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Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Expert

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Harnessing the power of human behaviour and technology to enhance lives.

Yasmin London is the Executive Director of ySafe, Australia's largest online safety education organisation. Yasmin ignites social change through education and courageous conversations.

Current Work:

Yasmin London is an in-demand communication powerhouse whose mission is to equip people with the skills and knowledge to ensure technology enhances their modern day lives, rather than detracts from it.

As the Executive Director of ySafe, Australia’s largest provider of cyber safety education, Yasmin has collaboratively overseen the team’s delivery of online safety education to 500,000 kids since its inception, 100,000 parents and 50,000 school staff educating on multiple aspects of digital wellbeing and online safety.

Yasmin regularly speaks at large scale events and conferences, and consults for governments, schools, business and non for profit organisations. Aside from being widely recognised as Australia’s ‘Dancing Cop’, she’s also written for Kidspot, and appears on Channel 9 Today and the Weekend Today Show providing advise for Australians on online safety and positive technology management.

Previous Experience:

NSW Police: Having previously spent 13 years in the NSW Police Force, Yasmin has truly been at the coalface when it comes to dealing with the real life consequences of negative online behaviours experienced by young people, parents and advocates trying to navigate the complex digital terrain.

Talking Points

Courageous Conversations

How do you have the conversation you don’t want to have, but know you have to?

Yasmin spent 13 years perfecting the foundational skills behind the conversations nobody ever wants to have. Her time in the NSW Police Force saw Yasmin regularly negotiate her way out of life and death situations with serious violent offenders, talk people off cliff tops, and deliver difficult news to some of life’s toughest customers. Drawing on her instinct, resilience and developing grit, Yasmin knows the Police Force was the ultimate lesson in the art of effective communication, which she now shares in her Courageous Conversations keynote.

Learn the practical strategies for:

- Tapping into human nature
- The power of empathy in persuading others
- The secret ways we can all utilise the power of technology, to execute on positive outcomes.

Developing a Leadership Mindset

Strategic communication, empathy and agility are the secret sauce to developing the next generation of future leaders. Those with the ability to learn from the lessons of others to harness their inner voice, challenge and adapt, develop perspective, and cultivate a growth mindset are truly those futureproofed for success.

This keynote helps audiences:

- See opportunities, and learn to leverage them for success
- Develop a growth mindset, and challenge negativity
- Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
- Develop proven resilience strategies and focus on silver lining lessons
- Create connection through trust and authenticity
- Play to your strengths

Cyber Safety and Online Wellbeing

With employee digital presenteeism estimated to be costing businesses 27 billion dollars annually, the price organisations pay when it comes to our personal technology use is significant.

As a cyber safety and digital wellbeing expert, and executive director of Australia’s Leading Social Media & Cyber Safety Education organisation, ySafe - Yasmin presents her teams uniquely developed sessions, which are packed full of realistic and digestible online safety information applicable to us all.

Drawing on her own experience of going viral as Australia’s Dancing Cop, Yasmin has the expertise and experience to deliver understanding on the proven positive outcomes when it comes to healthy technology use, and empowers her audiences with strategy rich, practical content that can be implemented immediately.

These keynotes help audiences understand:

- Current Social media platforms and online behavioural trends
- Current legislation and research on topical online issues
- The gaming landscape and persuasive technology tactics
- Online Safety strategies
- Cyberbullying management pathways
- Effective online communication skills

Hacking Digital Distractions

With the average person swiping, tapping or touching their phones 2,617 times on average each day, awareness of the strategies we need to develop to tame our technology has never been more important to our wellbeing.

This keynote exposes the specific psychological tricks and tactics used to exploit our attention when it comes to technology and devices, and offers attendees practical tips that can boost productivity in the workplace and at home, promoting focus and encouraging online wellbeing.

Learn about:

- Persuasive Technology and intentional device design
- The real impact of technology on our health and wellbeing
- Mindfulness tactics we can implement to master our technology use
- How to make sure social media makes you rather than breaks you

Yasmin’s presentation culminated in the most positive feedback we have ever had from any external speaker that has fronted our staff. Royal Bank of Canada

Yasmin’s cyber safety parent session was the most useful and interesting presentation I have attended on anything, anywhere, and provided the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have ever seen presented on this topic.

Waverley College

Yasmin is so engaging as a speaker - just fabulous!

Hugo Boss

Yasmin exceeded expectations! Her knowledge, experience and expertise is one of a kind.

Citi Bank Women’s Network
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