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Prepare your business for tomorrow, today!


There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived. A serial entrepreneurial, who has founded and nurtured eleven businesses over two decades, and has consulted to countless successful companies over the last 20 years.

Current work

It's this same experience that gives Hazard such great value as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and as the host on the hugely successful national network business television shows in Australia Inside Franchising and Don't Come Monday.

He is also one of the few Australians to crack the USA market with is own TV talk show. Gettin' Down 2 Business airs in the USA on the BizTV Cable Network into 20 million homes each week 9pm EST. He is also a regular Co-Host on The Big Biz Show on the CBS Talk Radio Network and the Business Talk Radio Network broadcasting to 1.5 million radio listeners, and simulcast on the BizTV Network in the United States.

Troy's lessons from the edge provide businesses with potent and refined tools, a collection of which you will find in his Amazon bestselling business book, Future-Proofing Your Business - real life strategies to prepare your business for tomorrow, today!

Previous experience
Through his corporate career he has owned a diverse range of businesses including a recording studio, an advertising agency, a pizza outlet, real estate brokerage, property development company, leading franchise-consulting business, and a technology business.

These business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the world's foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation.

Talking Points

Future-Proofing Your Business: How to prepare you business for tomorrow, today

‘Real-life strategies to prepare your business for tomorrow, today’.

Troy Hazard had bought, grown and sold more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime.

Troy’s real world experience is the foundation of this keynote presentation, his Amazon bestselling business book of the same title, and his National Network Cable TV Business Talk show in the USA. And it is what has kept audiences engaged in 23 countries.

Through his businesses and working as a consultant for some of the world’s biggest brands Troy has learned the lessons on how to predict issues in business before you need to experience them. This entrepreneurial experience was recognized when he became a leader of leaders as the Global President of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (

In this presentation Troy will step through a process to identify if you are driving your business into the future, or into the ground.

Troy’s presentation delivers answers on how to:
- Identify the opportunity in an obstacle to take responsibility for your future
- Break down business barriers created by bad beliefs
- Review you and identify personal purpose as a path to profit
- Create a culture of collaboration
- Use rhythm to create revenue resilience
- Embrace evolution to lead the revolution

Purpose, Passion, People and Profits: Guiding your business with clarity and vision into a more purposeful and profitable future

‘Guiding your business with clarity and vision to a more profitable future!’

What if you knew the ‘one thing’ that would show your business the path out of the GLOOM and into the BOOM? Serial entrepreneur Troy Hazard believes the answer is not found within something you seek, but more in something you already have and may have forgotten.

Troy is an entrepreneurial veteran who had bought, sold and grown more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. As a result he has seen his fair share of cycles in the economy. In the first recession of the late 80’s he lost $250,000. In the second one in the mid 90’s the amount was closer to $1 million. In the tech wreck and the more recent correction of 2008, it was an entirely different outcome!

It was through these tough lessons early in his business career, that he developed a powerful personal strategy that helped him unlock greater purpose. This strategy reignited his passion and in turn that of the people he led, so he could go on to grow and develop a series of successful profitable companies over the course of a decade.

In this keynote Troy provides simple steps to the clarity of vision you need to give your business a more purposeful view of the future. He will show you how to:

- Unlock the true value of the clarity of vision
- Find your personal purpose
- Use passion to drive power
- Inspire the people you lead to have the same vision, purpose and passion
- Master the strategy of profits to the POWER of 3

Revenue through Relationships: The six degrees of customer connection

‘Developing significant customer connection.’

In a world of connectivity, why is it that we sometimes fail to really ‘connect’ as humans? In our personal lives we all enjoy relationships that revolve around authenticity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and respect. Yet in business we often treat the development of key relationships as a mechanical, somewhat technical event, as opposed to an emotional bond with another person. Why?

Given the new normal for business is faster, better, yesterday, it’s no surprise that the way we interact with our customer base has changed. However, the core reason for them wanting to connect has not.

Troy will demonstrate how to develop effective and efficient strategies to embrace the true emotion of a relationship in business and harness that with the technology we have come to rely on so heavily.

He will offer real world examples of what he has done in his businesses to not only stay relevant to his customer base, but also remain significant, in turn facilitating extraordinary growth.

