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Digital Resilience Expert

Harnessing the power of human behaviour and technology to enhance lives.

Yasmin London is a force to be reckoned with regarding the empowerment and capacity-building of Australians in the online world.

With her unique no-nonsense practicality, Yasmin equips people with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that technology enhances their modern lives, rather than detracts from them.

As a former World Champion athlete and tenured police officer, Yasmin's diverse background & unique depth of experience enable her to drive positive impact at scale in her current role as the Director of Digital Resilience APAC, at Linewize. Through Linewize, Yasmin has had the incredible opportunity to impact over 25,000 schools, an astounding 20 million students and 5 million parents worldwide, guiding them on their digital journeys and empowering them to take control of their online lives.

Yasmin's 13 years of experience serving on the frontlines of the NSW Police Force, coupled with her background in technology and television presenting, uniquely positions her to deliver a powerful and innovative education experience for her audiences on Digital Resilience. She has collaborated with renowned corporations such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Lendlease, EY, Macquarie Group, Telstra, Citibank, TikTok and the University of Sydney, providing them with expert guidance and key insights into online safety.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Yasmin has captivated audiences as Australia's beloved 'Dancing Cop,' gaining viral fame. Her contributions extend to writing for Kidspot, The Age, and Nine Honey, and appearing on television programs like Channel 9's Today and Weekend Today Shows, and Channel 7's The Morning Show. Moreover, she is a sought-after commentator on Digital Resilience and online safety on education and parenting podcasts worldwide, where she offers practical and realistic advice on online safety, empowerment, and positive technology management.

Yasmin is also a mother of two young girls, and her impressive journey and vast expertise make true her commitment to them to help develop a generation of digitally resilient and empowered young people.

Yasmin's passion and commitment have touched the lives of countless individuals and organisations, making her an exceptional force driving positive change.

Talking Points

Digital Resilience (For Organisations)

Digital resilience refers to an individual's ability to adapt, navigate, and cope with the challenges and risks that arise in the digital world. It encompasses the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to effectively and safely engage with technology, online platforms, and digital information.

In today's digital landscape, digital resilience is more critical than ever. The online world can be fraught with disproportionate levels of abuse and intimidation for people of all ages and stages. Psychological targeting and social engineering schemes are rife, and cyber security threats and scams have reached exponential levels, causing not only
personal harm to individuals but also significant impacts on workplace productivity, diversity, equity, inclusion and governance. This is the current state of play without immersion into the fast-moving metaverse environments of the future and our predicted daily engagement with augmented realities.

The time has passed when organisations can remain passive online now that technology is ubiquitous with our work. Supporting our people in building digital resilience is critical so workplaces can retain their top talent and help them thrive.

Join Yasmin on a transformative journey as she delves into the power of building digital resilience for your teams. In this keynote, Yasmin will uncover the staggering statistics highlighting the challenges people face online and the subsequent toll a lack of digital resilience can have on their wellbeing and professional growth.

Together, you will explore actionable strategies and tools to equip your organisation with the strategies and mindset needed to navigate the digital world safely, and confidently. By addressing the underlying issues that cause online conflict and fostering competence, workplaces can pave the way for teams to step courageously into the spotlight, confidently embrace professional opportunities, achieve equality, and contribute to important DEI&B outcomes.

This keynote is designed for workplaces who:
• See the need to build digital resilience in their people to future-proof their workforces
• Promote inclusivity, empowerment and confidence in their teams
• Support positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes for their people
• Understand the current impacts the online world has on safety, productivity and the responsibility of organisational governance to create safe work environments
• Want their teams and individuals to feel confident and supported in taking on leadership positions within their organisation

Participants will leave the session equipped to:
• Bust myths around resilience, and understand how to apply realistic and practical strategies to protect themselves in the digital world
• Understand the neuroscience behind toxic online behaviours and effective ways to mitigate harm personally &. professionally
• Identify their personal strengths and how to utilise them for positive outcomes
• Increase understanding of social and emotional skills, leading to greater feelings and sentiment in their own safety and well-being
• How to create and lead a culture of Digital Resilience in the workplace

Digital Resilience (For Parents & Guardians)

Parents and guardians are the next generation's first and most influential role models, but when it comes to the online world, parents are hesitant and uncertain. Empowering Australian families with digital resilience and social-emotional capabilities is a dynamic and imperative mission that never stops evolving. With government and policymakers going head-to-head with the tech companies battling regulation, what can we do to support our families?

