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Your Guides To The Future of Work

Farah Parkinson
18 Mar 2021

The sudden transition for organisations across the country to remote working has caught many off guard. The challenges of managing a remote team in a time of extreme uncertainty, anxiety and change are profound.

We have curated a range of experts who can provide advice and directions on all areas of managing remote workforces. Whether that be providing leadership in crisis, increasing productivity, maintaining a positive culture, keeping employees engaged or preparing for what is next as we live through the Future of Work.

Dr Jordan Nguyen is one of Australia’s most innovative engineers, committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible and helping become a driving force behind both human and technological evolution as we move into the future.

In his presentations, Jordan unpacks the latest advances in technology and the disruptive challenges and the exciting opportunities they present. A highly engaging and charismatic presenter Jordan has the magical combination of technical brilliance and the unique ability to inspire people.

Get in touch about Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, company director, and charity patron working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs.

A sought-after voice across the start-up, futurist and tech world, Catherine works globally across a wide range of projects from creating documentaries and world-leading conferences and events to advising on the use of novel approaches (e.g. drones) across environmental and humanitarian projects.

Catherine is a proponent of community engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and likes to demystify emerging tech.

Get in touch about Dr Catherine Ball

David Thodey is Chairman of Australia’s national scientific research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The CSIRO is Australia’s innovation catalyst, collaborating to boost Australia’s innovation performance.

David was CEO and Executive Director of Telstra from May 2009, until he formally retired from the CEO position on 30 April 2015. During his time at the helm of Telstra, David oversaw a period of unprecedented change including culture change, implementing the development of Telstra’s core values as a business, as well as fostering an understanding of the intrinsic and inevitable benefits of digital transformation.

David Thodey is a compelling and content-rich speaker with a wealth of business wisdom.

Get in touch about David Thodey

A specialist in disruptive strategy, a private company director and an advocate for social and economic inclusion, Holly Ransom is recognized globally for her super-human ability to synthesize and simplify complex issues and create engaging thought-provoking conversation.

An in-demand keynote speaker, Holly breaks open obscure technical language and ambiguous challenges to ignite inclusive debate and drive pragmatic responses. Having presented over 500 sessions across six continents in the past three years to corporate, public and not-for-profit audiences, Holly brings high energy and a strong new voice to the topics of leadership, culture, future of work and innovation.

Get in touch about Holly Ransom

Chris Riddell is an award-winning human futurist, forensic optimist and energising catalyst-combining insight and energy to provoke, inspire and surprise.

Chris is passionate about the uncertainty, unpredictability and sheer pace of our hyper-connected world and is obsessed with making sense of the discomfort and challenges of this rapidly changing landscape. Chris has worked globally with some of the biggest and most influential brands and businesses on the planet including Jaguar Land Rover, Facebook, Australia Federal Police, eBay, Vodafone and Macquarie Bank. His intuitive and instinctive approach to tracking global patterns and unlocking opportunities has had a significant impact on how businesses-and humans-can take purposeful steps towards creating real and lasting positive impact.

Get in touch about Chris Riddell

Lisa MacCallum is an internationally recognised business and thought leader specialising in how to build resilient, distinctive, purpose-driven companies.

Author of the widely celebrated book Inspired INC: Become a company the world will get behind, Lisa's powerful message, leadership presence, approachable personality and business experience combines powerfully to leave any audience inspired and motivated to lead at the next level.

As a Vice President at Nike, she has worked internationally for almost two decades holding global leadership roles across Nike's Apparel, Footwear and Sporting Goods businesses. She led Nike USA's Growth Strategy, the Nike Foundation and Nike's Global Community Impact efforts. Lisa is now Founder and President of Inspired Companies. She and her team advise and support large companies on how to transform into best in class resilient and distinctive brands capable of navigating the accelerating pace and complexity of the 21st Century marketplace.

Get in touch about Lisa MacCallum

Steve Vamos has 40 years of experience in global technology and digital media and has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Asia.

Steve has been CEO of ASX-listed tech company Xero since April 2018, where he leads the business’s growth and performance with a team of more than 3,000 employees.

In his presentations Steve discusses the leadership and management consequences of the changes going on in the world and outline approaches business leaders and their teams can employ to drive creativity and innovation in their organisation.

Get in touch about Steve Vamos

Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) is a Nanotechnologist and Materials Engineer.

Michelle has spent the last two decades contributing to cutting-edge technologies, researching solutions for medical and technology applications for clients who range from small start-ups to large corporates.

Michelle advises companies around science and technology commercialisation including technical consulting for investors and VC’s. Her experience spans academia, government labs and large-scale R&D departments. She says the key to success is not necessarily how great the technology is, but how well the science is communicated and how diverse the engineering team is.

Get in touch about Dr Michelle Dickinson

Philipp Kristian believes everyone deserves to be their very best. When we are, so is what we create.

To Philipp, this means investing in our future by discovering hidden talents and galvanizing people and organisations to reimagine themselves. Trusted by the best and brightest in business, he cares deeply about making our complex world more delightful. His work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs. It helped shape two of Asia’s fastest-growing technology disruptors.