Troy’s presentation delivers answers for how to:

- Identify the 5 key reasons why people do business with you
- Develop the 6 relationships that drive revenue in your business
- Use the new voice of word of mouth
- Talk TO your customers not AT them
- Maintain relationships that are emotive, distinctive, and collaborative

Stronger Together: Unlock the power of unity in your business through shared vision, values and victory++

‘Unlocking the power of unity in your business.’

Doing more with less, pushing harder for the same results, and asking your people to conquer an increasingly competitive market requires a cohesive team, working in a collaborative, constructive, and unified culture. Sounds easy…right?

All too often business leaders talk about unity in the business, but fail to identify what will actually unify those they lead. The key is to match personal and business Visions, Values and Victories.

In this presentation Troy will reveal the 5 steps to creating a true culture of unity in your business. He will draw from 25 years as a business leader in the 11 companies he has owned, and offer real world examples of how to develop a Stronger Together mentality and strategy in your business. He will also step you through the Stronger Together strategies he has developed for some of the world’s greatest brands; how they worked, why they worked and for whom they worked. Troy’s presentation gives clarity to why UNITY starts with “U” and the power for how to:

- Align personal Vision with business vision to deliver clarity of purpose
- Develop a strategy for sharing Values to create ‘culture consensus’
- Leverage a mindset of shared responsibility to share Victory
- Implement Stronger Together as a sustainable strategy in your business

Speed Leading: The 4 key character traits to become a better leader, faster

‘How to become a better leader, faster!’

Leading people is tough, particularly in changing times. Everyone has an opinion on how to lead, and what makes a good leader. So, what is the best way to become a better leader, faster? Ask a leader of leaders. Troy Hazard is a business veteran with eleven companies he has founded, built and sold over 20 years.

His entrepreneurial and leadership excellence was recognized when he was elected Global President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization ( This group is comprised of some of the world’s greatest business leaders, employing 1.7 million people around the world with combined revenue of $160 billion. In short, Troy has proven himself in one of the toughest leadership roles on the planet.

In this session, Troy will explain why the speed of your personal evolution as a leader has a direct impact on the evolution of your business and those you lead.

Armed with this information you will quickly become more focused, balanced, aware and effective. Troy’s presentation delivers real life leadership strategies to maximize your impact as a leader, faster. Learn how to:

- Become aware of your own leadership evolution
- Lead in truth, not fear
- Implement the 4 key character traits of a true leader, from a true leader
- Hire, inspire, and emotionally engage staff in good, and in tough times
- Share and create a culture of conscious collaboration
- Manage personal growth with business growth
- Lead, with speed

Embrace Evolution: Will your business be first to change, or first to die?

'Be first to change or first or DIE!’

It’s a fact - change is constant, change is inevitable, change is good… Unless, of course, it’s forced.

As business leaders we’d all love to tell our team to Change or DIE! For many years this was the catch cry in Troy Hazard’s businesses - until he learned that the more effective way to facilitate change was to ‘embrace evolution’.

Through his 20 years as a business consultant and business owner of eleven companies Troy has turned around countless businesses. His philosophy is that you make change a consciousness in the business, not just an action. And to do that, you need to embrace evolution.

In this presentation Troy will walk you down the path to conscious change. He will identify the killers of change and how to avoid them, the drivers of change and how to harness them, the facilitators of change and how to inspire them, and how to put this all into your master P.L.A.N.

Troy’s presentation delivers real life lessons for how to:

- Avoid the 4 key things that cripple a culture of conscious change
- Develop evolutionary awareness in your business
- Create a culture in your business that drives change
- Hire and inspire team members to be evolutionary

Leading Your Business Through The Crisis - A Virtual Vision Of The Future

It’s no secret, businesses are getting hammered right across the country. So many business owners and leaders are scrambling to find a way to deal with the ever-changing landscape of how we can do business.

Like you, Troy Hazard is living it. He is the chairman of the board of a business with 410 franchise territories employing 1,100 people across three countries, that operate 160 retail stores, and over 600 mobile service units. Right now, he is working with the leadership team in the business making daily decisions to keep these families employed, and as safe as they can be.

In this program Troy will share some of the strategic plans he and the team are putting into place right now! How they are managing the daily update to the strategy, and how some of those disciplines, habits and behaviors can apply to your business.

Following his presentation, he will take questions from your leadership so he can drill into the specific needs of your business, in your industry, in your County. Things you can do right now to influence your outcome in your business and ride out the storm.

Then, we’ll open up the conversation to your participants’ questions. To talk about the things that are keeping them up at night, and the things that are close to their hearts and minds.

