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Dr Zoe

CEO & Founder of She's A Crowd


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Our stories are powerful - and can be used to create real change.

Dr. Zoë Condliffe is an unstoppable force for change, igniting transformation through the power of storytelling and technology. As the CEO & Founder of She’s A Crowd and a pioneering researcher in gender and crowdsourcing technology at Monash University, Zoë is on a mission to make cities safer for women and bridge the gender data gap.

Zoë's journey began amidst the backdrop of war-torn Cambodia, where she grew up in a UN family. Returning to Cambodia as a young adult, she embarked on a path that would shape her into the fearless advocate she is today. Through personal trials, including surviving an abusive relationship, Zoë discovered her unwavering passion to combat gender-based violence.

In 2016, Zoë spearheaded Free To Be, a groundbreaking digital mapping tool for young women to document street harassment, pioneering a new era of gender advocacy. Fuelled by her vision, she founded She’s A Crowd, a trailblazing feminist tech startup harnessing storytelling to address the data void in gender-based violence. Under her leadership, She’s A Crowd has garnered global acclaim, earning recognition as an award-winning company that is reshaping the landscape of feminist technology.

Bridging her academic expertise in digital feminist activism with lived experience, Zoë captivates audiences with her dynamic presentations. Seamlessly blending heart-wrenching narratives with captivating anecdotes, she delivers bold insights and compelling statistics that leave audiences informed and inspired to take action.

Zoë's remarkable achievements have earned her a place among the Top 100 most influential individuals in Melbourne by The Age, and she has been celebrated as one of the Women’s Weekly Women of the Future for Innovation and Technology. Her entrepreneurial prowess has been recognized with accolades such as inclusion in the Smart Company Smart30 List and winning prestigious pitch competitions, including the City of Melbourne Knowledge Week International Prize.

A true luminary in her field, Zoë is an alumna of the Foundation for Young Australians, SheStarts, and Blackbox Connect sponsored by Google for Startups. She is also a Young Social Pioneer with the Foundation for Young Australians, a fellow of the Oaktree Leader’s Trust, and the recipient of Anthill Magazine’s 30under30 Young Entrepreneurs Award.

With an unwavering commitment to driving social change, Zoë Condliffe embodies resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of storytelling. As a keynote speaker, she ignites audiences with her passion and empowers them to join the movement towards a safer, more inclusive world for all.

Talking Points

Share the story, change the story: why your story matters

Bridging her childhood on a UN mission in war torn Cambodia with today’s #metoo movement, Zoe draws on her expertise in digital feminism activism and her work international development to capture just how our stories can change the world. Showcasing vulnerability through a brave retelling of her own story, Zoe captures the essence of how stories can heal us, save us, and even drive transformative change. Returning to Cambodia to start a non-profit organisation at the age of 21, her life, goals and her work were disrupted by an abusive relationship, which drove her to eventually start her company, She’s A Crowd. Zoe talks about how women's stories can be translated into powerful datasets to address gender-based violence and explores her own experiences with finding healing from violence through storytelling. Storytelling is powerful, and Zoe shows us just how it can be used to heal ourselves and change the world.

Leave me(n) out of it: the future of technology and the gender data

Data is the new black, and the data revolution is well underway. We’re all complicit in the data revolution: whether we like it or not. But is data shaping our lives and our jobs more than we even know?
In this talk, Zoe shares funny, enlightening and sometimes shocking stories about what it’s really like to run a data-driven feminist tech company in an industry dominated by men while holding onto a bigger and more pressing question: how can we all ensure we design for a future that is safe, equal, inclusive and accessible for everyone?

How to start a company from your van

In 2018, Zoe quit her job and decided to start her own company (from her van). Within four months she had gone from living in her van to pitching her startup in highrises in New York City and Silicon Valley. In this talk she shares nuggets of wisdom from her experiences diving headfirst from cushy NGO job into the cut-throat startup industry. She spans practical advice about how to run your own company and back yourself to the best #vanlife locations and how to fool everyone into thinking you have showered recently. Zoe is no stranger to roughing it: she started her first organisation in a village in rural Cambodia. Over the years she has developed a survival kit for new entrepreneurs based off her experiences, which she shares in this talk.

