patience, and mindful determination.

Make friends with the unfamiliar

Learning to be curious, not offended when confronted with a diversity of cultures, ideas, and when overcoming difficulties.

Discovery in the modern world

Why the experience of learning and discovery will never grow old in an era of jet travel and smartphones.

Clear decisions

Breaking through the noise and clutter to focus on what is important.

Trust in fate but always tie up the camel

The tight rope between being master and taking control of destiny through planning and conviction, yet remaining open minded to the unexpected and having the humility to accept approaches that are different.

Odds favour the brave

Growth and reward from responsible risk taking.

Mountains never meet but people do

Extending oneself to create a network of friends beyond the comfortable circle. Cherishing relationships.
Tim's affable, easy going personality immediately endeared him to his audience. His relaxed manner and sense of humour suited his topic perfectly. The feedback from the ASTW members was very positive. All those who commented said they enjoyed his talk and slide/video presentation immensely. There were many who approached Tim after his presentation to ask questions and get to know him on a more personal level: a clear sign that he had made an impact with them. Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW)

The principals of the Shepparton Network recently had the privilege of hearing Tim Cope speak about his journey from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of Genghis Khan. He was truly inspirational. The account of his adventure held much innate interest from an historical and geographical perspective but it was so much more. It was a journey of self discovery, challenge, courage and persistence. It was an account of cultural diversity and human capacity, connectedness and bonding. Tim spoke to us for about an hour and a half and we could have listened to him much longer had time allowed. He shared [the highlights] of his journey and it was enthralling. Questions to him afterwards clearly showed that there were many other aspects of the journey that were still left untold. Many principals have already indicated that they will be looking at booking Tim as a speaker for their school community.

Shepparton Network

Tim's re-telling of his life on horse from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of the nomads was an amazing story that brought to life his passion for adventure. The linking of his journey with the challenges facing today's business leaders provided a timely reminder for all of us of goal setting, resilience and determination, at times the need to act outside one's comfort zone, looking outwards and that working in harmony with others is the key to success.

The Illawarra Connection

Tim was captivating. He was personable, genuine and enthusiastic, this coupled with his stories, photos and his explanations about his wise learnings made for a very special presentation. From Tim's presentation the students and teachers were inspired and also encouraged to consider what is truly important in life.

School for Student Leadership - Alpine School Campus

Tim was very personable and well prepared. His presentation was engaging and seamless, with the interactive components beautifully contributing and helping to illustrate the story he was portraying. The donation of the two books and DVD as giveaways was fantastic as was his willingness to stay after the presentation, sign books and speak to the visitors. The feedback from the audience was very positive.

University of Tasmania

Tim Cope was an inspiring and genuine speaker. He linked his story and challenges to those faced by our students attending the forum and spoke to their experience. His journey was amazing yet he was honest about his feelings and the obstacles he experienced daily. It came across not as a story of heroism or exceptional skill, but of one person who wanted to achieve a goal and was determined to get there.

Kumon Australia

Tim was absolutely wonderful and was far and away one of the best speakers we have hosted. What a graceful, lovely human being he is! Our community loved engaging with him and we're grateful he made the trip. His talk struck a great balance of being really polished but also delivered in a way that made it seem spontaneous and personal.

North House Folk School

Tim was our keynote speaker for our annual Company day. He was engaging and down to earth which really fitted our company demographic. We had an overwhelming reaction to Tim’s talk. The staff loved him (and his dog) and we now have several staff reading his books. Tim was a perfect fit for what we wanted in a keynote speaker. Mr. Cope’s program was professional, inspirational, and eye-opening for those in attendance. I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from students, staff, and faculty. This was a high quality event that proved to be a meaningful investment for our campus.

John Paul College
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