Join Yasmin as she helps your teams lean in and overcome the fear of the unknown, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to guide the children in their lives-the future leaders of tomorrow-through the challenges they face in online environments.

In this dynamic and empowering session, Yasmin provides families with the digital resilience and social-emotional skills necessary for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Together, you will dive into essential insights on online safety, covering topics like:
• Emerging technologies and youth-based behavioural trends on social media,
• Neuroscience behind negative online behaviours
• The latest research around establishing healthy screen time limits
• Dealing with online harms, reporting channels and incident management
• Navigating gaming platforms and screen time recommendations
• Creating a safe and secure online environment at home

The digital world is rapidly advancing with generative AI, augmented reality, and immersive technologies. Now, more than ever, we must build our children's capabilities and resilience to survive and thrive in this digital world. By arming ourselves with the knowledge and tools needed, we can guide the next generation to lead us all into a more positive and equitable digital future.

This keynote is designed for workplaces who:
• Understand the power and influence of the online world on today's modern day family unit and its complex and ubiquitous nature for their people across work and home
• Are engaged and committed to being a proactive, family-friendly workplace
• Are working toward accreditation under the National Work & Family Standards Index
• Want to promote inclusivity, empowerment and confidence in their employees to support their wellbeing and that of their families
• Support positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes for their people

Participants will leave the session equipped with:
• The latest research and strategies parents and guardians need to protect their children in the digital world
• Current legislative considerations as they relate to young people online
• Insights on key social media platforms and youth-based behavioural trends
• Gaming management strategies
• Parental control tool recommendations
• Identification of personal strengths and communication strategies as parents and how to utilise these skills to support positive outcomes for their families
• How to create a culture of Digital Resilience in their homes

Available as a Keynote (60 minutes), Masterclass (3 hours) or Mastermind (6 hours.)

#EmpoweredEducation Adopting a school wide approach for dynamic Digital Citizenship

Perfect for: Education Conferences, Schools, School Staff Education, Safeguarding Children and Wellbeing Events

What do young people think about the online world, and how can we meaningfully address their needs? Join Yasmin London in a deep dive on student perceptions when it comes to young people and digital environments, and how schools and child safety advocates can work with young people to manage online safety incidents, increase self-efficacy and ensure they are future fit.

In this session you will be empowered with knowledge on:

- The current State of Play in online environments
- Learnings from COVID and remote environments
- Risks associated with technology use
- The student voice - what do they really want?
- Online Safety Framework for schools and child safe organisations

“Yasmin recently presented at our school and staff were very impressed by Yasmin’s engaging manner, and philosophy - that the students have a right to know how social media and internet laws affect them and are in place to keep them safe. Staff felt empowered not only with the education they received, but importantly,are now more confident in assisting students to navigate their online worlds. Yasmin and ySafe have truly supported our whole school approach to wellbeing and the safety of our community. I would highly recommend her to other schools.” - Loreto Normanhurst

MC - Facilitator - Moderator

Yasmin is an in-demand emcee and event facilitator who thrives on diving deep into the details, and unpacking the golden nuggets of wisdom events can produce for their audiences.

Being a former police officer who's transformed into a professional speaker, Yasmin's 13 years in the force and her time on stage have taught her invaluable skills in connecting with diverse audiences. What truly sets Yasmin apart is her infectious energy and relentless curiosity. Yasmin has had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants like SXSW, Dell Technologies,
Crowdstrike and Alteryx are raving about the vitality, energy, intelligence and fun she brings to the stage, and the conversation.

