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Reimagine Your Events

It is time to reimagine the way we see events for a new era.

We've been working on a holistic approach to events since 2019 when we introduced Saxton Engage, a service dedicated to achieving brand engagement by connecting businesses with premium Social Influencers and Ambassadors.

We've always considered ourselves curators, and that hasn't changed as events move online.

We can do more than meet your request for Talent. We will consider the impact, scale, message and significance of the occasion, and provide you with an exceptional experience to inspire yours. The expertise of Saxton Engage means you can extend the impact of your message well beyond your initial event.

We've put together a playbook outlining the steps to take to reimagine events in a post-COVID-19 era. You can download it below.

Reimaging Events for a New Era

Download our guide to reimagining your event for the New Normal


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Webinars, Virtual or Hybrid events are central to our future.

Speakers, Entertainers, Team Builders, MCs and Thought Leaders have pivoted quickly and decisively to the virtual world and are producing high quality, engaging content that results in impactful experiences delivered online.

Moving events online opens up endless opportunity to extend the impact of your event and messaging beyond the initial engagement.

We are proud to have been at the forefront of innovation in the events industry for 55 years. Get in touch with us today and let our experience inspire your success.

FAQ;'s: Webinars and Virtual Events

What streaming platform should I use?

It seems like there is a never-ending list of options out there! Start by chatting to your (or your clients) IT department to see if they have a preference in platforms.

At Saxton we predominantly use ZOOM, but other popular options include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Go-To Meetings & Webinars and Vimeo Live.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it gives you a place to start. Make sure you research the various options and pricing so you can find an option that meets your needs.

How long should my event go for?

Our attention spans are even more limited now that we're spending more time online and screen fatigue is plaguing many of us. We recommend keeping virtual Keynotes around the 30-minute park with a little more time added for questions and that events run for more no more than 3 hours in total.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

The quality of your internet connection and speed is paramount to the success of a virtual event. Make sure you have upload speeds of about 1-4 Mbps at the very least. Most professional studio locations have high-speed upload links which means the risk of dropping out is much lower.

Do I need to use a professional studio?

It depends on what your goals are.

There are many benefits to using a professional studio. The first is that they have much higher internet bandwidth than most home offices, so the risk of your event dropping out or freezing is much lower.

A studio also sets a scene for your event, and immediately audiences will be cued to sit up and pay attention. They also have professional lighting setups which mean that viewers have a clearer view of the presenter and their non-verbal messages. We've been working with the incredible team at Scene Change for our Fireside Chat series and couldn't recommend them enough!

A more basic, low-fi option would be to invest in an essential lighting and audio kit and then stream from a location with a plain background and minimal distractions.

What is included in the price of engaging a studio?

You generally have two options here:

1. Basic Production

  • 1x Camera Angle
  • Filming in Studio with Onsite Producer
  • Camera Operators w/ 4k Camera Kits
  • Full Lighting + Audio Kits
  • AV, Switcher + Live Stream Technician (if streaming)
  • Professional Editing (if pre-recording

2. Premium Production (this is the style of production that has been used in our Fireside Chat series)

  • 3x Camera Angles: 1x Wide + 2x Close-Ups
  • Filming in Studio with Onsite Producer
  • Camera Operators w/ 4k Camera Kits,
  • Full Lighting + Audio Kits
  • AV, Switcher + Live Stream Technician (if streaming)
  • Professional Editing (if pre-recording)

I'm nervous about going live, how do I lower the risks involved?

A prerecord is a great option for those who want to avoid the unpredictability and risk of live content.

Pre-recording essential content allows time to get the performance, camera angles and audio right. You can then roll it during the stream as if it were happening live.

Any other tips?

If you are going live give audiences a reason to tune in for the live event rather than wait for the recording. You could do this by including features like a live chat, Q&A or other interactive activities. Get creative - the internet is your oyster!

Still have one or two questions?

Get in touch with us either via our enquiry page or at [email protected] and we will reach out personally to help out!

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