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The Top Future Trends of 2024: Insights from Stephen Scheeler & Dr Ben Hamer

Emma Carson
06 Feb 2024

As we enter 2024, we are on the cusp of unprecedented change. From artificial intelligence to the future of work, the landscapes of technology, employment, and social interaction are undergoing massive shifts. To dissect these evolutions, we have insights from Saxton Exclusive Speakers Stephen Scheeler and Dr Ben Hamer, both experts in the future of work, emerging technologies and future trends on trends that will define 2024.

AI in Business and the Generative Explosion

Stephen Scheeler, Australia’s most authoritative voice on digital disruption, transformation, culture and leadership, has dubbed 2024 "AI's Odyssey." He forecasts a generative explosion where AI won't just be a tool, it will also be a creative partner. He predicts AI-authored novels or symphonies, personalising art and innovation in ways we've only dreamed of. But it's not all about grand designs; Stephen flags the need for an ethical compass, predicting that transparency and trust will become non-negotiable virtues in AI applications as a key discussion point in 2024.

The expansion of open-source models, according to Stephen, will be a game-changer, levelling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to harness AI for a multiverse of purposes.

What does this mean for everyday life? We should expect AI to step out of the tech bubble and address real-world challenges, optimizing everything from urban planning to agricultural efficiency.

Dr Ben Hamer echoes the theme of transformative technology, adding that the next wave of generative AI will reshape content creation, commercial products, and consumer experiences. In his words:

"A lot happened in 2023... The economy went into decline while global conflicts escalated. We got a new king for the first time in 70 years, AI went gangbusters, ‘girl dinner’ became a TikTok trend and the whole world went Barbie-core. And while we’ve only just dipped our toes in the water for 2024, the year ahead is shaping up to be even bigger. Some of the big trends and standouts include WorkTok and the rise of social media in worker advocacy, increasing unemployment and the changing job landscape, major events from the Paris Olympics to the US Presidential Election, and the next generation of generative AI. Speaking of generations, we'll talk a lot more about Gen-Z, especially as they will occupy one-quarter of all workers in the next year or two. And we'll see the introduction of the first humanoid (think Rosie from The Jetsons) and the first batch of lab-grown meat on the Australian market in 2024, making science-fiction a little closer to reality."

Ben points to social platforms like TikTok becoming battlegrounds for worker rights, noting that the role of social media in advocating for change is just beginning. With rising unemployment and a rapidly changing job landscape, Hamer posits that the diverse voices of Gen-Z will be pivotal, particularly as they near one-quarter of the global workforce.

The Future of Work and Human-AI Harmony

Stephen and Ben agree on the significance of AI's role in the workplace. As Stephen frames it, we'll witness a concert of human-AI harmony – doctors with AI-powered diagnostics, architects with algorithmic assistants, and beyond. He imagines 2024, where AI collaboration isn't just about efficiency and enriching the quality of our work and lives.

But the 'Future of Work' isn't solely tech-driven. Ben calls attention to WorkTok and the influence of digital platforms on employment advocacy.

Hamer also offers a peek into the colossal cultural shifts, from the introduction of lab-grown meats to humanoid robots entering the Australian market. These strides are not mere whimsies but flashpoints for broader discussions on ethics, sustainability, and societal values.

Embracing Change

2024 is staged to be more than the unfolding of a new calendar year; it is a nexus of transformation fuelled by advances in AI and a global call for sustainable, ethical and inclusive progress.

The insights from Stephen Scheeler and Ben Hamer dovetail into an evident truth: as much as technology changes, so too must our relationship with it. Instead of resisting the winds of change, let us adjust our sails to capture their power. As we navigate through the next twelve months, one thing is certain: it's going to be a pivotal journey for us all.

To delve deeper into the wisdom shared by our esteemed guest authors, Ben and Stephen, we invite you to explore our website:

Discover their profound insights and consider booking them for your next event, where they can equip you with the knowledge necessary to conquer any challenge that lies ahead in 2024.


About our Experts:

Stephen Scheeler is a celebrated keynote speaker and commentator specialising in digital disruption, transformation, and leadership. As the former Facebook CEO for ANZ, Scheeler brings an unmatched depth of knowledge on technology's role in business and society. He is now co-founder and CEO of Omniscient, the "OpenAI of the human brain" and the world leader in using AI to decode the brain.

Dr Ben Hamer is an accredited futurist and thought leader for the Future of Work. His distinguished track record, which includes contributions to the World Economic Forum and commendation as an Adjunct Professor, enables Ben to dissect and predict workplace phenomena with clinical precision.

We have also curated a list of other inspiring Future of Work, AI, and Futurist experts for you to consider when booking your next event.

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