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Liberating the human in tomorrow’s workplace

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It's time to augment our creativity, innovation and human-centric skillset with machine intelligence.

Tomer Garzberg is a visionary speaker with a unique perspective on the technology, tools and necessary creativity that are shaping our future.

Tomer is a Future of Work ‘todayist’. Rather than dream of what might be, Tomer instead takes the potential of practical technology and data today and reimagines commercial outcomes and human purpose through artificial intelligence and data-driven experimentation. As a technology entrepreneur and innovation advisor for over a decade, Tomer has worked across continents with some of the world’s most notable companies, blending the worlds of data, AI, behaviours and creativity. He is a TED speaker, IBM Global Entrepreneur and a Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow recipient.

Current Work

Tomer Garzberg is the founder and CEO of GRONADE, an enterprise growth labs and future-of-work company in Sydney. GRONADE operates on the philosophy that if data is the new oil, without an ignition, it's just latent potential. The GRONADE team partners with Fortune 500's and enterprise to run experiments on the back of data science initiatives, deploying machine intelligence and behavioural experiments to reduce operational expenditure, amplify profit, and capitalise on future-of-work opportunities.

Tomer is a sought after expert on machine intelligence in the workplace and is working to pioneer a world where machine intelligence can be trained to execute on enterprise operations, leaving humans to do what they do best-be human and the driver of change, rather than the afterthought. As Tomer argues, humans are not optimised for work, and enterprise is bleeding revenue because of it. He believes that an enterprise's lack of agility puts it at a high risk of diminishing market share as tech innovation continues to gain momentum. Looking to optimise the current workplace and redefine human purpose, he applies a blend of behavioural analysis and machine intelligence, augmenting individual jobs to drive more effectiveness out of the human workforce to ultimately incite meaningful growth and change.

Tomer has contributed to GQ Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age among other publications and has also appeared as a guest on Channel 7's Sunrise.

Talking Points

Why anarchy is the key to disruption

• Why anarchy is the key to disruption (breaking rules in business and a lack of acceptance for the way things are)
• The four pillars of society which govern our lives, and how breaking the rules can yield immense change (story about manufacturing a fake celebrity and marketing her as real at uni)

Hacking the human for business growth

• How primitive psychology can secure the sale (primitive psychology and the biological dynamics of meetings)
• Why leverage is the most powerful tool for any entrepreneur/business (how I started my first company and got clients by 'hacking' job ads)

Applying the scientific method for life and business success

• Action is the only thing which matters (most things don't get off the ground because of doubt/fear/inaction/distraction)
• Iterative mindset is the key to success (why science works, how I used the scientific method in my dating life on Tinder for 117 dates in 8 months, and how I apply the same logic to every business to experiment my way to success)
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