Philipp Kristian is an innovation strategist at work, a futurist on stage and a passionate advocate for trust in the digital age. He’s on a mission, sharing stories for good and inspiring change for the better.

Get in touch about Philipp Kristian

Tomer Garzberg is a visionary speaker with a unique perspective on the technology, tools and necessary creativity that are shaping our future.

Tomer is the founder and CEO of GRONADE, an enterprise growth lab and future-of-work company in Sydney. He is a sought-after expert on machine intelligence in the workplace and is working to pioneer a world where machine intelligence can be trained to execute enterprise operations, leaving humans to do what they do best.

In his presentations, Tomer cuts through the noise and simplifies the worlds of data, AI and the Future of Work and explains how you can solve big business problems with experimental tech.

Get in touch about Tomer Garzberg

Lisa Messenger is the vibrant, game-changing founder and CEO of Collective Hub, an international speaker, best-selling author, and a global authority on disruption. Lisa is the undisputed queen of pivoting and future-proofing businesses.

Lisa is ahead of the pack when it comes to managing remote teams and workforces having led her team through the transition back in 2018. She has also published a book on the topic, Work from Wherever: How to set yourself free (and still achieve), and is a highly sought-after voice on the topic given that she is approximately 730 days ahead of most who have been turbocharged unwittingly into the “work from home” lifestyle.

Get in touch about Lisa Messenger

Cian Mcloughlin is a bestselling author, award-winning blogger, keynote speaker and sales expert.

With a business career spanning 20 years, including senior roles in a number of the world’s largest software companies, Cian provides a unique perspective on what motivates (and demotivates) people when making a buying decision or influence attempt.

Cian's insights on Sales techniques in a Post-COVID world and adapting your selling approach for a virtual world, have been highly sought after in recent months. Cian believes that people and purpose, not just product and price are the key ingredients for business success in 2020 and beyond. Cian is the perfect Speaker to inspire and re-energise remote Sales teams.

Get in touch about Cian Mcloughlin

Justin Dry is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Vinomofo.

Justin has always been passionate about providing his team with a great working environment and he is experienced in cultivating positive workplace cultures and management strategies, based around the driving principals of being human.

Justin was determined to maintain this culture and working environment as he transitioned his team, comprised largely of young people, to work from home. As a result, Vinomofo has experienced considerable growth this year and Justin's insights are more valuable than ever.

Get in touch about Justin Dry

Mark Dobson will masterfully engage your audience as he delivers high-performance insight and strategies customised to your briefing.

Even before COVID hit, Mark was already migrating his CEO and Executive clients to leadership models that would work for remote teams. When Mark presents at your company he brings wisdom of how to implement high-performance theory into practical situations and he will apply it specifically to your audience's situation.

Get in touch about Dobbo

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist, founder of Australia’s leading innovation consultancy Inventium, and co-creator of the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list.

Amantha has helped companies such as Google, Apple, Disney, LEGO, Virgin Australia, Commonwealth Bank and many others innovate more successfully and reinvent the way they approach their work.

Amantha has helped thousands of people turbocharge their productivity, wellbeing and energy levels when working from home. Her programs have increased productivity by over 25% and have increased people’s job satisfaction and energy levels by over 30%. Amantha will transform the way your people approach working from home, and will make them much more productive and happier in their home office.

Get in touch about Dr Amantha Imber

Naomi Simson is one of Australia's most prominent entrepreneurs and co-founder of The Big Red Group. The BRG currently houses many brands, including RedBalloon, Adrenaline, Lime&Tonic, Albert AI (Marketics) and with the purpose of shifting the way people experience life.

Naomi has helped lead her team through the sudden arrival of Future of Work as they adapted to remote working. Through this process, she has gained incredible insights on how to manage a remote team, particularly in times of crisis and uncertainty. She believes that understanding the human elements of isolation; emotional resilience and the need to belong and that leadership decisions need to be rooted in a productive framework.

Naomi is passionate, inspiring and determined - a colourful speaker with rich and vivid stories - she challenges audiences to think differently and is one of Australia's most sought-after Speakers.

Get in touch about Naomi Simson

Bernard Salt AM is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators and currently heads The Demographics Group which provides specialist advice on demographic, consumer and social trends for business.

Bernard is able to share insights based on extensive research into the trends that will shape the workplaces and workforces of the future. His presentations are tailored to your business needs and will provide clarity and advice on how to future-proof your organisation.

Get in touch about Bernard Salt

A dedicated and dynamic communicator, Andrea Clarke's scope of work has involved filing breaking news from Washington D.C., delivering humanitarian aid programs into Iraq and fighting to stop the genocide in Darfur.

Navigating major career transitions, Andrea used these lessons to create ‘FutureFitCo’ - a business that empowers people to prepare for the future of work. The FutureFitCo Emerging Leaders Program is routinely delivered into top ASX businesses including Bunnings, Lendlease and Telstra.

Andrea is also the author of the bestseller, 'Future Fit: how to stay relevant and competitive in the future of work' - which explores how we can advance our human capability to accelerate our careers as we navigate major shifts in the way we work.

Get in touch about Andrea Clarke

If you’re looking for expert advice on leading a remote workforce, contact our expert team on 1300 799 823 or enquire here for more information.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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