Being both the talent and the moderator, Yasmin understands the real secret sauce in putting on great events -It's not just about sharing captivating stories; it's about helping audiences forge a meaningful connection with those stories and apply the lessons delivered to their own journey.

Yasmin's mission is to elevate your event and inspire your audience, whether it's a corporate conference, a tech summit, or team building exercises - she'll deliver an unforgettable experience.

Building Digital Resilience; a new era in economic empowerment for women

From the early days of computing to the age of AI, women have made significant contributions to the workforce against historic odds. Yet, even years later, a persistent gender gap in digital participation and a growing undercurrent of gender based risk online continue to hinder their progress. Technology Assisted Gender-Based Violence (TAGBV) is a term many don’t fully understand, however it is escalating rapidly. Coupled with a lack of legal recourse and the speed of development of tech, TAGBV is forcing women out of digital spaces, and subsequently, leadership positions, widening the gender parity gap.

Recent statistics from UN Women shockingly state that only 22% of global AI workers are women, and that in Australia, 62% of women in high profile leadership or public facing positions regularly face serious cyber abuse, stalking and intimidation, leading to a phenomenon known as The Silencing Effect-a self-censorship born from relentless online attacks.

As technology increasingly shapes our lives, it is imperative that women can participate safely and confidently. Forward-thinking workplaces recognise that creating safe psychosocial environments, inclusive of the online world, is now paramount to leading the charge in economic empowerment for women. They understand that by building Digital Resilience, they are not just focused on safeguarding systems anymore; they are protecting their people, especially women, and propelling them into positions where they can confidently say, "Count me in."
Thank you so much for the work you have done on our promotional video. The quality of the video is too good! Our creative director says that the editing, cinematography, camera work, talent, tempo, colour grading and content are first rate! It’s beautifully shot and produced. It’s the work of proper professionals. Amway Japan

At BOSS, we love working with and partnering with Yasmin on our events and campaigns. Her natural fit within our brand values of Integrity, passion, quality and innovation are truly reflected at the core of who she is. Her authentic approach to life and her business is truly unique, and we love having her as a valued part of our BOSS family.


We have partnered with Yasmin for the past 2 years, working to deliver very successful Digital Wellbeing webinars and workshops for our clients across Australia, supporting parents navigating the world of social media, cyberbullying and digital wellbeing for their children. We love working with Yas as she not only brings her incredible expertise and knowledge but delivers the content in an engaging way with such warmth. Clients and parents get so much out of each session.

Parents at Work

Yasmin just has a gift when it comes to connecting with teens. Yasmin’s ability to avoid condescension and deliver practical and meaningful information to our students in a way that keeps them engaged, is something we truly value as a school. They really feel like someone has their back.

SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Yasmin was incredibly professional, flexible and showed passion for our AI in Law Enforcement topic. She managed the questions and panel members well and kept conversation flowing well. It would be great to work with Yasmin again in the future! It was a pleasure!


A pleasure to watch her in action. It is evident to see how her years of experience enable Yasmin in bringing her fascinating content to light.


We have partnered with Yasmin for 2 years now and will be working with her again in the near future for smaller events and larger events. Yasmin is incredibly engaging, passionate and professional. She is also incredibly easy to work with, she makes your life easy and brings such a spark of light to your event. We absolutely love her and so does our audience!

Source2Create Pty Ltd

Yasmin was our guest speaker for International Women's Day. With the theme "Cracking the Code", Yasmin was able to provide valuable insight into the evolving world of technology. She was a thoroughly engaging speaker and adapted her presentation perfectly to our audience with both a keynote address and a Q&A. Yasmin was also very generous with her time one on one at the end which is always welcomed. Would happily recommend her for any event.

Pinnacle Investment Company PTY LTD

Yasmin was a true professional. Extremely well researched and prepared for the content and all the speaker but also gave an element of fun and energy that's needed to keep people engaged. She was flexible with additional requests and extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend Yas as a moderator and we've had amazing feedback from attendees.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
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