This is not a keynote, this is not a ‘program’, this is a highly customized interactive fireside chat with a serial entrepreneur that has owned 13 companies over 30 years and has taken the rollercoaster through 4 significant economic corrections in his businesses. So, expect to hear the up close and personal stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly as we all learn from the past, apply it to the present, to protect the future.

In this virtual experience your participants’ will learn the 6 key steps to lead their business through this crisis.

- The TREND is your friend - Right now, life in general is a moving target, but as business leaders it’s our
job to pick the trend. Troy will teach you how to pick it quickly and efficiently.
- Create consumer and employee confidence NOW - Have consumers ready to buy even if the reopen date in
your industry or County is delayed. You will learn how proactive actions instill a calmness in your
consumer, and your team.
- Upskill your team for the upswing - There will be a resurgence in the economy and history will tell us it will
happen quickly. Will your team be trained and ready for that? Troy will share how he is keeping his team
sharp, for the economic shift.
- Have everything fight its way BACK into the strategy - No doubt in recent weeks you’ve been very closely
monitoring your cash flow, and your budgets for the year - and for sure they have changed. Troy will
share his process to create a rolling review of your strategy to adapt with the changing landscape.
- Countdown to a kickoff - He will share his unique discipline to manage all of the things you need to do to
reopen, so you have focus, and don’t paralyze yourself in the process.
- Rhythm + Routine - Right now, your consistency as a leader is more important than ever. If your team
sees fear and chaos in your actions, they too will panic. Learn how to set meaningful interactions with your
team so they do not lose ‘mental momentum’ through this time.
Friendly, approachable, great value. Event Planners

Hazard is a sensation. Our members can't get enough of him. Troy Hazard is one of the best speakers we've ever had. He's crisp, funny and smart; a true winner.

World Entrepreneurs Organization

Troy Hazard stands out as one of the few speakers in this world who truly understands franchising. His depth of experience in the category is without question. The real life accounts he has gathered from the many brands for which he has worked, and his life as a franchisee and franchisor, make him an incredible asset in any conference situation. He has worked with our many franchise companies as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and emcee, and on every occasion he has sent our team away with incredible take-home value. On top of Troy's experiences in business his unique life story is one of which audiences of all walks of life will relate to. From his struggling start to his glorious come back, Troy Hazard has lived the life of a successful serial entrepreneur and business owner. Captivating the audience with the ups and down of his life there was no doubt in my mind that all the attendees was constantly on the EDGE of their seats. We look forward to having him back again for another amazing inspiring and productive event.

Poolwerx Corporation

Troy Hazard's fantastic skill of keeping everyone involved in the Conference, linking presenters with his personal experiences proved to us his extreme talent. All attendees agreed on the professionalism he showed lifted the Conference to another level.

Cartridge World

Troy's keynote session provided outstanding content, highly relevant to the audience and simultaneously in line with the conference theme 'The Future is NOW'. His delivery style was highly dynamic and created the perfect balance of business and motivational session. Troy's input throughout the event received excellent feedback from the entire Choice Hotels Team and the delegates.

Choice Hotels

Just a brief note to say thank you so much for your efforts in at our international sales conference in Hong Kong. You did an outstanding job of bringing our global team together and getting them to think laterally about how we manage our sales process, our customers and our relationships in business. The feedback from the event has been fantastic. There has been a buzz around the world throughout a number of the divisions in Flight Centre Limited, and the event has been noted as one of our most successful and highest rated conferences ever! See you in Melbourne in July for a follow up presentation to our team.

Corporate Division Flight Centre Limited

Our Members loved Troy's 'earthy, friendly style' and the feedback included comments such as ''Top man/powerful message!, excellent, great, give him more time, vibrant, exciting'' so clearly the presentation was a great success. Congratulations Troy on an excellent presentation we will definitely have you back for more training with the group.

RealCorp Systems Ltd

The group thoroughly enjoyed your session. They were impressed with the intensity of it and the knowledge you passed on - in fact, several commented they could have had more time. We'd love to have you back next year. I also take this opportunity to say Thanks on behalf of the group, knowing they have taken idea's back with them to put into practice within their own business.

G.J Gardner Homes

Troy Hazard made a big impact on our people. His relevance for retailers confronted with the issue of growing their business was totally appropriate to our needs.

