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Additional Q&A with Stephen Scheeler

During our, Fireside Chat with former CEO of Facebook ANZ Stephen Scheeler we had some incredible questions from attendees come through for Stephen.

Stephen has provided some thoughts and answers to those below.

What do the changes being described mean for what changes need to happen in education - schools, tertiary institutions?

There are 3 big changes coming to education over the next few years/decades. First, e-learning, often done remotely, will accelerate. Second, personalised learning will become the default, where education is precisely tailored and atomised to individual needs and availabilities, rather than the one-size-fits-all model still prevalent today. Third, education will become more global and less driven by geographic boundaries.

Are websites still prevalent now considering there are so many apps out there? Does a business still need to have a slick website?

Websites have declined in importance for many businesses and organisations, as platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and WeChat have risen up to provide the primary "shop front" to the world. For many businesses (e.g. in tourism), having a slick website has become less important than having a great presence in social media. Equally, many retailers (especially in the United States) rely on their Amazon presence much more than they do on their own websites.

What do you believe prevented the taxi industry from creating the "Uber" style business?

The taxi industry didn't create an "Uber" for 3 big reasons: their existing business models were about limiting supply, not opening it up; they often had some form of regulatory protection (cultivated by political influence) which gave them super-profits, and they did not think about technology as a driver of innovation and disruption. So, they clung to their old business model rather than disrupting themselves.

If you have any more questions for Stephen or would like to have him speak to your organisation, virtually or live, get in touch with our expert team.

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