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The Get More Guy.


Warwick Merry CSP was recently voted one of Australia’s top 10 MCs. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional with Professional Speakers Australia, one of only 120 in Australia and a preferred host for many organisations.

A born entertainer with a “can do attitude”, Warwick tackles every one of his speaking/MC engagements with unbridled passion and a real enthusiasm to ensure that his “performance” is both entertaining and relevant to his client’s business themes.

Current Work

Speaking: As a speaker Warwick draws on vast experience in knowledge in multiple careers - 10 years in global conglomerates, 11 training as an Improviser, over 15 years as a singer, 20 plus years in small business, and over 20 years as a speaker to make sure your audience is engaged, entertained and educated. He is adept at the use of social media, video and imaging techniques which enables him to merge into your event management team before, during and after the event. Add to this the fact that he is the founder of the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute and you know he is guiding your event using his “Big Picture” vision.

Author: He is the author of “Get More Inspiration - Unexpected Ideas to Help You Achieve” (getting ready for its 4th print run) as well as a contributing author to “Agents of Action - Diaries of a New Age Entrepreneur”

Media: Warwick is a regular on the radio show, “Taking Care of Business” hosted by multi award-winning radio host Jacki Mitchell.

He has also appeared on multiple podcasts as well as hosting is own podcast, Get More Success, since 2015.

Consultancy: Warwick regularly consults with associations regarding their events, exhibiting and sponsorship. One part of his business is the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute. He has worked with organisations like Royal Australian New Zealand College of Radiologists, Victorian Association of Forest Industries and the Pregnancy Children’s and Babies Expo.

Warwick currently runs internet based training on showing others how to be a Professional Master of Ceremonies

Previous Experience
Warwick spent 10 years working in the IT world based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Albury and Dallas, Texas. Has a Bachelor of Computing and a Bachelor of Business.

Talking Points

Making Success SIMPLE - Even if it is not Easy.

After over 100 interviews on his podcast Get More Success, Warwick has talked with people from all walks of life, all stages of business and many different countries about Success and how they define it. While everyone has a different definition, he has discovered that there are many constants in achieving success, regardless of circumstances.

Warwick shares some stories from the podcast, his own research and some models to assist delegates in achieving their own success.

Full of laughs, easy to implement ideas and “ah-a” moments, this presentation is a great way to kick off the day and get people alert for ideas in your event.

Bigger, Bolder, Better - How to Stand Out

In an age of branding, personal branding and an exceptionally noisy market place, how can you stand out?

Using storytelling, visual stimulus, and audience interaction, Warwick shares his secrets and research on what it takes to stand out, in business and in life.

He shares some simple tools and techniques that will help your team increase their confidence, be more able to contribute to their team and their customers.

Loaded with laughs and easy to implement ideas for all generations, this is a perfect session for after lunch or the end of the day.
It is targeted at both Introverts and Extroverts as everyone has ways they can be Bigger, Bolder and Better. Engage Warwick to discover what they are.

Master of Ceremonies

When you are running an event, the last thing you need is someone adding to your workload. A Professional MC will not only make your job easier, it will also give you an additional set of hands to lighten the load. You need someone who will keep the audience engaged, the speakers relaxed and someone who will remain focussed on your desired outcomes.

This is where Warwick Merry CSP steps in.

Whether it is a Themed Gala Awards Dinner, a recognition event or a three day conference, Warwick stays on track to achieve the results you are after.

He has hosted:
• Awards Dinners
• Plenary sessions
• Incentive trips
• Fish bowl sessions
• Panel Sessions
• Fireside chats
• Graham Norton style interview sessions
• Exhibition Floor Education sessions
• Online Webinars and Presentations
• Radio shows, and
• Rock Concerts.
As a professional speaker and event promoter I know a key ingredient to a successful event is a great MC. In my 10 years in the speaking business I haven't met anyone better than Warwick Merry. No matter what challenges occur Warwick is the man you want in control. His professionalism, good humour and energy are simply outstanding. In fact, Warwick has proven so popular with our members and guests we secured him to MC all our events this year. If you want to take your next conference to another level I suggest you start by booking Warwick; your audience will thank you. Paul McCarthy CSP, Co-founder of the Entrepreneurs Alliance

It was a pleasure to again have Warwick Merry as our MC at the recent TEDxMelbourne event. Warwick's professionalism and ability to think on his feet to handle the typical seminar mishaps definitely helped TEDxMelbourne be an outstanding success. Warwick was calm and centred giving me an anchor in the storm of running the event. He has a can-do attitude and I always appreciated his reassuring question of 'What do you need?' to know he was there to serve. I'm very happy to recommend Warwick as your MC or speaker. He brings a warmth, humour, and wisdom to his role that will ensure your event's success.