Collins Booksellers

For Troy to receive the evaluations he did highlights the preparation he undertook and the professionalism he obviously possesses. Many commented on his presentation skills and how well he knew 'the Harcourt Way'. Troy is a great presenter and speaker who I would definitely recommend to others.

Harcourts Real Estate Group Ltd

Great messages, thought-provoking and engaging, powerful stories, well presented.

AXA Australia

The 2012 MDRT Meeting was a phenomenal success, thank you for being part of this years program. Your participation was instrumental in making the Annual Meeting a wonderful experience for our members and VIP guests. The program development committee spent 15 months finding the right people to create a memorable program, clearly they made a great choice in selecting YOU! We appreciate the enormous effort you put into preparing your message and delivering it with passion to the MDRT audience.

President, Million Dollar Round Table

Troy delivered a highly effective and engaging presentation as part of the US SMB Keynote Address at the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. He was able to align to the key themes of our overall program while bringing his own flavor and keeping his agenda highly relevant to our audience. His anecdotes landed well thanks to a great balance of business acumen, energy and humor. I've received tremendously positive feedback from our attendees who found Troy's presentation to be enjoyable and applicable to their own businesses. Above all, I personally enjoyed working with Troy. It's a tall task to energize an audience at 8:30 in the morning on the final day of a week-long conference, but Troy pulled it off, and I'd recommend him to any organization seeking to inspire a 'conscious change'!

Vice President, US SMB & Distribution, Microsoft Corporation

Troy Hazard is one of the best speakers we've ever had. He's crisp, funny and smart. A true winner.

CEO, Entrepreneurs Organization

Troy is one of the most dynamic and exciting speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. he goes straight to the heart! Dynamic, informative and great take home value.

Director, Bank of Houston

Troy Hazard's presentation on how to Future-Proof Your Business was fantastic! I think his high energy delivery and actionable content had an impact on all of us. It certainly did on me. It was impressed how nuggets from his session continued to be discussed throughout the conference. Troy has a unique way of making learning fun while delivering concrete steps that can help transform anyone's business. If you'd like to catapult your franchisees into a new way of thinking, I recommend Troy.

Donn R. Wilson, Senior Executive at Wendy's and Blockbuster

Troy came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He won our audience over quickly with his natural enthusiasm and charm and his comfort of putting his own mistakes, and successes, on show.

ACP Magazines

Troy's keynote provided outstanding content, highly relevant to the audience. His delivery style was highly dynamic and created the perfect balance of business and motivation.

Choice Hotels

Troy's presentation style, understanding of businesses and his real life experiences have made this event a great success for our business.

Fosters/ALH Group Limited

Troy did an outstanding job of bringing our global team together and getting them to think laterally. There has been a buzz around the world and the event has been noted as one of our most successful and highest rated ever!

Flight Centre Limited

Troy Hazard stands out as one of the few speakers in this world who truly understands franchising. His depth of experience in the category is without question.

Past Chairman World Franchise Council, Chairman Franchise Council of Australia

Troy Hazard was an exceptional keynote speaker at two PMI Leadership Institute Meetings in 2010 - both times he delivered exceptional value to attendees, and his participation in the 2010 North America Leadership Institute Meeting turned an excellent conference into a memorable experience for those who attended.

Project Management Institute - USA

'Awesome, fabulous, a huge success, overwhelmingly great!' This is how I'd describe Troy Hazard's recent keynote to our franchisees. I particularly appreciated his great sense of humor and the way he carefully and authentically connected with our franchisees. His message was rich with simple, easy-to-follow, common sense strategies which he had customized for our system and our convention objectives. Our franchisees wouldn't let me down the hall without offering kudos for bringing Troy in to speak to them. Troy is a perfect '10' for any franchise system looking for a speaker.

Senior Director of Marketing TBC Retail Group/Big O Tires

In the 16 years we have been booking speakers, Troy Hazard is by far and away the very best convention speaker we have ever had. His session went way beyond my expectations and our franchisees LOVED him! They continued to talk about Troy's message for the rest of the event and we are still hearing about how great they thought he was. The thing that impressed me the most was Troy's extensive preparation. The effort that he put forth to really understand our culture and the objectives we set for the conference and the coming year was fantastic.

President and CEO, The Little Gym International

We brought Troy Hazard in to close our meeting and he was fantastic! He brought everything together in a seamless way and sent our franchisees off with solid tools to improve their businesses and their attitudes. I am so glad we had him close our day. It made a huge difference and we can't wait to bring him back for more.