Unveiling the Transformative Power of Storytelling: How Your Narrative Shapes Change

Embark on a journey with Zoë as she intertwines her childhood experiences in war-torn Cambodia with the modern-day #metoo movement, offering a compelling narrative on the impact of storytelling in shaping our world. Drawing from her expertise in digital feminism activism and international development, Zoë delves deep into the profound significance of our stories. With courage and vulnerability, she shares her personal journey, from founding a non-profit organization in Cambodia at the age of 21 to overcoming the challenges of an abusive relationship, ultimately leading to the creation of her groundbreaking company, She’s A Crowd.
In this captivating presentation, Zoë illustrates how women's narratives can be transformed into potent datasets to combat gender-based violence. Through her own experiences, she illuminates the healing power of storytelling, showcasing its ability to not only mend wounds but also drive meaningful societal change. With poignant insights and empowering anecdotes, Zoë inspires audiences to harness the power of their own stories, underscoring the transformative potential of storytelling in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Breaking Binary: Unveiling the Gendered Face of AI in Shaping Tomorrow's World

Data reigns supreme in the digital age, heralding the dawn of a new era in technology. Yet, amidst the data revolution, lies a critical oversight: the pervasive gendering of AI and its profound implications for society. In this thought-provoking discourse, Zoë delves deep into the intricate interplay between AI, gender roles, and feminist histories, shedding light on the overlooked data gap that perpetuates gender biases.

Through a blend of humor, insight, and startling revelations, Zoë offers a glimpse into the challenges of navigating the male-dominated landscape of tech as the CEO of a data-driven feminist tech company. However, beyond the anecdotes lies a crucial inquiry: how can we collectively shape a future that is not only technologically advanced but also safe, equitable, and inclusive for all?

Join Zoë as she confronts the uncomfortable truths surrounding AI's gendered nature, exploring its far-reaching consequences on society and communities. From the perpetuation of stereotypes to the reinforcement of societal norms, she uncovers the subtle yet profound ways in which AI shapes our perceptions and interactions.

With a keen eye on the future, Zoë challenges us to confront the biases embedded within AI systems and advocates for a paradigm shift towards inclusive design principles. By dismantling gendered constructs and amplifying feminist perspectives, she invites us to co-create a future where technology serves as a catalyst for positive social change.

Transforming Workplace Dynamics: The Power of Storytelling in Combating Sexual Harassment

In this captivating keynote presentation, Dr. Zoe Condliffe delves into the critical issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and explores how the art of storytelling can serve as a catalyst for transformative change. Drawing upon over six years of experience in curating the world's largest geospatial database for sexual violence, Dr. Condliffe sheds light on the pervasive nature of this issue and its profound impact on individuals, organisations, and society as a whole.

Through a series of compelling narratives and real-life anecdotes, Dr. Condliffe unveils the hidden stories that often go unheard within workplace environments. From subtle instances of microaggressions to overt acts of harassment, she confronts the uncomfortable realities of workplace dynamics and highlights the urgent need for proactive intervention.

At the heart of this presentation lies a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling. By amplifying the voices and experiences of survivors, Dr. Condliffe aims to foster empathy, understanding, and solidarity among audiences. Through an exploration of themes such as culture, risk, productivity, data equality, economy, and care, she challenges conventional perspectives and invites participants to reflect on their own roles in creating safer, more inclusive workplaces.

As we navigate the complexities of workplace sexual harassment, Dr. Condliffe offers actionable insights and strategies for organisations to proactively address these critical issues. From implementing robust reporting mechanisms to fostering a culture of accountability and respect, she empowers leaders and employees alike to be agents of change within their respective spheres of influence.

Ultimately, this keynote presentation serves as a call to action-a call to dismantle the systemic barriers that perpetuate sexual harassment and create a future where every individual feels safe, valued, and empowered in their place of work. Join Dr. Zoe Condliffe on this transformative journey as she harnesses the power of storytelling to drive meaningful and lasting change within our workplaces and communities.
Zoë was super engaging in the way she delivered her information, while remaining emotive and serious about an important issue in our society. The entire crowd was engrossed in what she was saying and it was amazing to see how moved everyone was. We can’t wait to see where she goes in the future. VICICT4.WOMEN

Zoe moderated a panel of female leaders in the Brisbane music industry following a documentary screening of 'Her Sound Her Story'. We were incredibly impressed by her professionalism, and her adaptability in speaking about an industry outside of her own. Her preparation prior to the event, as well as her engagement with the speakers during the night led to a fluent and stimulating discussion. She ensured the voices of the audience were heard, followed timing and included her own humour. We have had nothing but positive feedback from attendees, and are looking forward to having Zoe speak again at future events.

Double Dingo

Zoe is an inspiring and provocative speaker who thoroughly engages the audience and drives social change through always ensuring commitment to action.

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