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Bonney OAM

Global Expert on Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Leadership & Inclusion

Inclusion is not part of your business, it’s HOW you do business.

Over the past 23 years Winitha Bonney OAM has worked in a range of executive and board roles and has successfully founded several business.

As a speaker and thought leader Winitha is obsessed with conscious capitalism. What sets Winitha apart is her ability to solve complex business problems to support organisations to move beyond inclusion, ESG and being purpose-driven towards the future - conscious capitalism.

She has the unique ability to take out the overwhelm, complexity and frustration through positive and inspirational framing, practical tools and step-by-step systems and actions, leaving your audience empowered, educated and equipped.

Winitha is a highly sought-after global speaker and was awarded an Order of Australia in 2021 for their extensive work in Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion. Winitha shares their expertise, and stories, and provides practical guidance to help you shift from confused, overwhelmed and frustrated to confident, capable and competent to integrate conscious capitalism (and/or) inclusion into HOW you do business and HOW you lead.

Awards & Achievments:
- Awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 2021 for her work in Diversity & Inclusion.
- Rated top 100 HR influencers globally (2021) by Engagedly (Diversity & Inclusion).
- Book of the Year Award (Beautiful You Coaching Academy, 2022).
- Finalist in Women's Agenda Leadership Award (2019).
- PauseFest Award for work with BiPoC (2019).
- Published Australia's first leadership book for Women of Colour (WoC): #ColourFULL,
- Founder of Australia’s first organisation representing and advocating for the needs and rights of WoC.
- Founder and creator of Australia’s first leadership program for WoC/PoC.
- Founder and creator of Australia’s first conference for WoC and allies.

Talking Points

Conscious Capitalism, the Future of Business?

In this inspiring and motivating keynote, Winitha will be your tour guide taking you through the journey of capitalism from being purely focused on profit to being more ‘conscious’. This goes beyond environmental, social and corporate governance, social impact, sustainability, purpose and inclusion and it goes beyond all these aspects operating as silos. Using case studies from global brands, campaigns, influencers and businesses, Winitha will show how the market and consumer behaviuor is changing and how brands can respond to ensure relevancy and growth.

In this keynote, participants get awareness and insights to the future of business and walk away with their minds expanded with the desire to understand how every element of a business can elevate its consciousness through their own.

Who is this for:
Business leaders, executives, teams and anyone interested in creating good businesses for good.

Key Takeaways
- Understand the journey of capitalism and its relationship with people, planet and profit
- Understand the research and science behind conscious capitalism and how it helps brands/businesses perform 10x better through case studies and historic and current examples
- Gain awareness and insights into the future of business and consumer behaviour
- Understand the distinction between awareness and consciousness, conscious capitalism and profit for purpose/social impact
- Learn the principles and systems that define a brand/business as consciously capitalism
- Learn the key distinctions of conscious leadership and how this drives a conscious capitalist business model
- Get clarity on the key actions to create a conscious capitalist brand/business

Unity and the Kindness Revolution: How can we build inclusion in a broken world world filled with shame, blame, outrage and cancel culture?

In this powerful keynote, Winitha demystifies what keeps inclusion stuck, stagnant and ineffective and how everyone from boards, and executives to frontline staff can work towards building an inclusive culture and business that’s anti-fragile, moving beyond silos, ‘us vs. them’ mentality or ‘whose problem is this to solve’ attitude.

Winitha walks your people step by step in the practical things everyone can do on a day to basis through the lens of personal agency, unity, harmony and the kindness revolution. In this keynote, she also clearly outlines the low-hanging fruit and larger long-term work that will create systemic change at a strategic and operational level supporting your audience to move beyond best practice and towards effective cutting-edge strategies and actions that truly create change by drawing on her experience and expertise as an inclusion expert working with some of the biggest brands globally and in Australia.

This keynote will ignite a strong desire in your people to build a more harmonious and inclusive culture; to work together for each other.

Who is this for:
Business leaders, executives, teams and anyone interested in creating inclusive cultures and businesses.

Key Takeaways
Understand what is keeping inclusion stuck and stagnant
Learn the top 3 barriers to inclusion
Understand the role we all have to play in creating inclusive cultures, businesses and kindnesses.
Learn the fundamentals of the kindness revolution and how it can effectively drive and create inclusion in a unified and harmonious way.

Inclusive Leadership: from confused and overwhelmed to confident and competent

The number one thing Winitha hears time and time again with the clients she works with, is that leaders are feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed as to what to say and do to be more inclusive. Consumed by fear, busyness and competing priorities, leaders are unclear about what to do and when leaving them in a vulnerable position for when sh*t hits the fan.

In this session Winitha guides leaders on the key principles, systems and actions they can take to feel more confident and competent to practice, lead and role model inclusive behaviour and communication in the workplace creating a culture of safety, respect, care, belonging and unity.

Who is this for:
Business leaders, executives, teams and anyone interested in creating inclusive cultures and businesses.

Key Takeaways
Unpack and understand the key internal and external barriers to inclusion
Move beyond best practice and learn cutting-edge research on the key strategies and tools to create an inclusive culture and business effectively
Learn the fundamentals of inclusive leadership
Understand how to create an inclusive leadership practice
Get clarity on the key actions required to create and develop your inclusive leadership practice

Getting Back to Basics: The answer for effective Leadership lies with our ancestors

As leaders, we are often overwhelmed with programs, initiatives and information on how to be a more effective, inclusive and authentic leader. Busy leaders are bombarded with complex and vague leadership information daily that is theoretical and heavily academic, busy leaders require simplicity to lead effectively. The answer lies with our ancestors. In this keynote, Winitha will unpack leadership models going back hundreds of years and demonstrates why modern and contemporary leadership models are no longer effective for the future of work and business.

Who is this for:
Business leaders, executives, teams and anyone interested in leading more consciously and effectively.

Key Takeaways
Understand the challenges with modern-day leadership models
Learn the barriers and opportunities to effective leadership
Learn effective leadership models buried in the ‘old’ ways of leading
Learn the basics of conscious leadership
Redefine and reset your leadership practice
Huge thanks for taking the time to talk to (us) today. Your clarity, insight and perspective opened a few minds - I’ve had a number of people reach out and let me know how thought provoking AND actionable they found the session. I come away inspired every time we speak, but also acknowledge the emotional labour on you to be leading organizations into new spaces. Leo Burnett Australia

The comments after we wrapped echoed more of the same - people loved hearing from you, and could have continued for much longer!


Thank you Winitha for a really relevant and informative session. It was really well received and was great to see all of the engagement at the end.

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