Senior Director of Franchising, 7-Eleven USA

WOW, what fantastic results! The positive energy that Troy created in the room was remarkable and he literally set the tone for a great event. AMAZING! The residual buzz from the event has also been fantastic. Troy's passion for franchising and his solid tools for business success will ignite positive energy in ANY brand. If you need a keynote speaker to motivate, inspire and educate your franchisees, Troy is OUTSTANDING!

Vice President, Administration, Pita Pit USA, Inc

Troy Hazard delivered a dynamic, targeted keynote for our franchisees that was a direct hit in terms of the messages we wanted delivered. I was particularly impressed with the seamless way Troy dovetailed key points from my session into his keynote and created an overall continuity and cohesiveness that otherwise would not have been there. This was the first time I've experienced this level of professionalism and genuine connection to our group from any outside speaker. Troy is smart, real and authentically cares about the clients he serves.

CEO and Founder, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

We recently had Troy Hazard engage our franchisees in a powerful session and what an impact he had - for all of us! Troy's extensive franchise experience quickly established solid credibility with our franchisees and opened them up to hear his provocative message loud and clear. He challenged them to examine themselves, their goals and their future and WOW - did they resonate and respond to his session. Fantastic feedback from franchisees continues to roll in and we are so pleased with Troy's impact and message, we are bringing him back again in October to work with the entire system and creating regular webinars to keep the momentum going between now and then. Troy's session was an absolute homerun in every way!

Vice President, Retail 1-800-Flowers

We selected Troy Hazard to present to both our Business Consultants and our Broker Owners at this year's annual convention. Troy expertly crafted a solid platform of tactical, practical business tools that really resonated. What made Troy's session exceptional was that he then created an opening for everyone in the room to really dig into the fundamental driving inspiration behind why we do what we do both as franchisors and as Broker Owners. One evaluation said, 'Thanks you so much. It was powerful for me to know that you care enough about our success to bring someone like this in to work with us.' Troy's practical business message for our team was a great investment. The icing on the cake was the very real and authentic delivery of that message. I think that's why he had such a powerful impact on our group.

Vice President of Operations, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC

Troy made a great contribution to our business program, poignant, entertaining and most importantly on point with our strategic initiatives.

Maaco Franchising Inc

I would highly recommend Troy to any franchisor looking to really ignite and inspire their franchisees to take personal responsibility and create a comprehensive vision for their own success in life and in business.

Jan-Pro International

Troy Hazard was definitely a '10'! Feedback from our franchisees included 'Fantastic!', 'Refreshing!', and 'Something Different! With his 20 years of experience in all aspects of franchising he really helped bring to light the simple fact that if you are out of control in your personal life, you can’t expect your professional life to be in order.

Annex Brands

I have hired many speakers in my career and Troy Hazard was one of the most polished and professional I have every worked with. He's a real class act and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!

Doctors Express Franchising

Troy Hazard earned full ‘10’s’ across the board! He was extremely well prepared and his unique pre-program process left us feeling 100% confident that he would nail it and nail it he did. Our franchisees have been flooding us with praise saying this was by far the very best convention they have ever had. A common comment was how refreshing it was to have someone connect directly to them with nothing but a couple of flip charts and a passionate, relative, memorable message that was applicable to their businesses.

Senior Helpers Franchising

Troy Hazard was our keynote speaker recently and he was phenomenal! Everyone who attended was extremely pleased from our corporate team, to our franchisees, to our franchisor partners - the unanimous consensus is that he really set the perfect tone for the rest of the meeting. The way that Troy seamlessly and consistently used the FranNet lingo and brought each of his points back to our business really made a huge impact on the group!


Troy delivered his virtual experience to our group of franchisors with amazing impact. Immediately after the event I had people emailing me to say thank you for such great relevant information. Troy had their attention from start to finish. His leadership insights were spot on, especially the real-life examples of what our franchisors could do in their business TODAY to navigate this crisis. Outstanding!

Brian Schnell, Partner, Faegre Drinker

Troy’s unique approach to a virtual meeting was both timely, and highly informative. In a time of so much uncertainty, our owners appreciated the opportunity to learn tactics they can implement today to help them prepare their businesses for success post-pandemic. I could almost hear them taking notes! This was not just a keynote, this was a highly engaging event that was just what our owners needed.

Stephanie Richmond, Sr VP of Human Resources, Papa Murphy’s International
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