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Spy, Nazi Hunter and Former Police Detective.


Yaron’s talks are both uplifting and motivational. They are about bravery, about selflessness, about learning on the run, about never giving up - against all odds. Ultimately, they offer a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

For the last 20 years, Yaron has lead an International team of dedicated men and women who specialize in the discovery and recovery of jewels, diamonds, artefacts and personal property hidden at the end of WWII by the Nazis. He has found treasures throughout Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, and South America. All of the finds are given to charities and museums.

Current work

Recently, he's worked with National Geographic developing a TV series based on his adventures and projects.

Previous experience

Education: Yaron Svoray was born in 1954 in Israel and spent his childhood in a small kibbutz in the Israeli desert. Upon the completion of his primary education, he served in the Israeli Defence Forces as a paratrooper, seeing action in the 1973 Yom Kippur War as well as in many commando raids into hostile territories. Following his military service, Yaron conducted his undergraduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, later completing his master’s degree in New York.

Detective: In the early 80’s Yaron worked as a detective sergeant in the Tel-Aviv Yamar, the Israeli equivalent of the FBI. He then employed his investigatory skills as a journalist, working for Israeli and American publications and television networks.

Journalist: The most explosive of his journalistic exploits occurred in 1995 when Yaron infiltrated the Neo-Nazi movement in Germany. His undercover operation received worldwide attention which resulted in a book and an acclaimed HBO movie entitled 'The Infiltrator'.

Talking Points

Finding Nazi Treasure

For the last 20 years, Yaron Svoray has travelled across Europe searching for, locating, and retrieving treasures hidden by escaped Nazis at the end of World War Two.

Yaron works together with a large international team of detectives, mountain climbers, and historians from different cultures who remember what the ultimate price of hatred can be if not checked in time.

The Oscar-winning film The Counterfeiters (Best Foreign Film) was based on Yaron’s project of finding and recovering hidden loot dumped in an Austrian lake.

In another project, Yaron and his team uncovered 40 uncut diamonds that had been hidden on the French/German border at the end of the War. This recovery became the History Channel Documentary Blood from a Stone.

In this riveting talk Yaron draws his audience into the world of hunting for Nazi treasure.

The Life of a Spy inside the World of Terrorism

Yaron Svoray first gained worldwide attention when he went undercover on a special mission to infiltrate the neo-Nazi movement in Germany. That mission enabled him to collect enough hard evidence to bring about the arrest of that movement’s leaders. His book telling the story, In Hitler’s Shadow, became an international bestseller and was adapted into an HBO movie entitled “The Infiltrator”, in which actor Oliver Platt portrayed Yaron.

Utilizing his skills as a detective and a spy, Yaron went on to hunt and capture escaped Nazi criminals living under false identities in South America where they had fled after WWII.

Yaron has traveled across Europe and the U.S. lecturing to police organizations, Universities, and conducting seminars about International terrorism. His past as a soldier in an elite Commando Unit of the Israeli IDF and days in the YAMAR - the equivalent of the American FBI - as well as working with American the ATF gave him the unique qualities, perspective, and knowledge to lecture on such a topic.

Today, as terrorism spans borders and continents, his expertise and proven abilities have made him a very popular speaker for many international intelligence, security, and law enforcement agencies.

Yaron's work both as a spy inside terrorist cells and as a hunter of escaped Nazi criminals give an audience an up-close and personal look at our world's greatest threats.

During the talk, Yaron addresses key questions such as:

Who becomes a Terrorist?

What does the daily life of a Terrorist look like?

What can be done to stop Terrorist activities?

What brings a man to endanger his life as an infiltrator or a spy?

Does an ex-spy truly gets his normal life back?


Yaron Svoray’s time as a soldier in an elite Commando Unit of the Israeli Defence Force, his days in the YAMAR (the equivalent of the American FBI), as well as working with the American ATF, gives him a unique perspective on counter-terrorism.

He has the rare qualities and knowledge to speak on the inner workings of a terrorist cell, the means of infiltrating one, what happens to a man infiltrating such an organisation - (knowing that if he is found out he is a dead man), and the methods needed to defeat them.

Today, as terrorism spans borders and continents, Yaron’s expertise and proven abilities have made him a very popular speaker for ‘intelligence gathering organisations’ such as SHABAK (Israeli Secret Service), the German GSG (German Anti-Terrorist Organisation) the Italian Carbinieri (the Federal Police of Italy), plus many more security and law enforcement agencies .

His proven work both as a spy inside terrorist cells and as a hunter of escaped Nazi criminals gives audiences an up-close and personal look at our world’s greatest threats.

The Infiltrator

The story of a son of Holocaust survivors posing as a neo-Nazi sympathiser to infiltrate the highest echelons of this murderous organisation and bring them to justice. And almost be found out at a beer hall dinner.

How does a neo-Nazi terrorist organisation function? What do they want? How will they try to accomplish it? What are their connections to similar American groups? And-how do we stop them? What qualities must an ordinary man have to volunteer to undertake these extraordinary dangers, and what qualities must we have to face what life throws at us. This lecture will be accompanied by the screening of segments from the HBO film, THE INFLTRATOR, based on Yaron's book.

In Hitler's Shadow

Finding Hidden World War II Treasures: Buried diamonds in a foxhole, forged money at the bottom of a lake with a 60 Minutes camera crew in tow (and an Oscar winning film to be based on the story), coins buried in a Polish city, Kristallnacht plunder in a German forest, jewellery at the edge of a concentration camp, or the smudged diary notes of a German soldier suggesting a vastness of stolen Nazi loot trucked out of Berlin in the final days of the second world war.

Each episode a story worthy of an entire lecture, but seamlessly knitted together, one operation leading to another audiences will discover what goes into the planning of an operation? How do you research disparate clues, make sense of a hand drawn map with a literal 'x' marking the spot.

This lecture will feature segments from the HBO movie, THE INFILTRATOR and the History Channel docudrama, BLOOD FROM A STONE.

Terrorism today : Insights into the Middle East

Yaron Svoray, an expert on far-right terrorist organisations and the ever-expanding Muslim terrorist organisations talks on the topic from his personal experience. He witnessed firsthand the workings and methods of the far right terrorist organisations as a spy in their midst and he was the first investigator to point out the deadly activities of the various Muslim organisations both in the early gatherings of Muslims radials who murdered a Jewish rabbi and planned the first attack on the twin towers. He was the first journalist who travel to Germany to follow the trail of the Muslim terrorist involved in the 9/11 attacks.The lectures are a firsthand account of what truly happens inside these organisations and Yaron offers some revealing and often fascination solutions to what have now become the world’s biggest dangers
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