I recently attended the Australian VA Convention in Melbourne at which Warwick was MC. If you are looking for an MC for your next event you can't go past Warwick. He kept the delegates entertained, on-task and motivated. He performed his MC duties with humour and was a big favourite! In addition, when a presenter didn't turn up due to a timing misunderstanding, Warwick stepped up and gave a one hour presentation completely off the cuff! It was quite amazing. He is a very warm, funny, intelligent and quick-witted speaker who can tune in to his audience and keep things ticking over and on track. A must-have presenter or MC for your next event!

Online Virtual Assistant Convention

We followed your advice and changed our display and approach and QUADRUPLED our sales at our latest show. Thanks for the help!

Softbots Australia

I do a lot of trade shows, but I learnt so much. Implementing a lead card strategy as you directed at our next event added $16,000 to my bottom line.


Warwick's work on the trade show floor not only added to the atmosphere on the day, but delivered real value to our exhibitors, particularly our sponsors, in helping drive sales and generate interest in the promotions of the day. The awards ceremony was where Warwick shined. When it came to my attention that some of the upcoming slides needed to be corrected, with two minutes notice he effortless filled five minutes on stage and then when indicated he segued into the next part of the awards and no one noticed. His ability to improve on stage under pressure was amazing. His contribution to our National Conference has really raised the bar. In particular, he understood the brief, understood our business and executed effortlessly, sometimes with very little notice or direction. Warwick was the perfect host for us, our suppliers and most importantly, our stores. I look forward to working with him again.

Home Timber Hardware Group

Thank you very much for helping us make our 2016 Client Summit such a success. Our goal was to "blow our clients away" with the new event format, but it wouldn’t have worked so well without your guidance and leadership on the day. A number of our executives said that “One of the best things we did was hire Warwick for the day.” We had a vision of what we wanted and you took it and made it so much better - for us and our clients. As a high-tech company we are naturally focused on the technology. With your help, we were able to run a truly customer-centric event. Our clients were thrilled with the day. The energy in the room, the interactions and the relaxed laughter made a refreshing change from the more traditional events we have run in the past. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then you should be flattered. Two of our big name clients present on the day are now considering running their own upcoming corporate events in the same way that we did. Warwick, as you know maintaining someone’s attention for six hours straight is a challenging task. According to attendees, with your help, we were able to do that. We do and will continue to highly recommend you to others seeking a truly professional MC and communications specialist.

Retail Directions

Warwick was a great asset as event host of Home Timber & Hardware Group's annual National fact he completely nailed the job! Your work on the trade show floor not only added to the atmosphere on the day, but delivered real value to our exhibitors, particularly our sponsors, in helping drive sales and generate interest in the promotions of the day. I was particularly grateful how you addressed some of the issues that arose and took the hard line where necessary. This saved me a lot of grief and ensured the event ran smoothly. It was fantastic how you took direction and did what needed to be done without question. Warwick, the awards ceremony was where you shined. When it came to my attention that some of the upcoming slides needed to be corrected, with two minutes notice you effortlessly filled about five minutes on stage and then when indicated, you segued into the next part of the awards and no one noticed. Your ability to improv on stage under pressure was amazing. Your contribution to our National Conference has really raise the bar - in particular, you understood the brief, understood our business and executed effortlessly...sometimes with very little notice or direction. You were the perfect host for us, our suppliers and most importantly, our stores. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again.

Independent Hardware Group (Metcash)

I have seen Warwick MC on several occasions now and recently hired him for an event. WOW ?? he did not disappoint. Not only did he make sure he was clear on our goals & outcomes we wanted to achieve, it was like watching a genius at work on the night. He had the entire audience in the palm of his hand with a mix of highly amusing entertainment while also sticking to the topic & agenda. MAGIC! What is also worth mentioning, was the way in which he handled loaded questions from the audience that could have taken the event down a dark path. Warwick instantly recognised this possibility and in his 100% highly professional and relaxed leadership style, deflected the questions in a way that kept the event on track and the audience member still feeling heard. I can't even describe what he did properly because he was so seamless it was back on track before I had time to process. Simply Brilliant. This man is incredible.

LinkedIn Local Sydney

Warwick was great. He kept the rowdy audience quiet and wasn’t taking rubbish from anyone. He’s been active on socials, posting and tagging us which is fantastic - going that extra mile. General feedback from guests is that he was very good, probably best we’ve had at crowd management. Behind the scenes he was on top of everything - good communication with my staff. Overall - a great recommendation, thanks!

Landscaping Victoria
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