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CEO and Co-Founder of Ambit

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If you're not worried about AI - you don't understand it.


Highly rated and award-winning speaker, Tim Warren is Co-Founder of Ambit ( - a leading NZ AI software company.

Tim has held an exciting and diverse career as an executive across Software and Finance and is an angel investor with over 15 investments. His previous experience includes being a former executive at Goldman Sachs, COO of JBWere, Financial Services Consultant and Software developer at WinGate.

Outside of this, Tim plays drums as a professional musician, currently in a world music band, previously in Jazz, Orchestral, Pop and Rock.

Tim co-founded Ambit, a specialist in AI software for Financial Services, eCommerce, Retail, Telco and Utilities. Previously he was on the board of Flying Kiwi Angels – a start-up investment group.

Tim is a prolific reader, lover of music, food, coffee, history, an occasional runner and Dad of two.

Talking Points

Artificial Intelligence - Brilliance and Bias

In this presentation Tim takes the audience through a real journey of understanding more about artificial intelligence and it's biased interpretations of our culture.
With stunning imagery, dramatic presentation and moving conclusions, this is a compelling presentation. It is inspirational, not technical.
Not only does it impress on audiences the importance and reality of AI today, but it leaves them with hope and actions to take, something to feel, something to do in terms of getting ahead of this critical technology.

This is strikingly relevant to anyone in a leadership role and interesting to a broad audience.

The Future of Work in the age of AI

Tim explores the future of the workforce, both human and digital in this presentation, adapted to have a particular industry focus.
This presentation covers that artificial intelligence is not what you think, it's not going to replace the human in an instant, it's going to progressively change roles and disrupt industries.
They say you are not going to lose your job to a computer, you were going to lose it to a person who uses artificial intelligence.

Through a good understanding of the audience, Tim presents this in a way that everyone in the room feels the impact personally.

This can also be adapted to the future of education.

This presentation adapts well to including a discussion section on the specifics of a related industry.

The Future all around us

How does the future really impact us? Who really delivers the future? What's happening right now that's going to change our lives? In five years? 20 years? Will robots kill me? Should I become a cyborg? Can we hack our DNA!?

Tim covers disruptive technology and futurism with a mix of fact and humour - audiences leave with a mix of entertainment and wide-eyed excitement about what just around the corner.

AI: Dreams, Doubts and Brilliance

In this presentation Tim takes us back to the beginning of human existence to review technological disruption, and then leaps into the future to see how AI is already changing our world.

AI Storytelling: Pioneering the Future or Losing Our Humanity?

As we journey into the uncharted territory of AI in media, a pivotal question arises: are we pioneering the future of storytelling or risking the essence of our humanity? In this session, we navigate this profound query and delve into the transformative power of AI within the creative and media sectors. Explore the future of AI as it reshapes content creation, transforms engagement, and alters perception.
Tim has spoken at several of our iMedia events of up to 400 in size. Presenting across AU and NZ, focussing on the developments in the field of AI and the practical applications of AI. He has consistently received some of our highest audience ratings, averaging 4.8 / 5. He is a confident, capable and entertaining speaker and with the knack of making complex subjects very approachable. We'd have him back any time! iMedia

With so much hype and uncertainty about the implications of AI, it is a real saviour to have someone like Tim Warren able to talk some straight sense about the topic. Not only does Tim have deep industry knowledge based on his work pioneering some of the tools for AI and their use in a range of industries but he is also a born entertainer. We have had Tim present at two of our events recently. One a CEO breakfast and the other a large ESG-themed event to an audience of 500. In both cases, Tim captivated the audience with his natural and humorous style while covering significant concepts and sometimes complex ideas in a digestible and entertaining manner. We have been running our ESG event for 5 years with many speakers covering a range of subjects and in a range of presenting styles. So far Tim has achieved our highest rating or post-event feedback in our history.

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Louise Ryburn

Managing Director - Celebrity Speakers NZ

Let's talk, enquire with Louise now

Louise Ryburn

Managing Director - Celebrity Speakers NZ

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