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Look after your team with a virtual wellbeing session

Farah Parkinson
07 May 2020

As we settle into life in the New Normal it is more important than ever that we invest in the mental health and wellbeing of ourselves, our wider networks and our teams.

Developing strategies for looking after the mental health of remote workforces, maintaining boundaries and healthy personal relationships in the family unit and building resilience so we stay mentally and physically well are critical at the moment and these Speakers are able to create virtual wellbeing sessions tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. They will provide tangible tools and outcomes that can be easily implemented to help improve your wellbeing.

Mitch Wallis - Founder of Heart on My Sleeve Movement

Mitch Wallis is a quickly becoming one of the most recognisable faces in mental health with first-hand experiences of all aspects of this space. He is the founder & CEO of Heart On My Sleeve, one of the fastest-growing mental health organisations and worldwide social movements, and has experienced a lifetime of battling a multitude of mental health issues and has a deep first-hand understanding of suffering. Mitch also has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University in New York, and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney. He has studied under Harvard Psychologists, is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Officer & a volunteer at Lifeline.

In the early days of this crisis, Mitch delivered the webinar, Coping with COVID, to thousands of people online empowering them with practical tools and tips on how to support yourself and others through times of uncertainty.

Charlotte Keating - Mental Health and Wellbeing Expert

Dr Charlotte Keating is a passionate advocate for mental health. She’s a psychologist, with a PhD in neuroscience and works predominantly with adolescents and executives.

The toll the current crisis is having on our collective mental health is significant.

In view of Charlotte’s expertise, she can work with your workforce to provide accessible, neuroscience informed strategies for; coping with uncertainty and anxiety, and strategies for how to manage working and educating within the home environment.

In particular, she can assist you to manage the unique pressures and psychological impacts of: a workforce functioning remotely; working from home as well as educating young people; the ongoing uncertainty and anxiety about the crisis, the actual and potential financial impact of it on individuals, and the physiological impact of these ongoing stressors on our resilience, mentally and physically.

Charlotte will be joining us for a Virtual Fireside Chat to discuss Mental Health and Wellbeing on Tuesday, 19 May. Register here for this session.

Sabina Read - Psychologist & Relationships Expert

Sabina Read is a psychologist who works with organisations, groups, individuals, couples and families on relationships, well-being, stress, mental health, career development, leadership, change, life transitions, job loss, and parenting. She is passionate about normalising the universality of the human experience, believing that we all have more in common than we often realise.

Sabina will work with your organisation to create a session that provides the support most needed. Some areas of particular interest to Sabina include; adjusting to financial strain, accepting job insecurity, coping with working remotely, creating workable ways and boundaries to share the home, nurturing well-being and supporting mental health personally, professionally, and systemically.

Sabina recently shared some of her insights on Living and Working in the New Normal during a Saxton Virtual Fireside Chat - you can view the recording here.

Dr Jodie Lowinger - CEO of Mind Consulting

Dr Jodie Lowinger is passionate about helping the world to conquer fear and anxiety and build mental strength, wellbeing and success. She is an award-winning Doctor of Clinical Psychology, anxiety thought leader and High-Performance and Mindset Coach to some of Australia’s top business leaders, teams and organisations.

Jodie presents transformational keynotes on smashing anxiety and fear, building resilience, mastering high-performance leadership, building emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. Jodie connects deeply with her audiences through her revolutionary strategies and desire to help people overcome anxiety globally.

Michael Carr-Gregg - Australia's Highest Profile Psychologist

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest-profile psychologists, author, broadcaster and specialist in parenting, children, adolescents and mental health.

In light of our current state of crisis, Michael has created a 60-minute webinar designed specifically to help employees manage their wellbeing in the Coronavirus Era. Even before the coronavirus transformed the educational landscape, almost overnight, over 20% of workers suffered from a mental health problem. Uncertainty, increased family time, isolation and financial hardship may exacerbate these problems. This 45-minute webinar (+15 minutes of questions) is especially targeted at companies that are concerned about their staff and aims to provide them with the skills, knowledge and strategies to manage their own wellbeing during this challenging time.

Chelsea Pottenger - Productivity, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Expert

Chelsea Pottenger is an international speaker and a leading authority on productivity, mindfulness and well-being.

Chelsea is the dynamic, brilliant and inspirational Director of EQ Consulting Co. who is on a mission to empower high performance through greater mindfulness. She has developed a remote workshop designed to help people thrive in uncertain times. In this session, you can expect to walk away with easily implemented tools to become calmer, less stressed and enhance your productivity.

If you're looking to provide your team with strategies to improve their health and wellbeing, contact our expert team on 1300 799 823. Alternatively, you can enquire here for more information.

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