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Master Storyteller & Educator about Money, your Mindset & 5 Vital Conversations

Lets ‘get real’ about money. The five conversations about money we all need to have.

Vanessa Stoykov is the founder and global CEO of the evolution media group, an international award-winning content company, established in 1999 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

She has dedicated almost a quarter of a century to honing the craft of storytelling around money to connect people to their financial potential.

She has published two books, created and sold the largest video education portal for financial advisers in Australia, and made
multiple award-winning TV productions with high-profile celebrities who trust her with their money story.

Originally a financial journalist, Vanessa has deep relationships with the financial services industry and is one of the founders of The Fund Executives Association, dedicated to the professional development of executives in the superannuation/ pension fund industry.

She has collaborated with multiple global brands to create stories about money that empower people to take an active interest in
their own financial strategy.

She is a regular commenter in the media including the ABC, network TV and mainstream daily press, and her level-headed conversations around money reached 21 million people during the COVID lockdown. Vanessa is also a member of Chief Executive Women.

The Australian-born daughter of a Serbian father and Australian mother, Vanessa grew up in the NSW town of Gunnedah, where
her father worked in the coal mines as a machinist.

She was raised to believe that she could do anything. It is this upbringing that has inspired her to share what and who she knows through storytelling, to democratise learning about money - so everyone has access to common language information to make the best decisions for their life.

Talking Points

The Five Conversations you need to have about money before its too late

Money and financial independence and wellness is high on the list for everyone.

But many of us don’t know where to get started, or who to ask, to make sure we are making good decisions. Vanessa breaks down the five conversations we all need to have about money, and with whom, to make sure you are planning your financial future with intent, not leaving it chance.

Unlearn Money & Reinvent your Life

Vanessa teaches her audience her 5 Pillars of Unlearning Money theory, how each of us falls under at least one of the pillars and how we can work towards building our dream life.

Storytelling to Grow your Business

Vanessa teaches business owners the art of storytelling and how it can be their most effective tool to build to attract new business and building brand loyalty.

Financial wellbeing: The missing step to improving mental health.

Did you know 3 out of 4 employees are distracted at work due to finances? That people would rather talk about mental /health issues than financial ones with their employer? Money is the final taboo when it comes to providing support and training to people. Getting the conversation into the open, and empowering people to take control of their finances can have a phenomenal impact on employee performance. In fact, 80% of people who have engaged in financial wellness training have reported improved performance.

Who this is for:
All white-collar industries
HR departments of large organisations with large workforces
Organisations who want to invest in mental health initiatives outside of the traditional training
Perhaps someone that already has mental health on the agenda

Key Takeaways:
-Actionable and easy to implement processes their people can undertake to improve their financial wellbeing straight away
- The ability to offer ongoing support via online learning tools and highly engaging content
- A mindset shift for people around being able to manage their own wellness and know when to ask for help.

Unlocking Financial Wellness in the Face of the Cost-of-Living Challenge

In an era where the cost of living is constantly on the rise, it's essential to have a seasoned financial educator guide you through the complexities of managing your finances. Vanessa Stoykov is a renowned speaker and financial wellness advocate with a deep wealth of financial wisdom and a unique ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all.

Key Takeaways
• Financial Resilience: Discover how to build a solid financial foundation that withstands economic fluctuations and empowers you to thrive.
• Actionable Strategies: Gain access to practical tips and strategies that can be implemented immediately, ensuring financial stability in challenging times.
• Confidence and Control: Develop the confidence to make informed financial decisions and take control of your financial future.
• Strengthened Relationships: Learn how open conversations about money can enhance relationships and ensure financial security for yourself and your loved ones.

Audience Impact
Vanessa Stoykov's keynote address has a transformative impact on audiences. Attendees leave with a renewed sense of financial confidence, practical strategies they can implement, and the motivation to embark on their journey to financial wellness. Her dynamic and relatable speaking style ensures an engaging and memorable experience.
When Vanessa presents, her obvious enthusiasm to help people achieve financial literacy is engaging, entertaining and at times provocative. ASFA

Vanessa was the opening speaker at our wealth symposium and provided a powerful start to the event. Working with her was seamless.

Hannemann & Brown

All feedback has been that you gave us inspiration and real ways to change. The best breakfast yet!

Business Women’s Network

Vanessa is a natural storyteller. Strong. Relatable. Purpose driven. Our most engaging event of the year.

Business in Heels
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