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de Largie

Sex columnist at Maxim Magazine


Vanessa de Largie has been the resident sex columnist at Maxim Magazine since February 2017. She contributes a monthly column to their print and online edition-imparting sex advice.

Vanessa is a prolific freelance journalist with bylines in magazines and newspapers around the world.

In Australia, Vanessa’s columns regularly appear in The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, Penthouse Magazine and The Huff Post.

Vanessa is an award-winning actress and author with numerous credits to her name.

As a survivor of rape, domestic violence and much more, Vanessa uses her experiences to educate and inspire others.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to read Vanessa's work (or hear her speak) always comes away changed from the experience.

Talking Points

It's time to stop hating men!

Radical feminism is rife throughout the world. It's an ideology that thrives and profits on the degradation and dehumanisation of men.

Vanessa de Largie has been writing about misandry and gender politics for The Spectator and Daily Telegraph for many years.

During this talk she separates facts from fiction. And reiterates why its time to stop hating men. And the societal consequences we'll face if we don't nip it in the bud now.

The Power of a Strong Mind and Spirit

Vanessa de Largie's life could be made into a movie. She's journeyed through a brutal rape, childhood sexual abuse, the overdose of her brother. On top of all of that, she chose the publishing and entertainment industries to carve a career in - - the toughest, most competitive fields in the world. In this talk, Vanessa discusses her personal journey of overcoming tragedy. Emphasizing the power of having a strong mind and spirit.

Reclaiming The Word ‘Whore’

Slutwalk reclaimed the word slut to give power back to women.

Several years ago Vanessa de Largie reclaimed the word whore.

In this fierce, liberated and witty talk. Vanessa discusses proprietary attitudes over the sexual female body and why women are the only ones that can change the narrative.
Vanessa is one of life's natural polymaths: she acts, she dances, she writes and a lot more... And she does it all with great panache and a finely tuned instinct for the viscera, the inner turmoil, the bodily pleasures - and horrors. As a publisher, it was her writing that caught my eye: sheer, gutsy unadorned prose that dives on her subject like a morsel in the eye of a bird of prey... Australian Historian

Vanessa de Largie's wonderful fierce and tender sexuality reminds me of Anais Nin's: she's a woman who doesn't deny her body and her desires but follows them unafraid and rejoicing. These days this sincerity makes her a truly refreshing voice - and a happy one to find.

Former columnist at The Age
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