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Dr Zac

Clinical Psychologist, Researcher & Leading Men’s Mental Health Expert

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To help men & boys flourish, we need to stop assuming & start asking.

Dr Zac Seidler is a Clinical Psychologist, the Global Director of Men's Health Research at Movember and a Senior Research Fellow with Orygen at The University of Melbourne.

Dr. Seidler has devoted several years to the goal of reducing the staggering male suicide rate, treating and researching men’s mental health with over 100 peer-reviewed articles published.

Zac has worked clinically with men of different ages and presentations from adolescents in Darwin with early psychosis to older HIV+ men struggling with adjustment. He is a member on the advisory committees for White Ribbon, Migration Council of Australia, the National Mental Health Commission and Suicide Prevention Australia.

Dr. Seidler has appeared on the ABC, BBC, Sky News and in The Guardian, The Age and Vice for his work.

Talking Points

Psychologically Safe Workplaces

In this keynote, Dr Zac Seidler explores the crucial concept of Psychological Safety in the workplace. Leveraging his expertise in psychology, mental health, and current research, Dr. Zac explores the impact of fostering a supportive and open environment for employees. He highlights practical strategies that organisations can implement to enhance psychological safety, ultimately contributing to improved well-being, collaboration, and productivity.

Key Takeaways:
- Practical strategies for organizations to foster psychological safety in the workplace, enabling leaders to cultivate an environment where employees feel at ease expressing their thoughts and concerns.
- Insights on the link between psychological safety, employee well-being, and productivity. Dr. Zac emphasizes the tangible advantages organizations can anticipate, including reduced stress, increased job satisfaction, and improved team performance.
- Understand the significance of psychological safety in nurturing an inclusive culture. Dr. Zac provides guidance on how to foster an environment that values diverse perspectives, ultimately leading to a more engaged and resilient workforce

Men's Mental Health: Keeping Men in Mind

Men account for three-quarters of suicide deaths in Australia, with global estimates suggesting that up to half a million men take their own lives each year, one every minute of every day. Despite worldwide public health initiatives providing education and de-stigmatising campaigns to promote male help-seeking when things get tough, men remain significantly less likely to engage in mental health services than women, attending fewer sessions, cancelling more often and dropping out prematurely.

Key Takeaways:
- Unpack why and how men struggle with mental health issues
- When these issues are most likely to hit
- Practical strategies that leaders, community members, friends and family can utilise to give men the support they need to help them live happier, healthier, longer lives

Unlocking The Lifesaving Power of Connection: Men, Friendship and Mental Health

In this Keynote, Dr. Zac shares insights from the latest research about social connections and longstanding evidence of its lifesaving capacity, above and beyond things like diet or exercise, to improve mental health outcomes. He also challenges stereotypes surrounding men making friends and gives clear advice for building social connections where men work, live and play.

In this Keynote, Dr. Zac will:
- Outline how communicating and relying on friends is a critical factor in stress reduction and resilience building, as well as relationship and work breakdowns
- Highlight the significance of strong male friendships in promoting mental well-being
- Discuss the positive impact of camaraderie, open communication, and mutual support on men's mental health

From Isolation to Inclusion: Tackling the Age of Loneliness

In this Keynote, Dr. Zac examines the prevalence of loneliness in society (particularly among men) and its detrimental effects on mental health.

Dr Zac will provide insights from current research on the positive impacts that building connections and fostering community has on mental health and provide practical strategies that combat isolation, which can contribute to mental health challenges.

A Roadmap for Engaging Men in Mental Health Care

As a group, an extraordinarily high percentage of men leave therapy prematurely, citing that they did not connect with their counsellor.

In this Keynote, Dr. Zac will:
- Busts some myths about men and counselling
- Describe the key elements for improved male engagement in psychological treatment
- Examines unhelpful therapist assumptions about men
- Provides a playbook to connect with and motivate men

Fatherhood & Mental Wellness: It's Not All Dad Bods

This Keynote explores the unique mental health challenges faced by fathers, including expectations, responsibilities, and societal pressures.

Dr Zac will share practical strategies based on current research for promoting positive mental health in the context of fatherhood.

The Rise of the Manosphere: Understanding Masculinity Online in the 21st Century

The Keynote can be tailored for either teachers and parents or young men exploring the rise of the 'manosphere' with the likes of Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson online.

Key Takeaways:
- Understand the latest research on what we know young men are thinking and feeling
- Validate young men's desire for advice and connection
- Tools and practical strategies on how to take the helpful and leave the harmful

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